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Expats in Switzerland -- 10 Tips for Living in Switzerland
By Betsy Burlingame

Advice from expats in Switzerland on housing search, finding a job in Switzerland, international schools, expat clubs and organizations, learning the language and cost of living. A must read for newcomers and anyone moving to Switzerland.

Expats in Vietnam -- Living in Vietnam or on Vacation - You've Got to Try a Non-La
By Peter Goudge

Peter Goudge explains all about Vietnam's iconic hat, the "non-la," and how it ties into the South East Asian nation's history, folk lore and every day life. There's a lot more to this simple hat than meets the eye!

Expats in Canada -- 10 Tips for Living in Canada
By Joshua Wood

Expats from all over Canada have shared great tips about living in Canada - Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Beyond. Find out what makes it easy, what makes it hard, cost of living and more!

Expats in Sweden -- 10 Tips for Living in Sweden
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Sweden confess that culture shock can take you by surprise. But, once they learn to adapt, they appreciate the beautiful weather, relaxed lifestyle and bike-riding culture.

Teaching Abroad -- 10 Best Places to Teach Abroad
By Anne Keeling

Anne Keeling highlights the 10 most popular cities for teaching overseas. From Dubai to Bangkok, Doha to Shanghai.

Expats in Australia -- 5 Tips for Living in Perth, Australia
By Joshua Wood

Expats in Perth, Australia enjoy diverse cultural options despite the fact that it is in a geographically remote area compared to Melbourne and Sydney . Find some ideas on how to make the most of expat life in Perth.

Expats And U.S. College Admissions -- The Winning Formula
By Michael White

For expat students and their parents, the US college application process can be especially daunting. Will the admissions committees understand the transcript? How important are A-level results? Michael White offers answers to these and other questions.

Moving Overseas -- 10 Tips for Moving Abroad

AGS Worldwide Movers offers 10 useful tips for people preparing to move overseas such as arranging temporary accommodation to involving your children in the preparation for the move.

Expats in Romania -- 10 Tips for Living in Romania
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Romania share their tips for living in Romania. They discuss the pros and cons of living there and offer advice about driving in Bucharest, finding an apartment and more.

Expats in Australia -- 5 Tips for Living in Melbourne, Australia
By Joshua Wood

Expats in Melbourne, Australia enjoy diverse cultural options on par with many of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Find some ideas on how to make the most of expat life in Melbourne.

Expats in Bermuda -- 10 Tips for Living in Bermuda
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Bermuda have mixed feelings about living in Bermuda. Everyone loves the sunshine and beaches, but the high cost of living, one car per household law, limited job opportunities and gossipy expat social scene can make life challenging.

Expats in Australia -- 5 Tips for Living in Sydney, Australia
By Joshua Wood

Explore ideas for expats on how to move to and settle into life in Sydney, Australia. This cosmopolitan city has all kind of cultural activities and picturesque landscapes, but it isn't always easy for expatriates.

Expats in China -- 5 Tips for Living in Qingdao, China
By Betsy Burlingame

With its huge expat population, expats in Qingdao enjoy numerous expat-oriented social events and local resources. Expats also appreciate the friendly and welcoming to locals, sea view homes in the Laoshan district and Qingdao's international schools.

United States Citizens Moving to Portugal -- Demystifying the Paper Trail
By Susan Stults Korthase

Thanks to Susan Stults Korthase for this helpful overview of current requirements to begin the process of obtaining a Residency Visa when moving from the US to Portugal. Note: Information Updated January 2015.

Expat Advice -- 5 Greatest Challenges Expats Face and How to Handle Them
By Dhyan Summers, Licensed psychotherapist

In an informal sampling of my expat clients around the world, I asked what bugged them the most about being an expat. Here are some of their pet peeves in no particular order, and my suggestions about how to deal with them.

Expats in Chile -- 10 Tips for Living in Chile
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Chile enjoy the stable economy, friendly people and relatively affordable cost-of-living. Many find becoming close friends with Chileans, who primarily socialize with family, a big challenge. But, the expat community in Chile is strong and offers a great support system for newcomers.

Expats in Trinidad & Tobago -- International Schools in Trinidad and Tobago
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Trinidad & Tobago have shared their experiences at several of the more popular schools in Trinidad & Tobago.

Expats in Trinidad & Tobago -- 10 Tips for Living in Trinidad & Tobago
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Trinidad & Tobago love the family-focused Trinis, the laid-back island culture and the beautiful beaches. That being said, many expats find dealing with bureaucracy a challenge, the pace of life frustrating and the cost of housing, food and cars much higher than expected.

France Expat -- 5 Amazing Places to Ski in France
By Joshua Wood

Skiing in the French Alps is breathtaking not only for the beautiful and varied terrain, but also the incredibly affordable cost when compared to ski resorts in the United States. Ski passes are available that grant access to multiple resorts that don’t require any transportation from one to the next other than the two boards on your feet. Of course, if you want to splurge and spend more, luxury options abound!

Expat Life -- 10 Best Places in the World to Get in the Christmas Spirit
By Betsy Burlingame

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Here are 10 of the best places in the world to get in the Christmas spirit.

Living Overseas -- 5 Glimpses at Christmas Abroad
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Chile, Sweden, Japan, Scotland and Australia share their experiences celebrating Christmas abroad.

Expats in Tokyo -- International Schools in Tokyo, Japan
By Betsy Burlingame

Tokyo has many international schools and bi-lingual schools for expat students. Here are several of the more popular options.

Teaching Abroad -- Love was My Catalyst for Teaching Internationally
By Anne Keeling

Mathematics teacher, Ian Robertson, met a Chinese woman, named Celine, in a Glasgow bar. She ended up being the catalyst he needed to look for a teaching job in China.

Expats in London -- 10 Things to Do in London During Christmas
By Betsy Burlingame

London is the perfect place to get in the Christmas spirit. Here are 10 things to do in London during the Christmas season.

Expats in Jamaica -- International Schools in Jamaica
By Betsy Burlingame

Expats in Jamaica discuss the best schools for expat children - from very expat-oriented schools like AISK and Hillel to more local private schools like St. Andrews and Montego Bay Christian Academy.

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