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UrbanMan replied to the thread Working in Hamilton Bermuda on the Bermuda forum:
dcostelloe initially posted:
Hi all, Just in the process of moving to Bermuda where I will be working in Hamilton. I would like to find a place. What would be a good place to start if someone is working in Hamilton? Thanks David
UrbanMan replied most recently with:
Not sure of your situation as far as transport goes. But if you'll be a scooter commuter - most people are - I'd advise living close to Hamilton. It rains - sometimes very hard - and winter will have its cold days. Therefore the shorter the commute, the better. Also, the shopping and night spots tend to be in Hamilton. Easier to participate if you live closer in. Compared to America, most people find they don't need a large place to live. Bermuda is a place people spend a lot of time outdoors. Especially young actives, who will play tennis, be at the beach, snorkel, scuba, be on a boat, and so on. Your employer and work colleagues will be your best sources of info.
lizzyb2 replied most recently with:
Hi, try for rentals. It is a good place to start and will give you an idea of prices. You can also send your requirements to an agent and they will source available properties - even if they are on offer with someone else. You'll need to consider if you are going to purchase a bike/car or use public transport if you want to live outside the centre of Hamilton. Good luck with the search!
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UrbanMan replied to the thread Dating in Bermuda on the Bermuda forum:
travelingsue initially posted:
Hi guys! I am wondering what your experience is on dating in Bermuda. I am aware it is a small island and a lot of people get to know each other, It would be very interesting knowing what the dating scene is like from a single woman's perspective.
UrbanMan replied most recently with:
You need to remember Bermuda is a small town. The non-family expat community is somewhat cut off from the rest of the population. The social scene ultimately feels like college, even high school to a degree, with plenty of gossiping going on. Can be cliquey. Hard to be anonymous and discreet. There is a long-standing joke that the national sport of Bermuda is gossip. The single men outnumber the single women by a wide margin. For a woman, this means the potential for plenty of attention. The guys can get a little desperate though due to the numbers situation - guys don't come to the island wanting to live the life of a monk for 2 years. One thing about dating is the lack of things to do. Again, your in a small town, it simply does not have the range of activities a city does.
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movetobermuda replied to the thread police clearance certificate on the Bermuda forum:
sengudi initially posted:
hi, i am now applying for canadian immigration, i worked in bermuda from feb 2007 to aug 2010.In july 2010,i broke the traffic rules and they fined me.But i didnt pay and went back to my home country without,is this affect to get police clearance certificate for canadian immigration.please guide me.thanks
movetobermuda replied most recently with:
Completely depends if it is a crime in Bermuda and you were convicted (maybe in your absence) unlikely though for a speeding fine. You will need a police clearance certificate from Bermuda to apply for your Canadian visa so I guess you will find out then. p.s. I know this is a late reply to your post so please let me know what happened with the application :-)
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pebbalita replied to the thread Moving with my dog on the Bermuda forum:
Yosemitelover initially posted:
I will be moving over in August and will be bringing my bichon frise with me. How easy is it to rent a property which allows pets and does anyone have a recommendation for an estate agent?
pebbalita replied most recently with:
PLEASE be sure that as in England there is no Quarantine laws which would not allow you to bring in your dog..It is kept at the Airport I too am checking for mine as I may move to Bermuda I have relatives there . I am in Costa Rica now restriction bringing in dogs here Deborah Good Luck
bermudaexpat replied most recently with:
The Bermuda government site is very helpful. If you have a large dog get a large shipping crate, mark it as required, make sure your dog has all it's shots, get paper work on line from Bermuda for your vet to fill out. No matter when your dog has had it's last rabies shot, it must have another one within one week prior to coming to Bermuda. There is paperwork to fill out at customs when your dog arrives and a tax on the dogs value. Most rentals allow for pets, but not all, try contacting Liz Wright at Rego Sotheby’s International Realty, Bermuda.
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Expat Report Living in Hamilton, Bermuda by waitykaty was published
Describe how you "dreamed" expat life would be before you moved overseas. Please provide as much detail as possible.
I moved to Bermuda in 2000 to teach. I moved there alone and had visited the island 6 times previously on vacation, so I thought that I knew what it was like. I was an experienced teacher, so I thought I had a handle on what my professional like would entail. I imagined what my apartment would be like and hoped to be welcomed to this beautiful island. I hoped to save money, as I know that there was no income tax. I realized that Bermuda is a multi or biracial country and I imagined that people there mingled and got along well. I was used to being a member of a professional federation and thought that if there were any issues that there was a system in place for problem resolution. I had expectations that the students there would be similar to my students in Ontario. I had been offered a job and thought that my paper work was in order for my arrival. I was hoping to have fun and to be welcomed to my new country. (Continue)
10 Tips for Living in Bermuda by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Bermuda have mixed feelings about living in Bermuda. Everyone loves the sunshine and beaches, but the high cost of living, one car per household law, limited job opportunities and gossipy expat social scene can make life challenging. (Continue)
shonaforrest initially posted:
My husband is entertaining a job offer in Bermuda and we are considering the move from Canada. I have some questions that I'm hoping someone out there can help answer. 1) Would the my husbands potential employer be able to get some kind of permit for me so that I could look for employment? I know I've read that I can live in Bermuda with my husband but can they also help me to get a work permit? 2) I currently work for a consulting firm with very flexible work arrangements. I'm wondering if I could work from Bermuda and be paid my Canadian salary? Would it be possible to set up some kind of company in Bermuda that my current employer would then pay (and thus me)? 3) I'm wondering if anyone has a good rule of thumb for where they would recommend drawing the line in terms of deciding whether to ship something vs. buy it once they get there? One example - I love to cook and I have a lot of nice kitchen appliances/gadgets, but I can't decide if it makes more sense to ship my mixer that cost about $400 CAD (but weighs a ton) or if it makes more sense due to high shipping costs to just buy a new one when I get there?
DarleneMFortin1963 replied most recently with:
1. When your husbands employer does the paperwork he can apply for you to be able to seek and reside in Bermuda. which gives you the right to seek work. 2. Your job back home in Canada. There are people who have continued to do their jobs from back home here in Bermuda, but still continue to pay taxes etc to back home. Remember tho, for Canadian's to get the tax break from Canada, you must live outside of Canada for minimum 18 months and cut ties with Canada(do not own anything back home) So if you still collect money from a job in Canada, your husband and yourself will still have to pay income tax back to Canada. Bringing Items here. depending on how long your permit is and if your husbands company will help cover the cost of shipping here. If they don't I would suggest.. to bring only neccessities and purchase the rest here.
waitykaty replied most recently with:
I am Canadian and taught in Bermuda for two years. Things that seem easy in Canada may be very complicated or unattainable there. I believe that work permits are only issued when you have a position there. I had tons of trouble getting mine. Don't even attempt to send appliances there. It costs the earth. The cost of living is extremely high, but there is no income tax. Be very sure of your work situation before you go. Being an expat in Bermuda is not easy. Foreign workers are needed, but not necessarily wanted or welcomed. Good luck.
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peterilton posted moving to bermuda on the Bermuda forum:
My fiancée and I are looking to move to Bermuda in the near future, but we haven't found a job yet. We are both employed in Finance in Jersey. Can someone recommend a recruitment agency that would be able to help us? Thanks Peter
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Hedger posted Getting British Sky here on the Bermuda forum:
Anyone know the best way to watch your British SkyTV here in Bermuda? I have a Slingcatcher but cannot get it to work, so anyone know a good electronics engineer? Can it be done if I get a VPN?? Thanks
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DarleneMFortin1963 posted International Women's Club on the Bermuda forum:
For any ladies moving to the Beautiful Island of Bermuda, the International women's club has helped thousands of ladies feel comfortable living on the island. Check us out
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