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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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There are so many wonderful organizations open to expats living around the world. From expat clubs to local volunteer organizations -- religious groups to informal mom's groups, clubs and organizations form a vital network for expat support and friendship. Please fill out this form once for each organization.

We are happy to let you promote your non-profit organization to ExpatExchange.com's membership. By posting your free listing to our community, you promise to promote ExpatExchange.com to the members of your organization. An announcement at one of your meetings, a return listing on your Web site or an insert into a newsletter is all we are asking!

NOTE: For-profit organizations will NOT be listed. You can add your resource guide listing for a fee HERE.

As a way of helping expats research life abroad, Expat Exchange uses advice shared in our Expat Report Series to create articles that aggregate information about specific topics relevant to international relocation. We never include private information when we do this. Even though we NEVER sell, rent, or share our members private information, please consider carefully what private or personal information you share with others in our Expat Reports. Read more

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Is this organization specific to nationality? If yes, which nationality/ies. If no, what nationalities are represented in the membership?

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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