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Zamora vs. Vilcabamba

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1/15/2013 17:45 EST

Obviously, once I'm "on the ground" I'll get a better idea of what I'm looking at, but for the moment...

I have been focusing on Vilcabamba as a retirement destination, over Loja (creo que demasiado ciudad) and what I've been reading has made me wonder.

I've been a tour guide here on Maui for six years. I'm sick of tourists.. I truly AM interested in phasing into another culture, if not melting into it completely (5'6", Spanish surname).

What I'm hearing is Vilcabamba has become that horrid thing called a "destination"! and the Gringos are flocking to it, bringing with them the same competition for space (AND mental space!) that permeates the culture I want to ditch!

To me, that means (like Maui) the "real" people, our hosts, are becoming less and less a part of the day to day living and more used as adjuncts to the good life of the visitors. I'd rather be the one adjusting.

So, being highly attracted to that area of el campo, I'm now looking at Zamora, where, it seems, the weather is better, the beauty as lovely as Maui's (okay, not the buildings!) and a definite lack of wanna-be's.

Anybody out there living in Zamora as an ex-pat? How about a reality check.

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1/15/2013 18:27 EST

If you are interested in phasing into another culture avoid Vilcabamba, it is populated by againg hippies.

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1/15/2013 21:38 EST

I spent 2 weeks in Loja last summer with my 15 yr old son. We're from a small town in Texas, so it was the big city to us. Easy to get around, plenty of resturants and easy to go to other places, via the bus. Went to Vilcabamba and was on the next bus back to Loja. Integrative healing artist, Free emotional inlightenment, Psychic chrystal healing, Healing with Grace, and on and on. I could go to Austin and see that. Went to Zamora and didn't stay long enough. Warmer and more humid than Loja and more jungle like. Alot smaller and not on the tourist route. I'd go to Loja and use it as a base to visit surounding areas. Plenty of buses, plenty to see.

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