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Kuwait City

Real Estate in Kuwait

By Joshua Wood, LPC

Last updated on Feb 04, 2023

Summary: Expats and retirees talk about real estate in Kuwait? How do you find a home in Kuwait? Should you buy or rent? What is the cost of housing?

How do I find a place to live in Kuwait?

We asked expats how they chose their neighborhood and found a place to live. They answered:

"When looking for a place to live in Kuwait, start with considering your budget, preferred region and availability of amenities. You can find rental apartments for sale or rent in Kuwait through various property portals such as Alawna, Property Search Kuwait, and Sanna. Local newspapers such as the Kuwait Times and Classifieds.com also advertise rental apartments and listings of housing developments. You can also visit established real estate companies to explore your options. Expats in Kuwait generally use brokers when searching for properties and it is helpful to connect with local Kuwaiti networks or expat groups for recommendations. Additionally, you can also consult with a local real estate lawyer to help with determining the legal rules and regulations when renting a property in Kuwait. Finally, before signing a lease for a property, it is important to go and visit the property in person," explained one expat living in Kuwait.

"Company provided it for awhile but I moved to my own place through the rental company we always use," said another person in Fintas.

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What is a typical expat home or apartment like in Kuwait?

"Most expat homes or apartments in Kuwait typically come fully furnished with high-end, modern furnishings and appliances. Most will also include such amenities as high-speed Wi-Fi, satellite television, and housekeeping services. They often come with large windows, balconies and terraces, allowing for bright, spacious living. Safety features, such as security doors, window grilles, digital door locks and CCTV systems are also frequently included. Sizable swimming pools, gymnasiums, children’s play areas as well as on-site retail shops and restaurants are common features of more luxurious apartment complexes," said another person in Kuwait.

"In apartment housing. Most of us live in high rise apts that have some amenities. Some have fitness rooms, some have pools. Few have both," added another expat who made the move to Kuwait City.

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What is the average cost of housing in Kuwait?

If you are thinking about moving to Kuwait, cost of living in probably a key consideration. Expats commented about the cost of housing:

"The cost of housing in Kuwait varies depending on the type and location of the accommodation. In general, expatriates can expect to pay an average of between 150-500 Kuwaiti Dinar (KD) per month for a studio or one-bedroom apartment located in a mid-range area. More luxurious accommodations located in central areas can cost upwards of 400-800 KD per month," remarked another foreigner who made the move to Kuwait.

"I do not know what the housing costs here. I DO know that the apartment I stay in would run about $1500 a month where I am from," explained one person living in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

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Should I buy or rent a home in Kuwait?

If you have not spent a lot of time in Kuwait, you should rent before even thinking about buying. We asked expats there about the buy vs. rent decision:

"It largely depends on your living circumstances and preferences. Buying a home may typically have a larger price tag, but it can be beneficial in the long run, as you can build equity in the home over time and you will not be subject to increases in rent. If your stay in Kuwait is likely to be temporary, renting a home may be the more convenient option, as it will be easier to move if you want to or need to. Both options should be researched thoroughly before making a decision," explained one person living in Kuwait.

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Kuwait City

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