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property in MalaysiaGlenmarie Court spacious semi-detached house located in an exclusive gated and guarded residential enclave. Well located and easily accessible within a short drive from shopping mall, private hospital and recreational park.
property in MalaysiaGlenmarie Court spacious semi-detached house located in an exclusive gated and guarded residential enclave. Well located and easily accessible within a short drive from shopping mall, private hospital and recreational park.
emilylinda initially posted:
Hello, I'm a 26 year old British girl who is moving over to Kuala Lumpur in April 2015 to work for an educational organisation. I am looking for a house/flat share in the area (preferably fairly near the city centre or near to good transport links to get into town.) I am very friendly, sociable and easy going (but also very tidy/considerate) and would like to find someone similar to share a flat with- preferably with another girl or group of girls. Please get in touch if you are looking for someone to fill your room or if you are moving into KL and are looking for someone to share a flat with. Best wishes, Emily
roystevenung replied on January 19, 2015 with:
Before coming you can use the website to search for suitable rooms/house for rent at your preferred locations to name a few... Good luck
emilylinda replied on January 17, 2015 with:
Hi Sunita, Good to hear from you. I'm still looking for a place to rent. I don't move over to KL until April- when do you need a place by? Which area are you hoping to live in? Thanks :) Emily
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samuelcool posted looking for native english speaker tutor in melaka and sabah on the Malaysia forum on January 18, 2015:
hi I'm looking for native english speaker who is interested in becoming tutor, teaching english to students. Area: melaka and sabah please contact me if you are interested.thanks
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Expat Report Review of Ipoh in Ipoh, Malaysia was published
What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?
Don't!!! Lots of unqualified teachers in the high school, most students have tutors which seems to be the norm and totally unacceptable if you are paying for your child's education already!!! Absolutely no concept of safeguarding and no sense of safety in the school, they do have guards but anybody could get over the perimeter fence at any time. Lots of rude disrespectful students at the school but doesn't seem to matter as long as there is money coming in!!! Very disappointing. (Continue)
I'm a researcher at Monash University Malaysia and soon to be back to KL after my Christmas/Winter visit to the homeland. I'm currently looking for a room/apartment to stay at, rent will be for 1 year (plus x months), close to public transport and ideally not too far off KL Sentral as I need to commute to Sunway every now and then (once or twice a week, but mainly will work from home). Anyone of you got a room to rent out or know of people who look for a house-/flatmate? (looking for a good value deal as my budget is constrained) Comment or PM me - THANKS
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broadand replied to the thread Guarded Area for living in KL recommended ??? on the Malaysia forum:
Roger001 initially posted:
Hi, my family and I are going to move to KL next year. Currently we are investigating in which area we want to stay exactely. Maybe Petaling Jaya or even Seri Keramban which is not directely located to KL would be an idea. Nevertheless I need your experience because I have no idea if a guarded area is required/recommended. I'm also happy about any comments regarding Petaling Jaya or Seri Keramban! Many thanks in advance Roger
broadand replied most recently with:
If you are going to live in or around KL, you should look for accommodation in a compound or an apartment building with good security. You may want to look around Subang Jaya which is right next to the highway network and very close to Petaling Jaya. Send me a PM if you need further info.
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smohsen66 posted find an american or british hommate on the Malaysia forum:
hi im mohsen 27 yrs old from iran, im going to continue my PhD in Law in MU, i want to rent a 3room apartment near university and for improving my English language, so i prefer an English native roommate my instagram account for knowing me more: MohsenRowhani
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rosmarito replied to the thread how is sarawak looks like? on the Malaysia forum:
rosmarito initially posted:
I have an offering to work at that place. Please give some view or resume about sarawak? - church - travelling - comfort for expat or not - transportation to get to another place - market/daily shopping - internet signal Many thanks Regards, Rosmarito
rosmarito replied most recently with:
Thank u @stephen
stephenjgolding replied most recently with:
I really only know Kuching but from what I have heard Sarawak cities similar facilities You asked the following - church------ many churches Catholic, ,Anglican, Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist, - travelling----- Easy, pretty good around Kuching and other cities In Kuching 3 lane highways everywhere. Good and cheap local and intrastate bus services Also Kuching international airport ,planes to all over Sarawak cheaply - comfort for expat or not-- Pretty good I am from Sydney Australia and I find Kuching especially has all the modern conveniences like good restaurants, hospitals and many big shopping malls - transportation to get to another place --see travelling - market/daily shopping many wet markets shops and malls with all the big chainchains - internet signal OK depends where you are but I have pretty good phone internet signal and pay 68 ringetts for 4gbs
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amyniks posted International Schools in Malasiya on the Malaysia forum:
Hello, We will move in march 2015 to KL. Please suggest good international schools near klcc. Also our bugdet is not more than 16 k Rm per year. My children will go to grade 3 n 6 respectively. Please help. Also, pls advise on GIIS and Sayfol International schools. Thanks
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rosmarito posted expat tutor/teacher at sarawak malaysia on the Malaysia forum:
Hi, my name rose from Indonesia. Im qualifued teacher in special education. January 2015 i will be a tutor/teacher for special need kid in one family (8hours/day = 40 hours/week as a tutor *homeschooling for dutch family that live in sarawak malaysia). Any opinion/sharing as an expat from indonesia, what should i get fo how much the expectation salary for me as an qualified expat teacher, taxes, insurance, etc???? I have no idea to be an expat teacher in sarawak malaysia.its the first time. Please let me know, all about living in sarawak too.
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