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Expat Spain: Inheritance and Gift Legal Changes for Expats

There are three new legal changes on the horizon in Spain, which will positively impact expats and family inheriting from relatives who were expats in Spain. Melissa Sullivan outlines them. (Read Article)

Culture Shock in Leeds, UK

An American expat in Leeds appreciates the NHS and good public transportation, but has had difficulty finding a job of a similar level to what she had in the US and adjusting to the expensive housing with limited storage.

Vietnam Tip: Taxis in Ho Chi Minh City

Anyone who has travelled a bit has a taxi story to share. Some taxi-tales are a good news story, but most are about the kind of situations that travellers dread - getting ripped off, taken to the wrong location and worse. (Read Full Tip)

Living Abroad: Expat Choices

Living abroad as an expat is a common dream in the U.K., but is a daunting task that requires research and planning. Find out where British expats move, what it takes to get there, and how each country impacts your health care, pension and more. (Read Article)

Review of El Kalimat School in Bouzerrah, Algeria

An expat parent's experiences with El Kalimat School in Bouzerrah, Algeria - from extracurriculars to facilities, parent organizations to pros and cons of attending El Kalimat School. (Read Report)

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CIGNA International Medical Insurance

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Poland: Moving to Rzeszow
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Chile: Classified Websites
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