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5 Tips for Living in Florianopolis, Brazil

Expats LOVE Florianopolis, Brazil for it's breathtaking beaches and safe neighborhoods. Plus, it's a great place to raise kids. Unfortunately, the cost of living and limited job opportunities can be challenging. (Read Article)

Culture Shock in Singapore, Singapore

An American woman who lived in Singapore for about 7 months loved the people, the lifestyle, the safety and the fresh, wholesome food. Her biggest challenges were the heat, the humidity and the lack of air conditioning.

Expert Advice: Use the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion to Save More on your US Taxes

US expats can deduct $97,600 of foreign income from their 2013 US tax return with the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion if they qualify as an official expat. (This amount jumps to $99,200 in 2014.) To qualify as a US expat, you must pass one of two determining residency tests: The Physical Presence test (PPT) or the Bona Fide Residence test (BFR). With the PPT, you must be outside the US for 330 of any 365-day period and earn foreign income. (Read Full Tip)

5 Tips For Living In Denver

Expats in Denver will find a unique culture that combines an independent spirit with a profound love for the outdoors. Technology companies abound in this quintessential Rocky Mountain state. (Read Article)

Culture Shock in Kabwe, Zambia

Find out what it's like to move as an American expat to Zambia from Germany. That makes for a lot of different cultural dynamics... see how this expat makes it work!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About FBAR!

With the FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report) deadline approaching and many expats unaware of whether or not they need to file, take a closer look at the filing requirements and how exactly it is done. (Read Article)

Review of St. Maur International School in Tokyo, Japan

An expat parent's experiences with St. Maur International School in Tokyo, Japan - from extracurriculars to facilities, parent organizations to pros and cons of attending St. Maur International School. (Read Report)

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