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American Nostagia in Brazil

My blog is about my transition from living the US (currently) with my Brazlian husband and 7 mos daughter. To the move we will be making to the South of Brazil in teh next few months. Its about life, love, politics, travelling and new adventures!

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American to Amazonian

American Expat with kids confronts the Brazilian Amazon. What could possibly go wrong?

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Brazil, the most important country in South America, certainly has MUCH to offer - warm happy people, everything slums to high technology.

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Americans Living in Brazil

This is for all of you people who are or are thinking about living in Brazil.

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Becoming Brazilian

Humorous blog about life as an ex-pat in Rio de Janeiro, from the perspective of a Brit in the process of adaptation to Brazilian culture and lifestyle.

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Discovering São Paulo

São Paulo street art, advertising, fashion, sport, architecture, transport, food and anything and everything about São Paulo that catches the eye, impresses, surprises or horrifies...

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Eating Like a Brazilian

Brazilian Recipes, cooking techniques, and cooking terms presented in an easy to follow guide, in English, using pictures, videos, and other helpful sources to make it possible to create delicious Brazilian food in your own home, using easy to find ingredients.

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ExPat in Brazil

An expat blog about living in Brazil.

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Expats in Brasil

NGO/ONG Association ABTC-BRASIL - a non-profit organization registered in Brazil dedicated to furthering the exchange of information among travelers, immigrants and promoting responsible travel and assisting sustainable family agriculture projects in Brazil and South America.

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Living in Alphaville - Close to São Paulo – and yet it's own little world …

Alphaville is a neighborhood in the city of Barueri, Brazil, located in the state of, and very close to São Paulo.

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Locals of Brazil

A 10 year old blog about Brazil in english slowly getting back on track with interesting content.

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Move to Brazil

Travel, Live and Invest in Brazil

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Where is Brazil .NET

All about Brazil! Food, culture, tourism, VISA, news and more!

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Living in Brazil GuideLiving in Brazil Guide

Whether it's the beaches, exciting nightlife or the banking industry that draw you to Brazil, expats seem to truly enjoy life in Brazil. We've pulled together tips from expats in Brazil about learning Portuguese, crime, international schools, renting an apartment and much more.

Brazil Forum Brazil Forum
Meet other expats and talk about living in Brazil.

Healthcare in BrazilHealthcare in Brazil

Expats in Brazil are able to get excellent health care in and many of the larger cities in Brazil. There is national health care available, but expats still strongly recommend private health insurance while living in Brazil.

Cost of Living in BrazilCost of Living in Brazil

Expats offer insight into the cost of living in Brazil.

Moving to BrazilMoving to Brazil Guide

Our guide to moving to Brazil with lots of advice from expats on the ground.

Real Estate in BrazilReal Estate in Brazil

Real estate listings in popular cities and towns in Brazil.

Pros Cons of Living in BrazilPros & Cons of Living in Brazil

Take off your rose-colored glasses and learn what expats have to say about the biggest challenges and the greatest rewards of living in Brazil.

Retiring in BrazilRetiring in Brazil

Advice for people retiring in Brazil.

Contribute to Brazil Network Contribute
Help other expats and newcomers by answering questions about the challenges and adventures of living in Brazil.

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