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Join us at MEBEinPanama, a blog about our move from chilly Ohio to Boquete in the west of Panama. We'll cover everything a potential (or current) expat to Panama might encounter: travel/residence/health care/financial adjustments/politics (very little, but some)/climate/attractions/the Pensionado Program and much, much more. Bienvenidos a nuestro blog!

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My wife and I are in the process of packing up, doing our due diligence and getting ready to leave chilly northern weather behind—forever. We considered being snowbirds, going the usual Arizona/Florida/South Texas route for three winter months. The financial reality is simply against it, at least if we wish to enjoy enough disposable income to travel the world, our ultimate goal. After researching several potential offshore retirement sites we discovered that Panama offers the best, most beneficial package for retirees, so we traveled there for a week in October/November of '15 to see for ourselves. We discovered that Panama is prosperous, safe, stable, inviting—and warm! The blog is reflective of what we've seen and learned in Panama, and it will continue being a source and a resource for travel readers and potential expats as we make our way to this beautiful, temperate, safe, stable, welcoming land. Check in with us; we'll post on a regular basis what life is like in Panama, and what it's like becoming/being expats there.
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