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1 Lady, 1 Backpack and Countless Mad Adventures

An expat New Zealander writes about her 14 years of adventures living and working abroad.

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A website and blog about All Things New in Leogane, Haiti

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American Nostagia in Brazil

My blog is about my transition from living the US (currently) with my Brazlian husband and 7 mos daughter. To the move we will be making to the South of Brazil in teh next few months. Its about life, love, politics, travelling and new adventures!

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Becoming German

The adventures of an American Exchange student living in Germany

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Brit Abroad in USA

Expat life, experiences & cultural changes of emigrating to USA from Great Britain

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Eating Like a Brazilian

Brazilian Recipes, cooking techniques, and cooking terms presented in an easy to follow guide, in English, using pictures, videos, and other helpful sources to make it possible to create delicious Brazilian food in your own home, using easy to find ingredients.

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Expat in the Land of Marmite

A lipstick expat from Seattle searches for meaning among queueing Brits.

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Germerican Denglish

American Dad, German Mom, and our Germerican son who most definitely speaks Denglish

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How I Became a Writer

A blog looking at daily life in Singapore, the ups and down of expat life in Asia, plus anything else I want to write about!

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Jamaican in China!

Author and nomadpreneur Walt F.J. Goodridge chronicles his new life adventure in China and beyond!

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Life As Mrs. Presson: The Immigrant. The Wife. The Future SuperMom

A blog chronicling the life of a Filipina who immigrated to the U.S. through the K1 Fiancé(e) Visa Process.

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My Meena Life

American housewife living in Germany trying to travel as much as possible.

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Start the Evolution Without Me

Collaborative blog about life in Lake Chapala, Mexico, and Montana, United States, by three authors.

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A young couple from California USA documenting our ocean filled adventures as we move from Southern California to New Zealand in 2015

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The Beauty of Existence

I am an assistant language teacher in Japan and I love learning languages, giving tips, and sharing ideas about intercultural relationships.

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The Dream Pursuit

Dream Pursuit, Travel, Food, Reviews, TOP 5 lists, traveling stories and more!

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The Expat Blog

Written by Richard Heinrich, a 27 year-old British expat living in San Francisco, The Expat Blog is a hub of stories, features and advice for the world's nomads.

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The Legal Alien's Guide

Our blog provide information on events and advice for jobseekers and entrepreneurs in Chicagoland

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The Stereotypical American

An accidental expat in Copenhagen, Denmark documenting her adjustment to the Scandinavian lifestyle.

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Through Foggy London Town

A single woman re-started life abroad in her 30s, 9 years ago. UK, Italy and now, married in the USA.

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Tone Deaf-The Travels of Erin and David

We are Erin and David, two twenty-somethings from the Washington DC area who decided we couldn't sit at desk jobs any longer without first broadening our horizons. In January 2010 we quit our jobs and headed to South Africa for 2 weeks. A month later we were on a plane to teach English in Tangshan, China… and have been exploring this country ever since. It's our goal to learn as much we can about the Chinese language and culture, and to share our experiences with others. (We have a long way to go, as we are still completely deaf to the Mandarin tones.) Anyway, we love feeling connected to America and appreciate getting comments and questions, so please keep in touch!

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Travelin' Bunny

Chick from the States, living the dream in the UK; travelin' the world and writin' about it.

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Experiences of living, working and traveling abroad in the UK.

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Yaz Talks A Lot

Scottish expat living in New York, married to a US Citizen.

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GeoBlue Expat Health InsuranceGeoBlue Health Insurance

Top-quality coverage for people who live, work, study and travel internationally.

GeoBlue Expat Health InsuranceGeoBlue Health Insurance

Top-quality coverage for people who live, work, study and travel internationally.

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Top-10-Tech-Cities-For-Expats-in-North-America-and-EuropeTop 10 Tech Cities For Expats in North America and Europe

Expats looking for tech jobs often are willing to move any where in the world for the right position. Here are some of the hottest tech cities in Europe and North America for expats.to consider.

5-Tips-For-Tech-Jobs-in-Washington-DC5 Tips For Tech Jobs in Washington DC

Expats in Washington, D.C. find themselves not just in the U.S. capital, but also a growing tech sector with increasing importance.

5-Tips-for-Tech-Jobs-in-Austin5 Tips for Tech Jobs in Austin

Expats who work in Austin for tech companies enjoy one of the fastest growing regional tech centers in the world. Austin has excellent housing options, a dynamic art scene, and some of the best food in America... it truly is one of the best places to live in America.

5-Tips-for-Tech-Jobs-in-Seattle5 Tips for Tech Jobs in Seattle

Tech expats.in Seattle live in one of the most famous centers of high technology in the world. Home to such tech stalwarts as Microsoft and Amazon, the Seattle area also has a vibrant business environment for start ups to cash in on and thrive.

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