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6 Best Places to Live in Colombia

Colombia has made an incredible transformation. Expats in Colombia have a lot to say about the best places to live in Colombia. From cities on the Caribbean coast to inland cities, here are 6 of the best places to live in Colombia.

5 Tips for Tech Jobs in Seattle

Tech expats in Seattle live in one of the most famous centers of high technology in the world. Home to such tech stalwarts as Microsoft and Amazon, the Seattle area also has a vibrant business environment for start ups to cash in on and thrive.

7 Best Places to Living in Jamaica

If you're thinking of moving to Jamaica or retiring in Jamaica, deciding where to live is not as simple as you think. Jamaica is a large island with numerous cities and towns that appeal to expats. This article highlights the 7 best places to live in Jamaica.

June Is a Big Month for Expats - Here's Why!

Expat tax expert David McKeegan explains why June is such an important month for U.S. expats. From expat tax returns to FBAR, find out why you can't let the sixth month of the year sneak up on you!

5 Tips for Tech Jobs in London

Tech jobs in London are sought out by wanna be expats all over Europe and other parts of the world. If working in London for Facebook, Google or a hot new start up is your goal, just take the time to research it and get it right!

Expats Italy: 5 Tips for Living in Florence, Italy

A beloved tourist destination known for its art and architecture, expats in Florence have mixed reviews of living in Florence.

5 Tips For Living in Silicon Alley

Expats that work in the tech industry in New York City are among the luckiest in the world. Yes, it's competitive and it takes a great deal of resilience, but if you can make it happen, you'll live and work in one of the world's greatest tech cities in the world.

Expat Uruguay: 7 Best Places to Live in Uruguay

Expats in Uruguay agree that the best thing about living in Uruguay is the friendly people. In addition to the friendly locals, the weather, beautiful beaches and stable economy make it a great place to live. We've compiled a list of the 7 best places to live in Uruguay based upon expats' recommendations.

5 Tips For Expat Tech Jobs in Canada

Canada's technology sector has expats all over the world looking there for career opportunities that are available to those who meet the proper criteria. The Canadian government has created a program to help expats make it happen, and thousands are every year.

How to Import a Vehicle into Indonesia from the United States

Joe Webster offers tips for preparing to ship a car from the US to Indonesia.

5 Tips for Living in Cascais, Portugal

Expats in the beautiful seaside city of Cascais, Portugal discuss how they chose to move to Cascais. They share information about expat life in Cascais - cost of living, international schools, housing and more.

5 Tips For Living in Silicon Valley

Expats living in Silicon Valley are often involved in companies and projects that change the world. It's a dream many people across the world hope to pursue, but it's not an easy one and can involves years to make it happen.

Selling US Property - A Key Expat Tax Exclusion

Pressed to sell your U.S. abode? Don't overlook the benefits of partial section 121 exclusion.

Ecuador Check-In and Help Needed Thread

The earthquake in Ecuador has impacted many areas where our members reside. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Ecuador. We have setup a Check-In and Help Needed thread for our members in Ecuador.

5 Tips For Living in San Jose, Costa Rica

The majority of expats in San Jose, actually choose to live not in the city, but outside of it. There are great options in the surrounding area, including places that are closer to the coast than San Jose.

5 Tips for Living in Cologne, Germany

Expats in Cologne, Germany share tips for living in Cologne from international schools to Karneval. They also discuss the shocking events of New Year's Eve 2015 and how that has impacted life in Cologne.

5 Tips For Living in Madrid

Expats in Madrid live in a city with a broad appeal to people throughout the world, rich cultural traditions and some of the most delicious food in the world!

5 Affordable Places to Retire in Spain

Many retirees move to Spain in search of a better lifestyle and lower cost of living. Here are 5 affordable places to retire in Spain that range from bustling coastal cities, like Valencia, to regions with small coastal villages, like Huercal-Overa in Andalucia.

How Expats Cure the Homesick Blues

Expats often get homesick as they try to settle into their new lives abroad. Dhyan Summers explains the phenomena, and offers insight into how expats can work past this normal challenge to a successful transition.

How an Expat Retiree Fought to Stay in Ireland

Expat retirees David and Maura Woods were given 7 days notice to leave Ireland. David shares his story, why they were asked to leave, and how they found a way to stay in the adoptive land they love.

How Expats Around the World Get U.S. Checks Deposited in the U.S.

U.S. expats frequently inquire about how to manage their finances and deposit checks into their U.S. accounts. Tashi Nibber explains how a mail forwarding company can offer this service to expats throughout the world.

Parenting Style: Far East vs. The West

Author and Blogger Brian O'Sullivan helps expats examine the differences in parenting that exist in Western and Far Eastern cultures. Emotional self-regulation and self-recoginition are a few of the topics he explores.

Expats and the Zika Virus Scare

Expats in several countries in South, Central and North America find themselves in the middle of the Zika virus crisis. There are varying perspectives among expats, and we thought it would be interesting for others to read what they're thinking.

5 Tips For Living in Jakarta, Indonesia

Expats in Jakarta, Indonesia offer some great advice on what it's like to live in the capital of this island nation. From choosing a house to a stark warning for husbands and wives alike, this is a great place to start when considering a move to Jakarta.

5 Tips For Living in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Expats in Dhaka, Bangladesh live in a developing nation, yet a city that is also home to a significant part of the nation's technology, industrial and financial base. Some of the sites are beautiful, yet the poverty is also difficult for some to see over an extended period of time.

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