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Valenciando por la vida

Currently caminando por la vida en Valencia, teaching English, learning un montón de palabras españolas, consuming all the tinto and tapas and apparently loving gerunds!

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After working in the British compulsory education sector for some years, to be quite frank, I needed an escape – from unnecessarily stressful situations, meaningless possessions and others’ neurosis. I’m now creating a simple lifestyle that gives me time and space to appreciate what I deem important. My biggest fear is stagnation; So I’ve left most of the material stuff behind (plus a couple of excellent people I hope will be joining at some point) to fashion a life that works for me – a clear rejection of the confines of modern-day capitalism and those who curb creativity. It took me an age to realise that this is precisely what was stopping me from being truly happy. I hope this site gives you the odd laugh, is at least a little insightful and perhaps helps some of you battle with the beast that is Spanish bureaucracy! Check out my website Converse with Chloë for class details, language fun and playful polyglotting (no, that’s not a real word!)
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