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MistyTravels replied to the thread Married to Malaysian - considering moving to Malaysia on the Malaysia forum:
jrist2000 initially posted:
I am a US citizen married to a Malaysian who has become a US citizen. We have a 6 year old daughter. My husband would like to move back to Malaysia as his parents are aging and he misses family. His parents live in Petaling Jaya near KL. I am fine with this but have some concerns. He still has his Malaysian ID... would he be able to work? He hasn't "officially" given up Malaysian citizenship and I wouldn't want him to get in trouble for becoming a US Citizen. Would I be able to find work? I have an accounting and finance background (including management) but am not sure how hard it would to get a work permit? I am concerned about schooling for my 6 year old. Would she be able to go to public school? I'm not sure with if we are getting paid local wages if we would be able to afford an international school?? We would initially live with his parents, but I'm not sure how long that would last. My husband is a telecom engineer and is starting to apply for jobs, so I'm just wanting to get an idea of what might happen. Any advice would be appreciated.
MistyTravels replied on July 30, 2014 with:
One can sympathize with wanting to be near aging parents and family. However, as others have said, the citizenship issues are very real and will affect your status and ability to work. You should also read up on social realities in Malaysia. Read the news via Malaysiakini, Malay Mail, Rakyat Post, Star Online and other dailies. Although the government and tourism ministry would like to paint a picture of harmony, there are forces here that keep pushing the country toward even greater divisions along religious ethnic categories and exclusion of the minoritized Chinese, Indian, and indigenous groups.
mytwocents replied on July 30, 2014 with:
Malaysians automatically lose their Malaysian citizenship when they have own another citizenship: that's the unwritten operating rule, it takes more than plenty of $ just to get them back. in fact, next to impossible.
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kebinger replied to the thread Banking in Malaysia on the Malaysia forum on July 27, 2014:
Mosoban initially posted:
My wife and I are stopping in KL and Penang for 8 days while visiting my wifes' family in South Korea. How is the banking in Malaysia? I don't plan on investing there as a future retiree and will rent first. Another person who lived there had some apprehensions about investing in Malaysia. Not on this forum but on another site. Equally had some hesitations of investing in Thailand or India as well where she had lived as well. Anyone have commentary on banking issues while living in Malaysia? Thank you very much
kebinger replied on July 27, 2014 with:
Since banking and investing is a bit of a sensitive issue I would recommend to contact me with a PM
kebinger replied on July 27, 2014 with:
It seem 99% is not good enough. You can open a bank account without having MM2H or any other long term visa. Or explain how to apply for MM2H and open a fixed deposit account for the approval of MM2H if you are not allowed to open a bank account? Just recently two of my customers opened one. Everyone can buy property in Malaysia – no need to have an address in Malaysia. Only MM2H visa holder in the State of Penang may buy property below RM 1 Mio but above RM 500 k. It has nothing to do with the age.
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kebinger replied to the thread moving to malaysia on the Malaysia forum on July 27, 2014:
afrazaara initially posted:
iam moving to Malaysia in sep 2014 plz help me wid average cost of living there and schools as well as accommodation in Malaysia ive never been there
kebinger replied on July 27, 2014 with:
I think a good start is the mentioned numbeo web page. For the remaining questions you should be a bit more specific about the location
lynne05elmo29 replied on July 27, 2014 with:
You can go to iproperty . com to check out places to rent for cost of living check the below:
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jray posted FS: 2013 Toyota Sequoia PLATINUM & Evoque 2012 on the Malaysia forum on July 22, 2014:
I have almost new 2013 Toyota Sequoia PLATINUM for Sale at $30,500usd. Also my wife want to sell her used 6 month Range rover evoque 2012 For $22,000. All Cars are with low mileage, Clean, No history of accidents and no electronic and electrical faults. Open to Reasonable Offers.You are welcome to set an appointment to view and test drive the vehicle. Any questions free to email :
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kebinger replied to the thread Penang retirement ? on the Malaysia forum on July 21, 2014:
Kees initially posted:
we are planning to retire in either Hua Hin Thailand or Penang. Unfortunately the website on Penang is non-existant. Almost no information on this website. Does anyone have a better site or know where to look ?. subjects are : housing, cost of living, what to do in and around Penang, golf, watersports like boating, snorkeling, etc hope someone can give us feedback
kebinger replied on July 21, 2014 with:
There is actually one but when I posted the link last time I was banned from this forum. If you google “retire Penang” at Google nl or there will be on the first Google page a webpage with retire(ment) Malaysia info. It is mainly about Penang cost of living, housing, food, hospitals, immigration, religion, traffic etc.
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bintang replied to the thread Please Help! Moving to Kl with a baby and toddler on the Malaysia forum:
salmap initially posted:
Hi there, my husband is being relocated to Kl later this year for work. We have a baby and a toddler. Could anyone please help with what area of Kl would be best suited to a young family. I am a stay at home mum, and would like to be in an area with other expats with young families to make friends with. My husband has heard from some people how difficult it was for their partners to make friends and for the kids too, and so they have ended up leaving Kl. My husband is concerned about how I will cope, as he will be working UK hours, so I would be with the kids on my own most days. What facilities are there for young children and is it easy enough to get around without speaking the local language?. I appreciate any time you take to give me info and put both myself and my husband at ease about this move.
bintang replied most recently with:
Hi Salma, "Bandar Utama" itself is a good place to live, as your husband works there and the British International School is located there too. They have the 1Utama Mall which is great (and huge) for all your shoppings and there is a "Jaya Grocer" in the area for more "expat grocery shopping". They have a lot of new condo buildings and terrace houses in the area. This a link to some rental properties in Bandar Utama: Two other nice neighborhoods of PJ are in the immediate vicinity of 1Utama, "Taman Tun Dr Ismail" (TTDI): which is an older part of town, but with lots of greenery, pretty bungalows and a nice park (loved to take a walk there). The other is "Mutiara Damansara" wich is a relatively new area, love the shopping and restaurants at "The Curve" and Ikea of course. So I think you should consider one of these three. Regards Conny
salmap replied most recently with:
Hi Conny, Thank you for all info re schools and transport, will make it much easier to narrow our list. I believe the work office will be either in or right next door to the 1utama shopping centre. We're fortunate enough that we will get a housing allowance and the boys education paid for. With that in mind are there any particular areas of PJ you could recommend? Thanks. Salma
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roystevenung replied to the thread Gov issued Photo ID card on the Malaysia forum:
lynne05elmo29 initially posted:
I am from US and I live in Malaysia now under social visit visa. Have a lease agreement and have TM utility document in my name. Does anyone have an idea as to how I can get a Government issued Photo ID card.
roystevenung replied most recently with:
The only way to stay long term here is with the MM2H 10 year renewal visa.
GuyB replied most recently with:
Not unless you are a Malaysian. Your passport is your govt issued document. Malaysian's photo ID cards are their IC - Identity Cards. If you have a social visit pass, you can't get a driver's license either. That may suffice. But you have to have some sort of legal residency before you can get a local driver's license.
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neufmartial posted Travel with i-pass within Malaysia on the Malaysia forum:
Hi, I am working in Malaysia, and have a valid Employment Pass. My company has given me an i-pass so that I don not need to carry my passport with me all the time. My question is can I travel within peninsular Malaysia through flight with this i-pass without carrying my passport? I am travelling from Penang to Kuala Lumpur through flight, and I didn't bring my passport. But I have got the i-pass, so can I travel with only the i-pass? Thanks & Regards, Dinesh
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GP22 posted weekend bike racing in KL on the Malaysia forum:
New in KL and hoping to find time to go racing, found a place on facebook, has any on been there? this is the bike rentel's facebook Any advice?
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qinweilee replied to the thread Plastic Surgery on the Malaysia forum:
whereohwhere initially posted:
I'm looking into Asia for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Malaysia is on top of my lift followed by S Korea. At a later date I may post in the Korea forum but for now, I'm wondering if anyone here has had this experience? I am looking for help in finding the best facilities, an inexpensive place to stay and how to go about booking a reputable Dr/Facility. I really need your help. Thanks in advance.
qinweilee replied most recently with:
Hi ... if you are looking for cosmetic surgery in Malaysia. I would recommend you to look for LAFA. You may checkout their website for more info,
poshhhhh replied most recently with:
Hi. Maybe you wanna try Singapore? There's this well known plastic surgeon dr colin song. I think he fits in perfectly on what you are looking for. You can try googling him to see his specialisations. Hope this helps.
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