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Recreation (i.e., drinking) in Kuwait

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4/12/2009 13:14 EST

I hope this is an appropriate question. I am moving to Kuwait in May, and the thought of going months on end without a beer is discouraging. How available is alcohol in Kuwait? What are the typical costs? And, what are the risks?

Thanks for your help.

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4/12/2009 22:41 EST

Bwahaha - yeah, that question is interesting from a few angles lol
Basically anything can be had - at a price and a huge risk! The local paper reports brewers and smugglers getting bust every day - and for all crime here, EVERYONE always confesses, and then also lead the authorities to everyone else involved (and I am sure it's not a voluntary confession).
There is a regime and apartheid mentality here - so my first advice would be to not cross any lines.
Having said that, yeah, people either buy from smugglers, buy a local brew or brew their own.
Your best bet is to hop over to bahrain or dubai for a cold frosty once in a while ...... as to the rest, well imports can set you back KD80 for a good whiskey - there's a local ánti-freeze type for between KD10 & KD20 ... and brewers yeast will get you a kick from local fruit juice lol I joined a gym instead and do the dubai & bahrain visa run every month so have a cold heineken then .... safer all round!!!

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4/16/2009 12:44 EST


Thanks for the information. I'm really, really sorry to hear about the alcohol situation in Kuwait. It looks like I will be taking many trips to Dubai. I mean, how are you supposed to make a first pass with a woman without the use of wine? It's unheard of.

If you have a chance, I just have one more question. I'm an American, does one face deportation if caught buying alcohol in Kuwait?

Thanks again.

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4/16/2009 23:14 EST

I think you're misinformed on many levels lol. Your US status means zip out here and deportation would be first prize considering the alternatives - you're looking at some interrogation and probably a jail term depending on the situation. It's not only a state law, but a religious law that you are breaking!

Girls? Forget about it - the locals use the burkha to effectively bypass the fact that they are ........ well lets just say there are many other nationalities here that win a Miss Q8 every year. Eating habits and hereditary genes when combined with the 'Haram'factor i.e. unclean non muslim - make you an oddity at best .... Single ppl stay at home until married - those surly hug walking tents hovering around the girls - that's Mom ... No wonder the maids keep jumping of buildings to escape the clutches of the sx starved men ...

I.e. this is not a normal society - it's a crime to stare overtly at women ... Looks like you'll be doing hops to the bars and strip clubs in Thailand instead lol

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4/19/2009 06:18 EST

hey there,

just readed your posts, and thought of making some comments..

things are not as bad as you're descrbing here'll just make the guy abandon the whole

every society has its norms and traditions..

talking about girls..there are alot of open minded women here in kuwait..not necessarily kuwaitis..but lebanese,morocon, egyptians..but u need just to be with the right crowed..if u r open minded & extrovert enough, you'll get to know the right ppl.

about drinking..i ve been to many parties where alchol was in tons :p, and i believe that so many americans & westerners here drink without have to travel to dubai or eles.., again the fact of knowing the right ppl it wat wd make things easier for u.

if you just started making friends things won't be that bad..i am sure - i am arab, but i do know alot of americans here who can manage their social life here and ok with it.

good luck

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4/19/2009 06:31 EST

Hmm - I've had some serious hangovers in Q8, but the bottom line remains teh same - you are breaking the law and there could be serious consequences depending on the raid or situation i.e. there is no generic rule of law that you know will be applied to the case.
A simple case of getting stopped on the way home from a party is enough to put a damper on the scene and the parties - fun that they can be - are not generic enough for people that are used to open society drinking where you can choose your location and the types of people you want to spend time drinking amongst.

In every country there are loopholes .. so yeah, things are not completely impossible out here .. just complicated .... and I'd rather get outta here on my own choosing nd feet and the end of the day ..


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4/19/2009 16:40 EST

I hope I meet a beautiful Egyptian woman with a brewry in her basement. It's my only hope.

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4/20/2009 00:39 EST

i hope you'd do too, and things would be much easier for u :)

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