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5 Tips for Living in Freeport in the Bahamas

Expats in the Bahamas live in the Caribbean but are very close to the U.S. Find out what it means to call Freeport, on the island of Grand Bahamas, your home. Some of it is island paradise, while other parts of the experience are clearly not. (Read Article)

Culture Shock in Cali, Colombia

A soon-to-be expat who is moving to Cali, Colombia to be with his Colombian girlfriend talks about how visa issues are forcing him to have a permanent residence in Nicaragua. He discusses culture shock as well.

Expert Advice: Renting Cars in Costa Rica

Costa Rica charges more for rental cars than some other countries due to the mandatory insurance you must purchase. It's not that the car costs more, it's the insurance. Here's some tips on how to save money on your rental car. First of all use a credit card that offers rental car coverage. Cards like the Chase Explorer Card, American Airllines Aviator and Citi Business card all offer full coverage on nearly every country including Mexico. (Read Full Tip)

5 Tips for Living in Bangkok

Expats living in Bangkok enjoy a bustling city that is the most populous city in Thailand. Over the last several decades Bangkok has become an important regional business hub for Southeast Asia. (Read Article)

Culture Shock in Bogota, Colombia

A woman who was born in Colombia and left when she was four years old moved back 58 years later to search for a place to retire. The challenges for her are getting a better grip on the language, making friends, learning to pace herself, and being patient and tolerant.

The 8 Best Countries for Brits to Retire Abroad

Many Brits choose to retire to Australia and the United States. In addition to these popular locales, Ryan Smith recommends several other great retirement destinations for British retirees. (Read Article)

Living in Manta, Ecuador

An expat couple explains how the negative reviews of Manta, Ecuador made them initially overlook this "working-class city." After visiting several others cities, they gave Manta a chance and realized that it was the perfect destination for them!

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