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roystevenung replied to the thread Opportunity in Malaysia on the Malaysia forum on April 19, 2014:
ranjitonly initially posted:
Hi, I have got an opportunity to relocate to Malaysia in Petaling jaya from Mumbai,India.I am getting offered approx 30-35,000 USD. Accomodation, transport,etc will need to be taken care by me.Is this a reasonable salary to live comfortably & save money as this is an expat opportunity for me in a foreign country. I will be moving with family of 3 including me.All 3 are adults.,
roystevenung replied 7 hours ago with:
Ranjit, is that per annum salary or USD 35,000 per month? If it's per month, then its more than enough, but if its per annum, its decent living if you know how to save.
rogerjohn replied on April 15, 2014 with:
Cost of car may be high, but the petrol is dirt cheap.
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roystevenung replied to the thread Visit for Retirement Plan on the Malaysia forum on April 19, 2014:
tbahder initially posted:
I am from the US and I will be coming to Malaysia June 19-June 26. I will be traveling with my girlfriend. I was in KL for ten days a couple of years ago, when I came for a conference, and I really enjoyed it. Now, I am thinking of retirement (I am almost 59). Malaysia made such an impression on me that I am considering retiring here. I want to explore the country a little more. I know that getting around in KL is easy by train. But I am thinking of going to see the east and west coasts--to see what they are like. I love the beach. Can someone give me suggestions of the best way to get to the east and west coast from KL? Is there public transportation from KL to the east and west coasts? What places would you recommend that I see? Is renting a car expensive? What is involved with a car rental in Malaysia?
roystevenung replied 7 hours ago with:
Hi tbahder, Hundreds if not thousands of expats from all over the world has retired here in Malaysia. Most of them are on the Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) Program. You can surf the MM2H official website As for the car rental the name Avis seems to be mentioned many times by my expat friends. Google for "car rental in KL or Penang" West Coast Travelling: From KL there are many travelling options, flight, train & buses from KL to Penang (Northern part of West Malaysia) or Melaka / Johor (Southern part of West Malaysia). To get from West Malaysia to East Malaysia from KL, the best is by flight or bus. You could Google "How to get from Kuala Lumpur to Terengganu" Most expats are at Penang (island)/KL/Melaka/Johor.
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Dahlia posted SoHo Duplex for Rent in Damansara! on the Malaysia forum on April 14, 2014:
Hi all, I'm urgently looking for people to replace the condo I'm currently renting right now. It's a SoHo Studio Duplex, spacious 750sqft, level 14 and corner unit with an amazing view! The unit is furnished with: 1 queen size bed 1 sofa bed 32' flat screen TV Study table 2 bathrooms 2 air conditioners 1 fridge Kitchen Cabinet and electric stove (for light cooking) The condo has an infinity pool (currently near completion), 24hr security, parking space, 24hr laundry, 7-eleven, restaurants and it is close to major malls & hypermarkets; The Curve, One Utama, Tesco and Giant. Easy access to KL City with no traffic, exit through Penchala Link (cab usually cost around RM15). Easy to get cabs and surrounded by greeneries! Priced at RM1600/month SMS / Call 0149311193
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rjobiz replied to the thread any cool high elevation expat friendly locations?? on the Malaysia forum on April 10, 2014:
fringeguy initially posted:
After cooking myself in Chiang MaiThailand for 12+ years, I find myself looking for a cooler climate in a neighboring country. requirements........... 1] cooler climate [hill stations?] with an expat friendly community. 2] reliable infrastructure.........electricity, internet with decent speed, and good water supply. 3] convenient shopping for fresh foods and occasional western treats. 4] moderate cost of living 5] convenient airport and decent roads to it. Does this exist in Malaysia??
rjobiz replied on April 10, 2014 with:
Let me know how you make out with that. You might also add "Retirement Visa Requirements " to your list as I know that Malaysia has them just as Thailand does, and they are not meagre. Unfortunately I will not be able to meet the financial requirements of either. have you thought about Belize? Still cheap - tho certainly not the cheapest - and a short plane ride to the U.S. for medical, etc. AND they speak English. Just a thought. Good luck in your search and please keep me posted if you find the perfect needle in the perfect haystack. RJ
rogerjohn replied on April 10, 2014 with:
^ Penang has it all except for the occasional heat due to El-Nino.
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811369 initially posted:
Hi there, Please I need to know the information about, how to immigrate to Malaysia? I am Canadian citizen, married with 2 kids, we all want to move to Penang or any city where job opportunity is in demand in hotel industry as a massage therapist and where tourism is booming. So more chance to find job as a massage Therapist. I want to help community work as an massage therapist. Either in Hospital, Clinic or in any hotel . Please help me find out which city is good for my profession , I want to find job first and then I come and family join me later when I get set here. Please I need some one advice that which city I should apply for? I appreciate your support and advice.
811369 replied on April 10, 2014 with:
Mr.rogerjohn I agreed what you said, I find Malaysian job packages are not too good and I don't think so that I will get better packaged in hotel industry there after gaining so much experience in other countries, let see I do apply online in different hotels there, if get good offer then go for there, but I do appreciate your time and effort to write me , reply me Thanks again and have a great life.
rogerjohn replied on April 10, 2014 with:
Yes come as a 3 months visa as a tourist. However, you may have problems to find employers that are willing to pay for the employment visa unless that job of yours is extremely special. Just being honest, sorry if it is a bit hard to swallow.
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rogerjohn replied to the thread Short term rental around KL / Penang on the Malaysia forum:
lynne05elmo29 initially posted:
Hello, My wife and I will be moving to KL area in end of May, does anyone know of any short term rental or Guest house around KL or Penang? Elmo
rogerjohn replied on April 10, 2014 with:
@lynne05elmo29 Just Google for "Guest house in Penang". You'll find instant hit.
Exex replied on April 06, 2014 with:
Hi Check
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fringeguy replied to the thread retiree financial requirements on the Malaysia forum:
GeoffreyLevens initially posted:
Posted earlier but no showing, maybe just moderator lag time? Further research seems to indicate that monthly pension requirement is $33K and even then still need over $300K in bank. That just seem s a bit insane considering cost of living. What am I missing here to make sense of this. I am getting these numbers from site
fringeguy replied on April 10, 2014 with:
Yeah, the Philippines is easy to get retirement visa and low cost of living, but bottom line.................You get what you pay for [if you are lucky]. I can say that as I have been going there for 3 decades as a tourist, but maintaining a residence for 8 years and have seen the infrastructure crumbling and the corruption and environment destroyed by humans as well as nature with 26 typhoons a year. Strongly advise a long term tourist visa before investing in the retirement program
GeoffreyLevens replied on February 19, 2014 with:
Mytwocents, Thank you. I do understand the motivation. And as the laws are what they are I can not immigrate to Malaysia no matter what; I will never be able to afford the visa requirements
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I came from Australia and I want to work abroad. Where do I apply to work in any country in Southeast Asia, maybe like in Jakarta Indonesia or KL Malaysia?
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nhaus posted need to sell my toyota car on the Malaysia forum on April 05, 2014:
Hello I am moving out of the country and need to sell my Toyota Camry old car (1997), very smooth and no major issue. Send me email
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aikawa1984 replied to the thread Waterproofing Works on the Malaysia forum:
pinkroselle initially posted:
Hi, does anyone know where to get reliable waterproofing service contractor for bathroom please?
aikawa1984 replied most recently with:
Hi there. May I know your current location. I have a friend who good in providing waterproofing. He mainly focus in KL area. All you need is to call this guy up : JAY 012-9871229. Just mention him referred by Eric.
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