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9/3/2017 18:20 EST

Hello , I am a 70 year old white male and I am planning on moving to Santa Domingo very soon if the Lady I'm starting a permanent relationship wants me to . I get a small social security check each month and I have researched the cost of living there and my check will work . I have 2 concerns about living there one is the crime I've read about and the other is can I work there if the Lady and I get married and I become a permanent resident. Any information will be appreciated . Thank You Charles Donaldson

9/4/2017 17:51 EST

I have two friendly thoughts for you.

The first one is about crime. Crime is usually reported statiscally for the whole country, for example, 200 murders per 100,000. It is a number that needs to be understood. For example those 200 may come from a small number of cities, even within the cities may come from a small number of neighborhoods. The point is you need to find those neighborhoods and stay away from them. Ask yourself, would you have stayed, retired in a country where every time you walk out of your house, you are playing the Russian roulette with your life? The answer is no. The very fact that there are expats living in the country ready to answer your question, means that crime is always manageable. Don't let the news and reports deter you.

My second thought. If you have to look for employment to support your new lifestyle at 70, you need to pause and revise your plan.

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9/16/2017 00:29 EST

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and feel much safer in the DR. As far as SSI you should be fine. My girl rents a 2 bedroom apartment for 200 USD. Don't worry too much about the crime. Make sure you got your Medical taken care as the private clinics or hospital is the way to go.

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