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Tripiamo empowers expats & travelers with comprehensive online country-specific driving guides, enabling them to drive confidently abroad from day one. Prepare in advance, stay safe, and cut unnecessary hassle and expenses while moving abroad and exploring new destinations.
Tripiamo empowers expats & travelers with comprehensive online country-specific driving guides, enabling them to drive confidently abroad from day one. Prepare in advance, stay safe, and cut unnecessary hassle and expenses while moving abroad and exploring new destinations.

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Tripiamo: Your Key to Driving Confidence Abroad

In a world increasingly interconnected, the desire to explore foreign places, move to new locales and embrace new cultures has never been stronger. Driving abroad is one of the most enriching ways to experience another country, but for many, including seasoned travelers, it can be a daunting prospect. Tripiamo steps in as your ultimate travel companion, helping ensure that your international driving experience is not just possible but stress-free, whether you're relocating as an expat or visiting for leisure.

Unlocking International Driving & Building Confidence with Tripiamo

Tripiamo is more than just an online guide. Tripiamo helps create peace of mind, provides the fundamental knowledge needed to drive in a specific country and also offers virtual experience of what it’s like to drive in that country, all before you get there.

Tripiamo currently offers three components to help anyone prepare for driving abroad:

Patent Pending 360 Driving Tours: Tripiamo allows you to virtually experience and practice navigating your country-specific destination with instructor-led guidance. Tripiamo’s 360-degree driving tours put you in the driver's seat, allowing you to familiarize yourself with local road environments, typical driving situations and even the challenges of driving on the opposite side of the road, all from your phone or computer. With Tripiamo driving tours, you'll mentally prepare for what to expect when driving abroad.

Quick Video Tutorials: These concise videos cover essential information to drive safely and confidently abroad. From understanding road signs to local driving culture, Tripiamo micro-videos provide practical insights to ensure a smooth driving experience.

Convenient PDFs: Each guide also includes a downloadable PDF containing vital driving information that you can carry with you once you’re abroad. This resource covers everything from car pickup procedures to emergency protocols, top rules, road signs and helpful phrases.

Tripiamo guides are accessible from any device, take approximately 1-1.5 hours to review and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

More About Tripiamo Guides

Tripiamo is dedicated to providing country-specific guides across the world, ensuring that your next international driving experience is backed by knowledge and confidence. We prioritize our customer’s safety and success by thoroughly vetting our guides. Our process involves extensive research, scouring certified local driving documentation, our team’s first-hand driving experience, feedback from local drivers, insights from Americans living abroad, input from seasoned American international drivers and even local driving instructors in some instances.

This comprehensive approach guarantees that our guides cover all the foundational topics you may need to drive confidently across your chosen destination. Topics can include, but aren’t limited to, opposite side driving, handling emergencies, avoiding fees and fines, reading local road signs, understanding local road rules, speeding laws, navigating unfamiliar road types, parking rules & nuances, adhering to driving etiquette and much more.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Our mission is clear: to help our customers adventure safely, travel confidently, and explore further than they’ve ever thought possible.

Tripiamo customers have shared their experiences, expressing newfound confidence for driving abroad after using our guides. Here are a few example reviews:!

"I purchased the driving tutorial from Tripiamo and it was definitely worthwhile. I had watched several free YouTube videos, but Tripiamo points out so much more detail, and I feel better prepared to drive!"

"I recently moved and learning how to drive in a foreign country felt daunting. This guide made me feel more comfortable to just drive around and get acquainted. Thank you Tripiamo!"

"I wasn't super nervous about driving, but I also wanted to make sure I was thoroughly prepared. This course really helped to get myself thinking about driving on the opposite side of the road and learn about the rules of the road. It was 100% worth it! I'm so thankful for this course!!"


For expats, Tripiamo is more than just a driving guide; it's a key to a seamless transition to life in a new country. We understand that everyday tasks like grocery shopping and running errands are essential aspects of settling into your new home. By equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to drive from day one, Tripiamo eliminates the anxieties associated with navigating unfamiliar roads. Tripiamo helps ensure that driving is the least of your worries when embarking on this exciting chapter in your life.

Why Tripiamo

While free online blogs exist, they often provide one-time and opinionated experiences driving in a specific country. Tripiamo, on the other hand, compiles comprehensive information from certified resources and conducts extensive cross-country comparisons to offer the most quality understanding of driving in another country. Eliminate the hassle of tedious research, understand what you need to know in about an hour and get virtual behind-the-wheel experience before you get to your destination.

Join the ranks of satisfied Tripiamo users who have successfully driven abroad with confidence. Whether you're an expat moving to a new country or a traveler seeking to explore by car, Tripiamo can be your trusted partner. Don't let the fear of international driving hold you back; unlock a world of opportunity with Tripiamo!

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