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Expat Guide to Living Abroad

Whether you're already living abroad or preparing to move overseas, our Expat Guide to Living Overseas can help guide you. For answers to specific questions, use our Country Forums to talk with other expats and retirees already living abroad.

Additional Articles
Jobs UK: Engineering

Due to a shortage of engineers in the UK, there are lots of opportunities in this field.

UK Cost of Living: inancial Considerations for Newcomers

Information about cost of living in London and the UK.

UK Jobs: Business

Advice for those seeking jobs in the United Kingdom in general business roles.

UK Jobs: Interview Advice

Advice for those interviewing in the UK.

UK Jobs: Job Search Resources

In the UK, working as a “temp” can often lead to permanent entry-level work.

Working in the UK: Professional Resources & Organizations

Professional Organizations in the UK such as East India Club, the Cavalry and Guards Club, and the Wig and Pen Club.

UK Jobs: Application Process

An overview of the job application process for those seeking jobs in the UK.

UK Jobs: Sales and Marketing

Employment trends in the sales and marketing fields in the UK.

Choosing a Neighborhood & Finding a Flat in London

Choosing the right neighborhood in and finding a flat in London are big decisions for newcomers. Article provides advice from expats who have already comfortably settled in London.

Top Dozen Tips for Moving to Canada

This article offers helpful advice for people moving to Canada - and to anyone moving overseas. From pet shipping to expat banking, culture shock to international health insurance.

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