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9/17/2017 04:41 EST

I have just returned form a visit to Bulgaria, we have a few houses out there and are intending to use them for holidays, yes i do understand that its for us to make money out there. But it will also bring visitors to the area who will in turn spend money, however we found that one of the properties has been again broken into and completely gutted, to gain access these delightful ingenious people have actually chopped the window out of the wall ???
i just find this sort of thing so disheartening and when it keeps happening i could just say "forget it Bulgaria" i am becoming a familiar face at the local Police station and these guys are great, but i think its worth knowing that this is a real problem in Bulgaria as they all believe that English are rich beyond imagination...has anyone else had issues...

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9/18/2017 04:23 EST

Hi there
I think security is the best option. We live in our wonderful village full time but we still have security - instant response and in house sensors which we pay for through a security firm. We have also installed a CCTV system which has options to be able to access footage via a smart device. Are we frightened in our village? Do we feel threatened? No! But as you so rightly pointed out ex pats can be seen as wealthy. The cost of the security via a firm cost (in the second year) 464 leva. We have never had to call them and apart from the dog setting off an alarm accidentally they have only attended once- within minutes and in force. We were sheepishly awaiting them. You would need a local contact with keys to your house and the alarm code should a break in happen. The stickers the firm use on gates/windows/doors prove a pretty effective deterrant as does a fake CCTV camera driven by batteries. We opted for the real thing. We don't spend hours poring over the cctv footage either but it is super handy when you're searching for your recalcitrant dogs late at night! Take the same measures you would if you were leaving your home in the UK(?) for an extended period of time and only returning for short breaks.

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