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12 Expats Talk About Adjusting to Life in Thailand

Expats in Thailand discuss adjusting to life in Thailand - customs, cultural blunders, struggling to learn Thai and more.

12 Expats Talk About Living in Nicaragua

Expats in Nicaragua talks about living in Nicaragua - the high numbers of retirees, the kind and welcoming Nicas, the challenges they face learning the language and more.

9 Important Tips about Healthcare for Expats in Nicaragua

Expats living in Nicaragua discuss health insurance and quality of medical care in Nicaragua. Additional topics include health insurance for 65+, in-home nursing care, prescription medicines and more.

5 Best Places to Live in Spain

Expats in Spain have a lot of opinions as to the best places to live in Spain. It all comes down to preferences, resources and where you are in life. Here's a good start in your research for deciding where to live in Spain as an expat!

12 Expats Talks About What It's Like Moving to France

Expats in France discuss the challenges and adventures of moving to France. From the high cost of living in France to what to bring when you move (and what to leave behind).

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