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Expat Advice: Having a Baby in Monteria

Submitted by bigjailerman

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Children in Colombia

An expat dad in Monteria, Colombia describes he and his wife's experiences having to babies in Monteria. He offers very helpful tips about what to expect and bring to the hospital.

What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?


How recently did you give birth in the country that you are reporting on?

1 month

Describe your experience giving birth there. What type of facility did you go to? What (if any) type of pain management did you use? How long did you stay in the hospital? Was it a positive experience? Etc...

This is the second time I became a father in Monteria, Colombia and both times we have both in Clinica Zyma. The staff was very professional and the facility is clean and we felt safe. The doctors and nurses are well trained and friendly and we trusted them. The facilities weren't new but clean. We had to stay two nights for a natural birth. At six weeks after birth we asked for and received the Citizen Born Abroad certificate. Also processed a passport and social security number through the embassy.

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How did you choose your doctor, midwife or other type of medical professional?

Health care insurance amd family recommendations.

If you were to have another child in this country, would you do anything differently in terms of preparation and/or the delivery?

Was pretty prepared. Hospitals here in Colombia are different from the USA because most of the time they don't give you pillows, nor do they provide, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, razors etc. You have to bring your own. In addition, they don't give you any towels, diapers, any baby clothing, baby food/formula or supplies at all. Just be aware of that. Ebrert morning a nurse arrived about 7am to bathe the baby. They take youre towel, soap etc amd take your bundle of joy to another area, clean him up amd return him to you in a few minutes. These clinics/hospitals dint have a nurseries either.

If a friend of yours living in the same country were expecting, what advice would you give her?

Don't sweat the small stuff, just try to have medical insurance in place.

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