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Diary of a French Facelift

A normal person considers a facelift in France and lives the results in Italy, land of bella figura.

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When my mother died, I considered getting a facelift to honor her memory. Because I live in Europe, it made sense to have my operation on this side of the Atlantic. This diary chronicles my life before, during, and for a few years after that fateful decision, in the context of two countries known for their beauty (cultural, cosmetic, culinary, you name it) -- France and Italy.

While I was thinking about a facelift, I looked for books that would explain the experience so I would be prepared for what lay ahead. The books all seemed to fall into one of two categories: technical texts written by plastic surgeons, or breathless burbles about the wonders of a new face by famous, or almost famous (and in any case publicly-prominent) celebrities. Since I didn't want the former and did't fit the latter, I decided to keep my own records of my adventure, thinking that other women might be as curious as I about what a facelift is REALLY like. In fact, friends, acquaintances, business colleagues and women in my orbit were definitely interested, so I decided to share with them --and you -- more details of my adventure.


Top-quality coverage for people who live, work, study and travel internationally.
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Top-quality coverage for people who live, work, study and travel internationally.
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