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Expat Guide to Living Abroad

Whether you're already living abroad or preparing to move overseas, our Expat Guide to Living Overseas can help guide you. For answers to specific questions, use our Country Forums to talk with other expats and retirees already living abroad.

Moving Abroad: Best Places to Live Overseas if You Love to Golf

Moving abroad often means access to some of the best golf experiences expats will ever have. Here are some of the best countries when it comes to life on the links.

8 Things to Know Before Having a Baby in Costa Rica

Expats discuss their experiences giving birth in Costa Rica. Topics covered include public (CAJA) hospitals vs. private hospitals,high C-section rates, maternity coverage, dual citizenship, permanent residency for expat parents with babies born in Costa Rica, baby stores and formula options.

Moving Abroad: Best Places to Live Overseas if You Love to Fish

People all over the world love to fish, and many expats move abroad to have great access to the best fishing spots in the world. Here is some great advice from expats and a great start to researching the international angling life!

Moving Abroad: Best Places to Live Overseas if You Love to Surf

Expats interested in moving abroad to surf have all kinds of options to consider in virtually every corner of the globe. Here's some advice from expats on where to surf and how to make a life abroad work!

12 Tips for Living in San Clemente, Ecuador

12 Tips for Living in San Clemente, Ecuador

An expat in Ecuador talks about why expats move to San Clemente - with it's laid back beach lifestyle, low cost of living, hot & dry climate and low crime rate. There are a few things that San Clemente is missing.

Moving to Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy

Imagine traveling in Italy, seeing a poster for an concert on a lake, attending the concert and finding a beautiful town, like Passignano sul Trasimeno. Dreams do come true!

Moving to Tobercurry, Ireland

A retired couple, who first gave retirement in Florida a try, found that Ireland has a much lower cost of living and enjoyable lifestyle. They miss their family and friends, but appreciate that modern technology helps them see their grandkids regularly. They talk about the research they did, how they chose Tobercurry and what living in Ireland is like.

Culture Shock in Playa Jaco , Costa Rica

An expat living in Playa Jaco, Costa Rica enjoys the family-focused Costa Rican culture and the slower pace of life. She has great tips to help newcomers adapt to life in Costa Rica.

Culture Shock in Mumbai, India

Moving abroad is challenging, but moving with an illness is an even bigger challenge. An expat talks about her experiences moving to Mumbai. She looks forward to not having to work in India so that she can focus on getting well.

Living in Moieciu de Jos, Romania

An Irish expat in Moieciu, Romania shares his insight into life in his new found home - a rural village in the mountains of Transylvania. Read about job opportunities, language advice and more.

Living in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica

Playa Potrero is a small fishing village just north of Playa Flamingo in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. An expat living in Playa Potrero talks about what it's like living in this beach town with lots of North Americans and tourists.

Dream vs Reality of Living in San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States

An expat shares a brief report about his expectations going into a move to Puerto Rico, and the realities that actually awaited him there.

Additional Articles
Living Abroad As A Global Nomad

Here's an introduction to the world of Global Nomads. While they're certainly not a new phenomenon, they are getting a bit more notice lately. This intro includes some sober insights into what it means to embark upon such a lifestyle, the benefits, and the risks.

7 Best Places to Live Overseas Where Expats Enjoy a Better Work-Life Balance

Looking to find a place to move overseas where you can achieve a better work-life balance? Expats talks about 7 of the best places to live overseas where family and friends are top priority.

10 Important Tips about Healthcare for Expats in Romania

Expats living in Romania discuss health insurance, Card de Sanatare and quality of medical care in Romania.

6 Tips for Expats Having a Baby in The Netherlands

Expat moms share their experiences having a baby in The Netherlands - from wonderful prenatal care to the home birth option for uncomplicated pregnancies and everything in between. While many new moms have very short hospital stays, they receive at home care from a beloved Kraamzorg (home nurse) as part of their maternity care, which expats resoundingly say makes all the difference.

Top 6 Cities in Italy for Expat Jobs

Finding an expat job in Italy can be challenging. Here are 6 cities in Italy where expats have been able to find a job and live their expat dream.

6 Important Tips about Healthcare for Expats in China

Expats living in China discuss health insurance and quality of medical care in China.

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