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jane72 replied to the thread moving to algeria on the Algeria forum:
jane72 initially posted:
Hi, could anyone advise me on moving to algeria and am I aloud to ship my personal effects their. I am from the uk and my husband is algerian but the shippment cannot be sent in his name.
jane72 replied on January 12, 2015 with:
Hi susan, we are having problems due to the fact we are not married the british way. We are trying to send through someone else here but waiting a response. we are moving to Algers and staying with my husbands partner until our house gets finished being built in jijel. How long have you lived their? I am so nervous as I have never been before. Jane x
SistersueGuerinai replied on January 10, 2015 with:
Hi Jane... Usually your husband can put everything in his name unless he has already done it before,it's called Demenagement...when we came to live here my husband bought a small lorry and took all our belongings...if he cannot put in his name,ask a relative to help...can I ask whereabouts will you be going? Xx Susan...
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Hi I work for Finnish Enterprise which wants to find Algerian enterprices for cooperation with Finnish ones. Finnish specialities are for example wood industry, building construction and education field. If you`re interested, please don`t hesitate to take contact I`m looking forward to tell more for You!
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Mariam1982 replied to the thread Good Area to live in Alger on the Algeria forum:
Architect999 initially posted:
I will be moving to Alger in October I'm interested in what areas of the city are good to live in I will be working some 20km outside to the West on the coast, but i don't want to really live in a compound
Mariam1982 replied most recently with:
Hi Susan thanks so much for your help I will certainly take into consideration the place u mentioned, just seems a little high rent wise but will look and see if there is anything affordable in that area or around. Appreciate your help many thanks x
SistersueGuerinai replied most recently with:
Hi Mariam....I live in Hydra,the rent of a 3 bedroom apartment would be about 150.000dr - 200.000dr per month,that's about £1000 a month....Hydra is very residential and I think it's probably one of the best areas to live,full of embassies,foreign companies... There are lots of private schools,nearly every area has one...there is one in Golf..called Decarte,which is free,but caters for children with foreign passports,lots of embassy kids go there,it is mostly French but a good stepping stone for newly arrived kids go to the state school,I find the level of Arabic really high,however every parent will have a different opinion...Laura,an American sister, runs a great private school in Draria,lots of English children go there...I can put you in contact with her if you would like.......Native speakers here to teach,are like gold dust!! So if you fancy teaching,you will have no problem finding something,again ask Laura,she will have much more info for you...xx came here from Lancashire in 2003...
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Suzanne15 posted Re taking our possessions to algeria on the Algeria forum:
Hi everyone on here... I really need some advice if possible? My husband and I with our children are moving to Algeria next yr... My husband will be travelling overland by car taking what he can as I've been told if we use cargo we might not get it past the port this happened to a new kitchen we shipped a few yrs ago it's not been seen or supposedly heard of. The thing is we have a cockatiel that we want to bring my husband is thinking of taking him in the car overland as he said if we tk him by plane they might not let the bird thru customs. I really need advice as to what to do ? The kids would be heartbroken if we left him behind, thanx to all who've read this post... Kind regards suzanne
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hawaiigirl replied to the thread All you need to know about moving to Algeria on the Algeria forum:
ninjaaaaaaa initially posted:
Hello there I spent my childhood in the U.K and moved back to Algeria when I was 10 That was almost 8 years ago, I didn't get any help from anyone, I just learned how to adapt by myself and trust me when I say; it was very hard That's why i'd love to help anyone that's planning to move to Algeria for any other reason please don't hesitate to email me @ if you have any questions or need any help !!! :)
hawaiigirl replied most recently with:
Yes I would like to live their permanently if possible. No I would retire there. I know someone there and I have a retirement fund to support me. I don't have children, just me.
hawaiigirl replied most recently with:
I am considering moving to Algeria in May 2015 to retire and want any information that anyone can give me. I am from the U.S. I know people in Algeria. I have heard it is affordable but want to know anything anyone would like to share with me. Especially those people who have retired there. Thanks.
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ummidris posted Ladies lunch club Algiers on the Algeria forum:
I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a small, grassroots charity called Algerian Action which is based in Algiers but has supporters around the world. We have been established for almost eight years and have been able to assist thousands of children and families that are in need. We offer help through the provision of food, clothing, medicine, school supplies, mobility aids and have helped people build homes. The organisation is completely run by volunteers and we have a 100% donation policy. Next year we are planning to start up a ladies lunch club for expat, English speaking women that are living in Algiers who would like to contribute to their new community by helping those in need through crafting, holding fundraisers and offering support. The lunch club would also be a way for expats to meet other women and socialise over a shared, informal meal. If you would be interested in the lunch club or would like to help in some other way we would love to hear from you. To find out more about what we do visit our website at Thank you for your interest!
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LOVELYLUMINOSA replied to the thread The mail System in Algeria ! on the Algeria forum:
Misu initially posted:
I have a very special male friend in Algeria , who lives with his family , parents , brothers, sister. niece & nephew. I have written letters, sent gifts. So far the gifts are not of any importance to anyone, but my male friend. Why, does he not get my things. Are they all thiefs over there? Trying to get him here is another problem. That Paris Office, just is not too fair. I do know, that Canada cannot support the world, but i am not asking them too. How do u investigate these ppl. There is bad in every country, not just Algeria. I cannot afford immigration lawyers. Why do the government make things so complicated? Can anyone out there help me please,? Thank You, Misu
LOVELYLUMINOSA replied most recently with:
First off if your male friend is someone you want to marry I highly recommend Then about the mail. I live in the USA and my male friend lives in Algeria. It always took 2 months for him to receive a package. It was always opened and in the years that we have been friends there was only one thing missing and that was a book. It is what it is. I am betting other countries have the same problem. You can send a package next day air to Mexico, and when it arrives there it takes 6 weeks to be delivered. Good luck
jennykebir replied most recently with:
I receive packages routinely from my family but it is expensive by air mail. It normally takes 2 to 3 weeks. They also send it to a business address and not our home. This seems to be much more reliable.
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SistersueGuerinai replied to the thread european muslim sisters club in algiers on the Algeria forum:
Happiness initially posted:
Hi,I am looking for English women sites
SistersueGuerinai replied most recently with:
Hi Happiness,if you are still around,I am English living in Algiers...lots of European ex-pats here...get in touch..xx
kayahati replied most recently with:
Hi , I would love to communicate to this sister club.
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chany replied to the thread Safe place to live for an expat in Algeris on the Algeria forum:
Iloosha initially posted:
Hi, My hubby is currently assigned a new project in Algeris for 2 years and we are Indian couple moving from Ireland to Algeria with a 1.5 years old son. Can you please list us the places where most of the expats live in Algeris and also safe options to rent a serviced apartment.? We are really concerned about the move as we both don't know the local languages of Algeria. Please share any details relating our move that would benefit our safe stay in Algeris.. Thank you..
chany replied most recently with:
Hi My father is Algerian, In my opinion if you are in the capital then I think Alger Centre is not bad or Bab El Oued this is the middle class, high class is Hydra or Sidi Yahja. Algeria has 2 languages: Arabic and French. English is not very common. Greetings Chanez Personal Shopper and Gift Buying
Iloosha replied most recently with:
Thanks for the detailed reply Nabil.. My hubby will b traveling to Algeris this Saturday for a month for the project if u can give me your contact details I can ask him to keep in touch with you when he is there for that month. Also after this trip we will be moving permanently for 2years to Algeris for that project...
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nauzica replied to the thread How I can integrate my kids in Algerian school on the Algeria forum:
mustafalotfi initially posted:
I want to turn back to my back home in Algeria, but I have three kids 7,8,9 years old. They speak only English.I am looking for private school that has specialized teacher to integrate my kids.I appreciate
nauzica replied most recently with:
Hi mustafalotfi , I moved from the US a couple of years ago with 2 kids, age 3 and 5 both spoke only English a little bit of french. I put the oldest in a private Algerian school and by the end of the year he could, write, read and speak french and Arabic, I was amazed! But it wasn't all good since the school system in Algeria is so different from the American, had to go through an adaption phase which wasn't easy... Good luck!
grandatlas replied most recently with:
Hello mustafalotfi, We've opened an Algerian Primary school in Cheraga, specifically to help Algerian and international families find success at school in Algeria. We teach an Arabic/English bilingual program, approved by the Algerian Ministry of Education. We provide French instruction as well, with intensive courses available on request. We are pursuing accreditation with International Baccalaurate. We're in our first year with great results already. Please see more about our school here: or contact +213 660 36 52 99 for more information.
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