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5 Best Places to Live in the Dominican Republic

Whether you're considering living in the Dominican Republic full- or part-time, this beautiful country boasts the Caribbean's largest city, Santo Domingo, virgin beaches in Barahona, yachting enclaves on both the north and south coasts and the bustling resort town, Punta Cana. Expats in the Dominican Republic share their favorite places to live.

Moving Overseas Checklist

A moving overseas checklist is often considered critical by expats and the international relocation professionals who help guide them before, during and after a move abroad. Read our list and help expand it by posting your suggestions!

5 Lesser-Known Facts about Social Security for US Expats

Americans that retire abroad should fully understand the implications for their social security. David McKeegan describes 5 lesser known facts about social security that every American expat retiree should know.

5 Tips For Living In Manila

Expats in Manila have reported many of the same themes since the inception of Expat Exchange. Read some basic facts and tips about this Philippine city (and metro area) on the island of Luzon.

Culture Shock in Santiago, Panama

An expat in Santiago, Panama shares her experiences with culture shock in Panama. She appreciates so much about life there such as the excellent and affordable healthcare, the lack of politically correct speech and much more. She shares some of the things about the culture that are the most challenging as well.

Culture Shock in Nadi, Fiji

An expat in Nadi, Fiji discusses the ongoing challenges she's experienced living there. It's taken her several years to come to the realization that locals aren't (and never will be) empathetic.

Living in Lyon, France

A Polish expat in Lyon, France talks about expat life in this beautiful, historic city. She appreciates how locals love their city, their food -- and truly enjoy life. She also appreciates how family oriented it is in Lyon!

Living in Bologna, Italy

Many people come to study in Bologna, Italy and end up staying and living in Bologna. People in Bologna are typically well educated and career oriented. They are generally accepting of people from other cultures and religions, but may not interact with them.

Moving to Praia de Pipa, Brazil

An American couple extensively researched and visited properties buying a place in Praia de Pipa, Brazil. They share great tips for anyone following in their footsteps about the property buying process and moving to Brazil.

Moving to Altea, Spain

An expat in Altea, Spain advises newcomers to be methodical and organized, seek input from other expats, live in a neighborhood short-term before committing to a long-term home rental or purchase.

Dream vs Reality of Living in Manta, Ecuador

An expat couple explains how the negative reviews of Manta, Ecuador made them initially overlook this "working-class city." After visiting several others cities, they gave Manta a chance and realized that it was the perfect destination for them!

Retirement in Penang, Malaysia

A retiree in Penang, Malaysia loves living in Malaysia. She appreciates the low cost of living, quality healthcare and that she and her husband have been accepted by locals. She worries about their visa situation. They are currently under tourist visas and that is iffy. They feel like they are at the whim of the immigration officer.

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