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Expats "Know it Alls" OMG Please be Serious

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12/25/2010 15:22 EST

I am on vacation, and swore to stay away from Internet, but after been notified of the answers that people put in this forum I couldn't help it. Once again, in my 11 years of experience as a professional counsel I have been witness of many mistakes made by expats, and the common denominator 90% of the time is not caused by Costa Rica itself but by fellow expat advice and by local acquaintance referrals. Yes, if you want to hire a Gringo Crocodile Dundee pseudo guru go right ahead, enjoy the ride. But please do not blame Costa Rica or Costa Ricans for your mistakes, depending on the level of education of the retiree and/or expat, it is common for them to look for advice in a cantina or hotel, but if you hire a reputable serious firm specialized in Immigration Law, Incorporation, Real Estate Law, Business Start up, you are certain that you are receiving advise from professionals. I am not here to solicit business for my legal consulting firms, I just don't feel comfortable with people that don't even speak the language providing advice to newcomers in many cases just looking to make a few extra hundred dollars. Selecting a new place to live is a SERIOUS matter, don't listen to the fellow expat you met in the bar, I mean we all know advice is a nice gesture and it sure is appreciated, or don't follow the words of advice of your new girlfriend in town (in many cases they are either foreigner also or have very little or non formal education). Please in order for you to take advantage of living in a developing country and also cooperating with its development, make sure that you are informed, Read, Read, search for specialized help, from a reputable firm, confirm the education of the counsels, it is possible to find many local attorneys with high education and ethics with postgraduate degrees from top local and US legal and business schools. As my contribution I want to offer expats visiting this forum completely FREE our Pre Relocation Seminar presentation prepared based on our 11 years of experience with foreigners and powered by the knowledge of attorneys from Costa Rica's most prestigious Law School (If your attorney is not an alumnus of the Universidad de Costa Rica THAT SHOULD BE THE FIRST RED LIGHT, PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY ASK ANY EDUCATED COSTA RICAN ABOUT THIS KEY DETAIL AND ITS RELEVANCE) and from the Number International business school in the world. If you are interest please feel free to requesting it via email to
Note:This message was not created to offend anybody or to harm anybody's business but when somebody which is not properly informed of how things work in my country, I can not just sit down and reading it without defending Costa Rica.

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12/26/2010 20:51 EST

Are there any attorneys in CR who lived in the USA, practiced law in the USA but now are practicing law in CR (American attorney expat to CR)?


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12/28/2010 13:05 EST

Hi Sherry,
We purchased property in the southern part of CR in Ojochal and have used the services of Uri Rudelman. He is an attorney in Escazu and was educated at Fordham law in NY. He is Costa Rican and admitted to the bar in NY and CR. If interested his web address is, email is His web address will show phone numbers for both CR and the US. We have used him for immigration issues, land purchase and possible business opportunities. He has staff that specializes in these areas of expertise. He is very friendly, bilingual and responsive. You can also Skype him. Good luck. Polly

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12/31/2010 14:31 EST

well that was a mouth full! but she is right...most of the gringos have no real idea whats going on except maybe what happend at the Del Rey the night before..I have been living and doing business in costa rica for 24 years expat expert on the real costa rica ..Yes i speak spannish/ yes i ahve done it all!!I also own a small hotel in escazu ..relocation expert feel free to call me 9046871827 thank u

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10/9/2011 16:13 EST

I agree with what you said. I'm an attorney in the US and I hear way too many times when people come to me asking to fix the mess they created but they said they couldn't afford an attorney the first time around. Well, my advice to them is that they could not afford to NOT have an attorney for the first time around, as the first time around usually seals the deal.

When in doubt, hire a professional. I wouldn't dream of taking out my own appendix or filling my own teeth. Yet so many think they can get along without a good lawyer. Yipes!!

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