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Coronavirus in Pencahue, Chile

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Mar 18, 2020 Update

We Asked: What is currently happening with regard to the Coronavirus outbreak in your area? Please provide as much detail as possible. The member replied...

We're a family of 4 from the USA, we live in Pencahue, 3 hours south of Santiago the Chile. No cases yet in Pencahue but they cancel schools near by. The town near by call Talca has 3-4 cases but mild without hospitalization.

Load in vitamin c, fruits and vegetables to give you're body a chance to fight.

How People are Coping

We Asked: How are people handling the situation in your area? The member replied...

Almost normal, around here nothing happens before the pandemic and nothing is happening now.

Changing Conditions as coronavirus Spreads

We Asked: How has the situation changed as the Coronavirus has spread? The member replied...

Schools cancel and stores run out of alcohol.

Government Response

We Asked: Describe how the government of the country about which you are reporting is handling this situation. The member replied...

Things are under control and we're just riding the wave.

Supplies and Shortages

We Asked: Is there a shortage of supplies in your location? The member replied...

Alcohol and hand sanitizer

Preparing for the Future

We Asked: What are you doing in terms of preparations in case the situation deteriorates in your location? The member replied...

Load on food, dry and cans. But we have over 3000 fruit trees and short crops always rotating for fresh vegetables.

Lockdown & Passing the Time

We Asked: Are you staying home? If so, how are you passing the time? The member replied...

We spend all day outdoors in the mountains fishing and exploring the farm.

Returning Home

We Asked: Are you considering returning to your home country due to the Coronavirus? Would this be a temporary move or a permanent repatriation? Please explain. The member replied...

No, I feel safer here for now.

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