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Climate - Antofagasta to Arica

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9/11/2017 02:39 EST

We're considering a move. We'll try a long visit before we do anything crazy, so right now I'm trying to decide if worth the long visit.

I am curious about the climate of Northern Chile.


1. I'm looking for a place with year round swimming (water temps at least 70+ all year).

2. Rain. Needs to be enough rain to farm.

I know the North is dry, but if you're living on the coast, off the beach or something, I assume there's enough rain?


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9/11/2017 10:29 EST

I have never been to the Atacama desert, but I do know that there is no warm swimming in the Pacific anywhere in Chile any time of year. The water comes from Antarctica via the Humboldt current. It is down right chilly year round.

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9/11/2017 10:39 EST

Annual rainfall in Antofagasta is less than 2 milimeters or less than 0,1 of an inch. This is a port city located right on the Pacific.

So Chile is not the country you have on mind regarding a tropical or subtropical kind of weather. Not at all.

Redesign your ideas of the future and may be Chile can fit.


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9/11/2017 12:14 EST


Thanks again for the advice. I'm from Michigan, so for me, swimming temperatures could be a little lower than for others.
We used to go swimming in Lake Huron every year, and the water temperatures there were usually low 70s F. It looks like for the summer months, water temperatures in the Northern parts of Chile (North of the tropic of Capricorn) get above 70F. It probably wouldn't exactly feel like swimming in the tropics, but I could do it (though I'd prefer 80F).

Anyway, I'm still not sure about rainfall amounts, as we need to be able to grow food, too.

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9/11/2017 13:51 EST

I can only vouch for my City,
Valpo (Valparaiso + Viña + Quilpué + Villa Alemana + Limache)
Voted 5 years in a row the best quality of life in Chile, both 1st and 2nd or 3rd place.
And also considered one of the best climates in the world.
You can enjoy having a farming in Limache and then take the train/subway and be at the beach in 40 minutes or at the very Port of Valparaiso in 55.
We also have a community of over 1000 expats and English speaking Chileans that organizes at least one get together per month. check internations(dot)org
Have been here for 5 years and have helped several expats to relocate, we focus on attracting Inetrnational entrepreneurs, investors and talent to strengthen our city's ecosystem
Ping me with any specific questions.

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