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Top 3 Questions About Accidental Americans

What happens when an expat - or the child of an expat - is deemed by the IRS to be a U.S. citizen and consequently - a U.S. taxpayer. David McKeegan of Greenback Expat Tax Services provides expert insight on how to manage this scenario.

10 Tips for Living in Malaysia

Expats in Malaysia agree that living in Malaysia has its pros and cons. Expats love the welcoming Malay people, cultural diversity, lower cost of living and amazing food. Many find that the noisiness, dirty city streets and dangerous driving conditions can be a challenge. Where you choose to live makes a big difference in lifestyle as well.

8 Tips for Living in Turin, Italy

Expats in Turin, Italy share advice for people moving to Turin. From the reality that life in Italy is challenging, to the fact that most apartments come without kitchens and should be negotiated for as part of your rent, expats constantly stress that you should be prepared what awaits you in this city in Northern Italy.

10 Tips for Living in Lake Chapala, Mexico

Lake Chapala is one of Mexico's most popular expat destinations - especially among retirees. Expats love Lake Chapala's near perfect climate, beautiful lakeside homes, low cost of living and thriving expat community. Sadly, Lake Chapala is not immune to Mexico's drug cartel related violence, which those thinking of moving to Lake Chapala should take into consideration.

Culture Shock in Nha Trang, Vietnam

An Australian expat who moved to Nha Trang, Vietnam two months ago shares her experiences with culture shock and expat life in Vietnam.

Culture Shock in Mendoza, Argentina

A heavily experienced expat gives her take on settling into expat life in Mendoza, Argentina. Can you imagine living in 30 places over the course of 30 years? She can... she's done it!

Living in Cuenca, Ecuador

An expat in Cuenca, Ecuador appreciates the beautiful environment and people. He advises newcomers to get learn Spanish and meet locals instead of socializing with other expats.

Living in Accra, Ghana

An expat in Accra, Ghana offers a glimpse at life there and advice about housing allowances, cost of living, job opportunities, expat clubs & organizations and more.

Moving to Aberchirder, Scotland

A Michigan expat engaged to a Scottish man talks about moving to Aberchirder, Scotland -- the high cost of housing, visa requirements and more.

Moving to Corozal, Belize

An expat who originally moved to Ambergris Caye decided to move to the mainland after the AC became overpopulated and prices on the island rose dramatically. He moved to the Corozal area and appreciates the lower cost of living there.

Dream vs Reality of Living in Hamilton, Bermuda

An experienced teacher who had vacationed in Bermuda many times eventually decided to move there. She faced serious challenges living in Bermuda and working as a single, Caucasian expat in a public school. She was repeatedly asked by Bermudians "Have you had enough?" Eventually, she had -- and she returned home to Canada.

Retirement in Penang, Malaysia

A retiree in Penang, Malaysia loves living in Malaysia. She appreciates the low cost of living, quality healthcare and that she and her husband have been accepted by locals. She worries about their visa situation. They are currently under tourist visas and that is iffy. They feel like they are at the whim of the immigration officer.

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