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5 Tips for Living in Stavanger

Life in Stavanger can be complicated for expats. By most accounts, it is a difficult culture to get accustomed to, but with the right frame of mind and a willingness to adapt, it can be a rewarding expat experience. (Read Article)

Culture Shock in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

An expat in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia appreciates how accepting the locals were of his family and how they live their lives day to day. He found prayer time and the fact that stores are closed during the middle of the day a challenge. He admits that life in Al Khobar was more challenging for expat women, who have to be transported everywhere and have more rules to live by.

Expert Advice: Renting Cars in Costa Rica

Costa Rica charges more for rental cars than some other countries due to the mandatory insurance you must purchase. It's not that the car costs more, it's the insurance. Here's some tips on how to save money on your rental car. First of all use a credit card that offers rental car coverage. Cards like the Chase Explorer Card, American Airllines Aviator and Citi Business card all offer full coverage on nearly every country including Mexico. (Read Full Tip)

5 Tips for Living in Florianopolis, Brazil

Expats LOVE Florianopolis, Brazil for it's breathtaking beaches and safe neighborhoods. Plus, it's a great place to raise kids. Unfortunately, the cost of living and limited job opportunities can be challenging. (Read Article)

Culture Shock in Qingdao, China

Enjoy a thorough exploration of culture shock in China from the perspective of a 65-year-old man who is married to a Chinese woman. This is a great report that is fun to read!

The Ultimate Guide To Shipping A Car To Canada

Everything you need to know about shipping a vehicle to Canada - whether it's a car, jeep, motorcycle, truck, or SUV. Though the process isn't entirely different for other types of vehicles, there are some details that are particular to each. (Read Article)

Review of Garden International School, Eastern Seaboard, Ban Chang in Ban Chang, Rayong, Thailand, Thailand

An expat parent's experiences with Garden International School, Eastern Seaboard, Ban Chang in Ban Chang, Rayong, Thailand, Thailand - from extracurriculars to facilities, parent organizations to pros and cons of attending Garden International School, Eastern Seaboard, Ban Chang. (Read Report)

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