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LyesCharif replied to the thread Experienced English Teacher Seeks Position in Algeria on the Algeria forum:
kimberlyj55 initially posted:
Greetings! I am an experienced female American English and Social Studies teacher, with recent teaching experience in both Jordan and Qatar. I am actively seeking a suitable teaching position in Algeria, preferably in Algiers. Would anyone with pertinent information please post to me? I am most interested in teaching at an international school, but am open to language schools and other relevant positions. Any information is most appreciated! Thank you very much. Kimberly
LyesCharif replied on August 10, 2014 with:
Hi kimberlyj55, check out this site which can be useful as it contains a fresh English jobs also in Algiers and there is also a facebook page which is updated regularly. good luck Lyes
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LyesCharif replied to the thread Looking for Job in Alger/Center on the Algeria forum:
eshepherd initially posted:
I work as a translator and I'm looking for jobs in Alger/Center French Portuguese Spanish English Italian Thank you
LyesCharif replied on August 10, 2014 with:
Hi eshepherd, you can also check out this website which may be very useful. it contains a lot of jobs in Algeria and it is also updated regularly. there is also a facebook page good luck Lyes
Nabilo replied on July 08, 2014 with:
Hello, These are some useful websites that have lots of job ads: Good luck!
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LyesCharif replied to the thread Looking to teach English on the Algeria forum:
vlabo036 initially posted:
I am interested in teaching English in Algeria. I have a TESOL certification and a master degree in Information sciences from Canada. Any infornation one how to get a working visa or finding teaching position would be appreciated. Thank you
LyesCharif replied on August 10, 2014 with:
Hi vlabo036, check out this website where you can find a large number of English jobs in Algeria and there is also this facebook page which is updated regularly Good luck Lyes
nauzica replied on April 08, 2014 with:
Hi there, I know nothing about working visa, but I know of a school that might be interested in your resume. The school is Good luck!
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LyesCharif replied to the thread HR Consultancies & Jobs in Algeria on the Algeria forum:
sumitbanga initially posted:
I am going to shift in algeria. Looking for a good job opportunity for my wife, she has sound exp of 7.5+ yrs in HR field. Kindly suggest me some good HR consultancies or job portals. Many Thanks Regards Sumit
LyesCharif replied on August 10, 2014 with:
Hi sumitbanga, check out this website which can be very useful and also with regular updates. good luck. Lyes
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harttg posted golf on the Algeria forum on August 07, 2014:
Can anyone provide a recent report on conditions at Golf Club d'Alger? I have seen some rather negative ones from 2012.
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appoloo44 replied to the thread english speakers in algeria? on the Algeria forum:
mauny initially posted:
Can anyone advise whether there are any expats in algeria? I would like to establish contact with english speakers in algeria. I also need info re buying property-gen property laws
appoloo44 replied most recently with:
hello dear my name is yassine i do speak english if you need any help just email me on c u
bill22 replied most recently with:
hello , how are you ? hope you are fine . I am Bill , I live in Algeria , it is my country , I speak arabic , english and french. So if you need any help in Algeria , I can help you . hope to hear from you . e-mail :
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Nabilo replied to the thread Moving in Algeria with my son on the Algeria forum:
nessysun initially posted:
Hello there, I want to travel with my 2 year old son for Algeria. We are from Portuguese origin. I'm not married or divorced, I'm a single mother. I want to know what we need to go to Algeria. What I need and what my son need? Can you give me any info please? Thank you, Vanessa
Nabilo replied most recently with:
The authorization depends on which country you are in right now. For example the Algerian law doesn't allow any minors under the age of 18 to leave the country without authorization from their parents, so you have to check with your local authorities. As for getting into the country, I highly doubt there will be any problems as long as you are his legal guardian.
nessysun replied most recently with:
Hello Nabilo, Thank you for your reply. I want to live there with my currently boyfriend(Algerian). I have no job there or job offer. But what I would like to know is if I will need the autorisation of the father of my son to go in Algeria. Nessy
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chellaid1 replied to the thread Doing Business in Algeria on the Algeria forum:
Pulsar initially posted:
Looking for resources to get information on doing business in Algeria. We are an American company looking to partner with a local group and looking for legal and general advice.
chellaid1 replied most recently with:
Greetings, What is your private email address? Thank you, Ahmed
legendaire replied most recently with:
Dear Sir, Could you please contact me for possible collaboration in the legal field. I have a couple of foreign companies willing to do business in Algeria. Best regards,
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internationalmathstutor replied to the thread Home schooling on the Algeria forum:
sleham1 initially posted:
Hi Everybody, we started home schooling in uUK, my wife and I, would like to know if there is people interested in home schooling while in Algeria, is it possible? we are moving in Summer 2013 to Algiers. Currently we are using a variety of teaching programs and so far our daughter is really enjoying it and there is great progress We started by using ABC Mousse program from USA and many others. so please contact us on if you would like to share ideas many thanks
internationalmathstutor replied most recently with:
Hi you might find these two sites of interest - Kathy Ceceri - Homeschooling ( & Grace Flemmin - Homework & Study Tips (
Nina78 replied most recently with:
Hello, Sally79, check ur PM box...thx
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of El Kalimat School in Bouzzareh, Algeria
Review-of-El Kalimat School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
Facilities are extremely limited. The pupils are not allowed to play on the lawn and are thus restricted to a small paved area on the side of the school to utilise during the breaks.

The few times I have been inside the school building (parents are not allowed to enter except for parents evenings)- the stench from the toilets could be smelt meters away!

Not a single extra-curricular activity is offered by the school. (Continue)

sally79 replied most recently with:
Hello Well I was trying for other a month to contact them it was useless till I had to go there nd the door man at the end gave me a number to call nd find someone to talk to he didnt let me in thu. So they said they r full but after reading here I think I have to find another place.. problem is that no other English school here That is sad .. any advice dont know for how long ill be staying here but my daughter is 5 now nd I should put her in a proper school nd she speaks only english
A reader replied recently with:
El Kalimat teaches only in the way it wants to do. Any feedback, suggestion or complaint is ignored by all the staff. No criticism from parents or visitors is notation all tolerated. The school actually does not like parents commenting on their school however most parents who want their child to study in an English school and have to stay in Algeria for a couple of years(if they do not want to change or lose their job) have no other choice. Even the children of diplomats are admitted in the school but that is the only English school in Algeria and parents who want an English school have to manage with what the school accepts and refuses. The school actually does not want many children in classrooms since their rooms are small, the canteen isn't that large and the school,as a whole is not big enough. Their public website is never kept up to date nor is it edited.
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