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Expat Life -- 10 Best Places in the World to Get in the Christmas Spirit
By Betsy Burlingame

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Here are 10 of the best places in the world to get in the Christmas spirit.

Living Overseas -- 5 Glimpses at Christmas Abroad
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Chile, Sweden, Japan, Scotland and Australia share their experiences celebrating Christmas abroad.

Expats in Tokyo -- International Schools in Tokyo, Japan
By Betsy Burlingame

Tokyo has many international schools and bi-lingual schools for expat students. Here are several of the more popular options.

Teaching Abroad -- Love was My Catalyst for Teaching Internationally
By Anne Keeling

Mathematics teacher, Ian Robertson, met a Chinese woman, named Celine, in a Glasgow bar. She ended up being the catalyst he needed to look for a teaching job in China.

Expats in London -- 10 Things to Do in London During Christmas
By Betsy Burlingame

London is the perfect place to get in the Christmas spirit. Here are 10 things to do in London during the Christmas season.

Expats in Jamaica -- International Schools in Jamaica
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Jamaica discuss the best schools for expat children - from very expat-oriented schools like AISK and Hillel to more local private schools like St. Andrews and Montego Bay Christian Academy.

Study Abroad -- Study Abroad in the EU
By European Commission

The European Commission offers an overview of resources available to EU citizens who want to study abroad.

Culture Shock -- Expats Confess their Cultural Blunders
By Betsy Burlingame

In our culture shock report, we asked expats to share any cultural blunders that they committed. Here are some of the responses.

Expats in Saudi Arabia -- 5 Tips for Living in Jeddah
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Jeddah offer advice about living on compounds vs living out, where to meet other expats, international schools, raising kids in Jeddah and much more.

Expats in Panama -- Thanksgiving in Panama
By Betsy Burlingame

American expats in Panama can enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal at these restaurants.

Expats in Beijing -- Thanksgiving in Beijing
By Joshua Wood

For American expats looking to dine out on Thanksgiving, here's a list of several restaurants offering Thanksgiving dinners in Beijing.

Expats in Paris -- Thanksgiving in Paris
By Betsy Burlingame

If you're living in Paris and in search of a place to dine on Thanksgiving, we have several suggestions. If you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner, find out where you can order a turkey.

Expat Counseling -- Help Your Marriage Thrive Abroad
By Dhyan Summers

Expats can help their marriage not just survive, but thrive while living abroad by using compassionate communication.

Expats in London -- Thanksgiving in London
By Betsy Burlingame

There are numerous restaurants in London that offer wonderful Thanksgiving menus for expats and locals! Here are few of our favorites.

Expats in Ecuador -- Thanksgiving in Ecuador
By Betsy Burlingame

For American expats looking to dine out on Thanksgiving, here's a list of several restaurants offering Thanksgiving dinners in Quito and Cuena.

Expats in Budapest -- International Schools in Budapest
By Betsy Burlingame

There are numerous international and bilingual schools in Budapest. In this article, we highlight some of the more popular international schools school for expats in Budapest.

Expats in Portugal -- 5 Best Places to Retire in Portugal
By Betsy Burlingame

Expat retirees love Portugal for its welcoming people, gorgeous beaches, quaint towns and wonderful restaurants. In this article, we cover 5 great places to retire in Portugal.

Travel Health -- Healthcare Abroad in the EU
By European Commission

The European Commission offers an overview of EU citizens' healthcare rights while traveling in other EU countries.

Expats in Nicaragua -- A Year of Nicaraguan Festivals and Celebrations
By Casey Callais

From San Silvestre Papa in January to Tulululu in May, Nicaragua has more than 200 festivals each year. Casey Callais highlights the best festivals throughout the year.

Expats in Switzerland -- 5 Tips for Living in Zug
By Betsy Burlingame

Zug, Switzerland is a beautiful city and very popular among expats. 30 minutes south of Zurich, this low-tax region is home to numerous multinational companies.

Moving to India -- How To Ship A Car To India
By Joe Webster

Job Webster of A1 Auto Transport offers tips for shipping a car to India.

Moving Abroad -- Give Paws For Thought When Relocating With Pets
By Crown Relocations

Sheila Robertson relocated to Abu Dhabi with her husband and 5 rescue dogs. Read how she prepared for them for the move and how her dogs handled the relocation.

Expats in Japan -- 4 Business Etiquette Tips on Conducting Business in Japan
By Aarti Bansal

Newcomers to Japan should consider these 4 tips for conducting business in Japan.

Expats in Barcelona -- International Schools in Barcelona
By Betsy Burlingame

Families moving to Barcelona have a number of great schools to consider. There are several American and British schools plus foreign children are allowed to attend public school. In this article we highlight several of the more popular English schools and expats' advice with regard to public vs. private English schools.

Expat Travel -- Ready for your holidays? Here's what you need to remember
By European Commission

This article from the European Commission reviews common travel issues when planning a holiday in the EU - from passenger rights to safety to traveling with pets.

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