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Budacast is Hungary's 'podcast' - an online radio show about arts and culture in Budapest.

Web Site:

Budacast is Hungarys 'podcast' - an online radio show featuring things to do, places to go and people to see in Budapest, in Hungary and parts of Central Europe. Thousands of people listen to Budacasts audio features and interviews every month; hundreds more visit the Budacast website for things like restaurant reviews and information about visiting Hungary.

Budacast's radio show emphasizes arts & culture and transports listeners to art exhibitions, Budapest bars, thermal baths, or even a pig killing in the Hungarian countryside. Budacast introduces all kinds of Budapest residents - locals and foreigners - from a variety of backgrounds - nearly anyone who has an interesting story to tell.

The voice behind Budacast...

Budacast's producer and host is Drew Leifheit, a guy who loves Hungary and has been producing radio features about the country for over a decade.

For several years Drew produced a similar radio show called Budapest Day & Night on one of Hungary's first commercial radio stations. He has also worked at public radio stations in the US and over the years contributed to numerous international news shows.

What listeners are saying about Budacast...

If you're planning a trip to Budapest or other parts of Hungary or just have an interest in Hungarian culture, I highly recommend tuning in to to listen to their weekly podcast in English. Every week, they produce a twenty-minute podcast that includes interviews with locals (often artists or journalists) and some tips on what to see if you're traveling there.

A recent podcast included some language tips (desperately needed if you want to pick up a bit of Hungarian), a first person story of a day trip to Villany and a feature story about the Kerepesi cemetery. All fascinating and all likely to give you the Hungarian travel bug. - Amanda Kendle,

Nice work on the podcast. I downloaded all of them and listened to them on a recent 4500 mile ocean voyage from California to Florida and enjoyed them a great deal.

Congratulations on your webpage. Right now I'm listening to you tasting wine.

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