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10 Tips for Living in Bermuda by Betsy Burlingame
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Bermuda have mixed feelings about living in Bermuda. Everyone loves the sunshine and beaches, but the high cost of living, one car per household law, limited job opportunities and gossipy expat social scene can make life challenging. (Continue)
shonaforrest posted Working from Home and General Moving Questions about Bermuda on the Bermuda forum on January 20, 2015:
My husband is entertaining a job offer in Bermuda and we are considering the move from Canada. I have some questions that I'm hoping someone out there can help answer. 1) Would the my husbands potential employer be able to get some kind of permit for me so that I could look for employment? I know I've read that I can live in Bermuda with my husband but can they also help me to get a work permit? 2) I currently work for a consulting firm with very flexible work arrangements. I'm wondering if I could work from Bermuda and be paid my Canadian salary? Would it be possible to set up some kind of company in Bermuda that my current employer would then pay (and thus me)? 3) I'm wondering if anyone has a good rule of thumb for where they would recommend drawing the line in terms of deciding whether to ship something vs. buy it once they get there? One example - I love to cook and I have a lot of nice kitchen appliances/gadgets, but I can't decide if it makes more sense to ship my mixer that cost about $400 CAD (but weighs a ton) or if it makes more sense due to high shipping costs to just buy a new one when I get there?
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peterilton posted moving to bermuda on the Bermuda forum:
My fiancée and I are looking to move to Bermuda in the near future, but we haven't found a job yet. We are both employed in Finance in Jersey. Can someone recommend a recruitment agency that would be able to help us? Thanks Peter
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Hedger posted Getting British Sky here on the Bermuda forum:
Anyone know the best way to watch your British SkyTV here in Bermuda? I have a Slingcatcher but cannot get it to work, so anyone know a good electronics engineer? Can it be done if I get a VPN?? Thanks
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DarleneMFortin1963 posted International Women's Club on the Bermuda forum:
For any ladies moving to the Beautiful Island of Bermuda, the International women's club has helped thousands of ladies feel comfortable living on the island. Check us out
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DarleneMFortin1963 replied to the thread Bermuda vs Cayman Islands on the Bermuda forum:
Anne1968 initially posted:
Hello everyone. Both Bermuda and Cayman are appealing for many different reasons, just curious has to what people who have experienced would recommend/suggest. I am single, in my 40's and will be moving alone. Thank you
DarleneMFortin1963 replied most recently with:
I can not compare Bermuda to Cayman Islands as I have not lived in Cayman Islands. Bermuda does have a great womans association called the International Women's Club. We do help woman once they move to bermuda to meet others on the Island. If you have any other questions Anne , Please Ask Regards Darlene
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irishguy33 posted Football & Golf on the Bermuda forum:
I've been offered a job in Bermuda and trying to weigh up the pro's and cons. I play football and golf socially and would like to keep both up should I move. I see there are plenty of golf clubs but was wondering what annual membership prices amount to? I'm also wondering if there are football clubs that play at a social level... similar to pub sides back home?
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UrbanMan replied to the thread Do i stay or do i go ? on the Bermuda forum:
Louise216 initially posted:
Ok , so i have been working up to moving to Bermuda for the last year , my ex partner came over last year , i was planned to join him later this year, we have now separated, i still really want to come to Bermuda as i have a job lined up and have worked extremely hard to get certain Qualifications. Ok so in your opinions, is this wise ,is it likely to see alot of each other, i have been to Bermuda a few times this past year so i realise the size. I would love nothing more than to come to work in Bermuda for lifestyle, culture and definately the job role but as is expected wouldnt like to bump into the ex partner everyday. Is this more than likely ? Thankyou
UrbanMan replied most recently with:
There are thousands of expats so you won't be seeing every one of them every day. Your odds of running into the same people over and over again depend on what you choose to do when away from work. Example, there are relatively small number of places where expats go for happy hour drinks. If both of you are into that, odds are you'll see him. Another example, if both of your are tennis players and are the type to join a league or club that has openings for expats, the tennis community for expats is essentially one large league, so you'll likely see him if you both join. You mentioned moving to Bermuda for culture. The culture is reflective of the size of the place - small. The lack of variety is something everyone struggles with to at least some degree.
homefinally replied most recently with:
Wish I could be more encouraging, but not only are you likely to see your ex on the street, in the bank, definitely out at nights, but Bermuda is well known for loving to gossip .. one of the things that drove me nuts was that each evening, my (now) ex would ask me who the man I had lunch with at abc restaurant was. You need a thick skin and don't care attitude to get along there.
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beaglelady posted Moving dogs to Bermuda on the Bermuda forum:
Is flying the best option? My dogs are elderly and I would prefer to travel with them does anyone know of a way to get them to Bermuda by cruise ship for example. The ones I look at don't seem to allow dogs other than the Queen Mary and that only goes to New York Thanks
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guapalo replied to the thread Coming with 3 mo old baby - Need rocking chair on the Bermuda forum:
guapalo initially posted:
Hi, I am coming to stay at the Fairmont Southhampton for two weeks Oct 23-Nov 6 with my daugher-in-law and 3 month old baby granddaughter. The Fairmont does not seem to have a rocking chair - and as I will be caring for little Penelope (Poppy while my daughter-in-law is in meetings, a rocking chair is tremendously useful. Does anyone know where I can rent one in Bermuda? Iif need be I might even buy an inexpensive one and leave it there. Thank you so much Looking forward to visiting Bermuda with my sweet grandbaby. Linda Mill Valley, CA
guapalo replied most recently with:
Thank you so much for the information. The Fairmont was able to locate one so we are set.
Pinkandpurple replied most recently with:
I hope you enjoy your time here. have you asked the Fairmont if they can get hold of one for you? Second hand ones occasionally crop up on EMOO but you would then have to organise delivery which will be costly. New ones can be purchased at the furniture store in Hamilton along Front Street (far east end) but will not be cheap - around $800. It may be that you will have t find something different to work. Best wishes. Katie
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