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Smith Street Maternelle

607 Henry Street, Brooklyn, New York, US

Brooklyn, New York, US
  Website   (347) 457–5099   [email protected]

Grade Levels:
2 to 5 years-old
Type of School:
$8,350 to $27,810 annually, depending on schedule.

About the School
Smith Street Maternelle provides a unique French immersion pre-school program grounded in the fundamentals of progressive education and experiential learning. As such, our environment and curriculum are dynamic, age-appropriate, and deeply connected to the children's lives and experiences. Our teachers are experts in nurturing a child's social, emotional, intellectual, and linguistic development. We hope to engender a lifelong love of learning, drive to explore, and ability to relate to and empathize with other people.

Academic Programs
New York is a wonderful place to grow up, but in a busy urban environment it is a balancing act to give children a carefree childhood. We’ve done our very best to develop a program which promotes three essential aspects of children’s early development: 1. Playfulness 2. Language Development (Expressive and Receptive) 3. Self-awareness & Sense of Self

We integrate weekly classes in music, art, and chess in French into our curriculum. We also offer workshops for the students in “La Sophrologie” (mindfulness and meditation) as well as yoga, sci­ence, and “la motricité” (movement).

Bi-lingual Education
We are a French immersion preschool. 100% of instruction is in French! Teachers do speak some English at the beginning of the year to help non­native speak­ers adjust to full immersion, but after about 6 weeks, all language input is exclusively in French. Occasionally, however, if a child is in emotional distress or if there is a safety issue, the teacher will address them in their native language.

Nursery / Pre-K Programs
We welcome children who are 2 years-old and up. We offer partial week (2 days/week or 3 days/week) or full week in our 2's program. We also offer mornings, full days or extended day programs.

Religious Affiliation

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