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thinking of moving to bulgaria

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4/3/2017 07:55 EST

Hi, I am thinking of moving out family to Bulgaria from the UK, has anyone any advice on areas, primarily would like to be within an hours drive to the airport but live in a house with land for farming and not too far from a school for the kids. Also I was wondering if anyone had encountered any racism directed at the English, something that worries me slightly although every time I've been over visiting the people seem entirely lovely. Any advice on things we should look out for or look into would be much appreciated. Many thanks x

4/3/2017 16:06 EST

Hi there
we moved to Bulgaria 10 months ago and haven't regretted a moment. We bought a very cheap renovation project for £1,800 (yes that's right!) in the North Central plains in a good sized village. We now have pigs and are about to get chickens. We are growing most of our fruit and veg this year and have assimilated into the Bulgarian community. I did a little Bulgarian before I arrived via an online resource - terrible interface but really helpful. learning to read the alphabet is really helpful as Bulgarian is pronounced as it is spelled. and generally with emphasis on the first part of the word. To be absolutely honest I have managed fairly well but my partner hasn't. This hasn't stopped him from renovating the house or buying material. Google translate and images on his phone have been useful. I'm starting group Bulgarian lessons tomorrow 90 leva for 9 weeks of hour long lessons. I have also written a blog from the moment we bought (1 year before moving here) right through to now. It is a bit of a birds eye view. If you're interested it's at If you are a Facebooker try the following pages or The Pavlikeni Post although this is a local group you'll find lots of useful links to other sites too. If you haven't already try RightMove Bulgaria all agents in all areas advertise properties on here with lots of useful information. Identify your needs and wants before you get here, whether you are the getting away from it all self sufficient type or living a better lifestyle for a smaller budget. There are places suitable for just about anything you want. If I can offer any other advice it would be "do it" it really is wonderful

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4/7/2017 08:53 EST

Thanks for your reply and wow that is very cheap!! Did you look for property from your home country then go and find one while you were did you go about it? We have had a good look on the righteous site and on one called Bulgarian properties and there seems to be so e nice ones aroubd, well that need a bit of work. We are now thinking Burgs region to start, I quite like the VT area but it's too far from an airport so hubby's not keen.

I was wondering if you could give me a rough estimate of monthly utilities....we are trying to work out how long we could survive without an income if we were looking to set up a business and become mostly self sustained.
Additionally I read there ate Sheppard's who come collect your animals and take them to graze for the day for a that everywhere or just in some places?

Thanks again


4/13/2017 07:12 EST

Yes, I would definitely do it. There are heaps of properties within an hour of Sofia. Yes, there are some good schools and the Anglo-American has a good reputation. Bit expensive though.

We have a villa north of Sofia, near to the border with Serbia, and an apartment in Veliko Tarnovo.

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