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Best Markets in Marseille

What are the best markets in Marseille? In this article we highlight the best markets in Marseille.
|-Best Markets in Marseille

Marseille, a vibrant port city on the Mediterranean coast of France, is a haven for expats and digital nomads who are drawn to its dynamic culture, stunning seaside views, and, of course, its markets. From bustling food markets offering fresh local produce to quaint flea markets where you can find unique treasures, Marseille’s markets are a reflection of its rich history and diverse community. Here are some of the best markets in Marseille that you should not miss.

Marché du Vieux Port

Location: Quai des Belges, Marseille
Type of Market: Fish Market
Open: Daily, 8-1

Located at the old harbor, Marché du Vieux Port is iconic for its fresh seafood. Fishermen sell their catch directly from their boats, and the atmosphere is lively as locals and tourists alike haggle for the best deals. The market is a testament to Marseille’s maritime heritage and is a must-visit for seafood lovers.

We Recommend: Try the Bouillabaisse, a traditional Provençal fish stew that originated in Marseille. It’s a flavorful dish that truly captures the essence of the city.

Marché de Noailles

Location: Rue du Marché des Capucins, Marseille
Type of Market: Food Market
Open: Daily, except Sundays, 8-7

The Marché de Noailles, often referred to as “the belly of Marseille,” is a bustling market in the heart of the city. It’s known for its diverse array of goods, from fresh fruits and vegetables to spices and international foods. The market is a melting pot of cultures and a testament to Marseille’s multiculturalism.

We Recommend: Sample some North African pastries or fresh dates, which are among the many delicacies that reflect the market’s international flair.

Les Puces de Marseille

Location: 130 Chemin de la Madrague Ville, Marseille
Type of Market: Flea Market
Open: Saturday to Monday, 7-2

Les Puces de Marseille is the city’s largest flea market, where you can find everything from vintage clothing and furniture to antiques and collectibles. It’s a paradise for bargain hunters and those looking for unique items with a story to tell.

We Recommend: Keep an eye out for vintage French posters or Provencal ceramics, which make for great souvenirs or additions to your home decor.

Marché de la Plaine

Location: Place Jean Jaurès, Marseille
Type of Market: Outdoor Market
Open: Tuesday to Saturday, 7-1

Marché de la Plaine is a traditional outdoor market set in a lively square. It’s a favorite among locals for its affordable prices and wide selection of goods, including clothing, accessories, and household items. On Saturdays, the market expands to include local farmers selling their produce.

We Recommend: Look for handmade Provencal soap, known as “Savon de Marseille,” which is a classic and practical memento of your time in the city.

Marché des Capucins

Location: Place des Capucins, Marseille
Type of Market: Food Market
Open: Daily, except Sundays, 6-1

Marché des Capucins is a smaller, more intimate food market where you can find a variety of fresh produce, cheese, meat, and fish. It’s a great place to shop for ingredients if you’re planning to cook a meal or just want to enjoy some local flavors.

We Recommend: Try the tapenade, an olive-based spread that is a staple in Provencal cuisine and pairs wonderfully with fresh bread.

Marché de la Joliette

Location: Place de la Joliette, Marseille
Type of Market: Outdoor Market
Open: Thursdays, 8-1

Marché de la Joliette is situated in a modern district of Marseille and offers a mix of traditional market goods and contemporary items. It’s a great place to explore if you’re looking for a blend of old and new, and it’s particularly known for its clothing and accessories.

We Recommend: Fashion-forward expats and nomads might find unique French designer pieces at more affordable prices than in boutiques.

Marché de la Préfecture

Location: Square Edgar Quinet, Marseille
Type of Market: Outdoor Market
Open: Monday to Saturday, 7-1

Marché de la Préfecture is a charming neighborhood market where you can shop for daily necessities alongside Marseille’s residents. It’s smaller and less touristy, offering a more authentic local shopping experience.

We Recommend: Pick up some fresh flowers or potted herbs to brighten up your living space or workspace.

Marché de la Friche

Location: 41 Rue Jobin, Marseille
Type of Market: Farmers Market
Open: Sundays, 9-2

Marché de la Friche is a farmers market located in a cultural complex known as La Friche. It’s a hub for organic and locally sourced produce, and the market often features live music and workshops, making it a lively spot to spend your Sunday morning.

We Recommend: Organic honey and artisanal cheeses are popular items that reflect the region’s agricultural richness.

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