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Iloosha replied to the thread Safe place to live for an expat in Algeris on the Algeria forum:
Iloosha initially posted:
Hi, My hubby is currently assigned a new project in Algeris for 2 years and we are Indian couple moving from Ireland to Algeria with a 1.5 years old son. Can you please list us the places where most of the expats live in Algeris and also safe options to rent a serviced apartment.? We are really concerned about the move as we both don't know the local languages of Algeria. Please share any details relating our move that would benefit our safe stay in Algeris.. Thank you..
Iloosha replied on October 10, 2014 with:
Thanks for the detailed reply Nabil.. My hubby will b traveling to Algeris this Saturday for a month for the project if u can give me your contact details I can ask him to keep in touch with you when he is there for that month. Also after this trip we will be moving permanently for 2years to Algeris for that project...
Iloosha replied on October 10, 2014 with:
Thank u sooo much nauzica...:)
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nauzica replied to the thread How I can integrate my kids in Algerian school on the Algeria forum:
mustafalotfi initially posted:
I want to turn back to my back home in Algeria, but I have three kids 7,8,9 years old. They speak only English.I am looking for private school that has specialized teacher to integrate my kids.I appreciate
nauzica replied on October 09, 2014 with:
Hi mustafalotfi , I moved from the US a couple of years ago with 2 kids, age 3 and 5 both spoke only English a little bit of french. I put the oldest in a private Algerian school and by the end of the year he could, write, read and speak french and Arabic, I was amazed! But it wasn't all good since the school system in Algeria is so different from the American, had to go through an adaption phase which wasn't easy... Good luck!
grandatlas replied on October 03, 2014 with:
Hello mustafalotfi, We've opened an Algerian Primary school in Cheraga, specifically to help Algerian and international families find success at school in Algeria. We teach an Arabic/English bilingual program, approved by the Algerian Ministry of Education. We provide French instruction as well, with intensive courses available on request. We are pursuing accreditation with International Baccalaurate. We're in our first year with great results already. Please see more about our school here: or contact +213 660 36 52 99 for more information.
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Nabilo posted Tour guide/Interpreter on the Algeria forum:
Hello I am offering my services as a tour guide for people who want to discover Algiers, I know a lot of good spots to enjoy your time in the city, especially for expats. I am Algerian, and I was raised in the UAE and I came back to Algeria a couple of years ago. Since then I tried to discover everything this place has to offer. In addition to that I also work as an interpreter and English teacher, I can provide several references if you ask for them. My prices are really reasonable. Message me for more details Nabil
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Nabilo replied to the thread Transferring money out of the country (Inheritance) on the Algeria forum:
adam686 initially posted:
Hello! I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or advice with regards to getting sizable amounts of money out of Algeria and into the US. (let's say the equivalent of $500,000+ USD; or > 50,000,000 Algerian Dinars worth). We inherited this money and would like to be able to access it (we are currently living in the US). I'm very clueless about how the banking system in Algeria works, but from what I gather the infrastructure is very "primitive". So how can one go about converting this money into USD and getting it to a US bank account safely and legally? I noticed that Citibank and HSBC do appear to operate in the country - does anyone have any experience trying to get this done through them? I'm used to the US banking system where you can just show up with cash and make things happen - but it seems like Algerian Dinars are not well-recognized currency outside of the country. So basically: Have a lot of Algerian Dinars in Algeria. Interested in getting them converted to USD and transferring them out of the country (to the US). Any thoughts/suggestions/insights? I'd greatly appreciate any experience which could be shared on the subject! Thank you very, very much for your time! -Adam
Nabilo replied most recently with:
It's illegal to transfer money out of Algerian soil, the only people who can do that are export/import agencies, and the government of course. It's sad really, but you can always contact the U.S embassy in Algiers they may be of some help!
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peaceboy posted job search on the Algeria forum:
hello brothers and sisters I am a young Malian unemployed graduate in search of job. i can work as the English french interpretm but I'll be ready for any job found. thanks..
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yudsm posted Retirement age for expats in Algeria on the Algeria forum:
Hi all, in need of information of retirement age for expats in Algeria by regulation.. is it 60 years old as Algerian nationals? any reference of such regulation? Thank you.
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kayahati replied to the thread european muslim sisters club in algiers on the Algeria forum:
Happiness initially posted:
Hi,I am looking for English women sites
kayahati replied most recently with:
Hi , I would love to communicate to this sister club.
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Expat Report Review of El Kalimat School in Bouzerrah, Algeria by Lynnmarie was published
Review-of-El Kalimat School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Facilities - very limited and very basic. Class rooms are at best the size of a double bedroom with no learning aids at all. Text books are re used and sometimes copied. No extra activities are offered. (Continue)
Murphy1 posted Teaching English on the Algeria forum:
If you are interested in teaching English as a foreign language and working in a Native English environment. Please contact me at:
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Suha posted International schools in Algeria on the Algeria forum:
Dear All, I am from Jordan,and my family plans to move to Algeria for work. My kids are in grades 3&6,and I am looking for international school with English based program . Please advise your recommendation for the suitable school. Thanks
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