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Is it Safe?

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7/6/2002 23:44 EST

There has been much in the media in the last 48 hours about Iraq and plans by Bush to invade soon. Can anyone tell me if expats are leaving Kuwait in droves? Is it safe to travel to Kuwait in the next few months for a year's contract?

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7/11/2002 01:34 EST


Yes is the answer because we feel safe. We had a Canadian "assassinated" last year but that turned out to be some murky personal problems, not the jihad.

My company lost two people after 9/11 but they probably didn't get on in Kuwait anyway and were looking for an excuse to leave. Whether they feel safer in North America now is anyone’s guess. Most other expats have stayed and we have since employed some very good people who you would have thought would not have come here if they thought that there was a safety issue.

I don't feel threatened because I don't do silly things. I don't make myself obvious and I don't hide. I was in Algeria when the land campaign started in the Gulf War and subsequently went to Pakistan. I feel safer here than I did in either of those other two places and safer than being in the US right now with all the air crashes, anthrax and maybe smallpox to come.

Don't listen to the papers, etc as they are usually wrong or haven't tapped the real situation. We can tell because the usual picture of "downtown" Kuwait is taken from the roof of the Sheraton or other hotel which is about as venturous as some journalists get. I hope I've answered you question.

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7/19/2002 02:43 EST

Thank you for your response it has reassured me a lot. Arrive in Kuwait next month & I am really looking forward to it regardless of the supposed risk.

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9/19/2002 00:22 EST


Having just got back off my annual vacation, I've just found your plans. It is good to hear that people are prepared to ask those on the ground rather than believe only what the media says.

Best wishes and keep me informed via this site if you wish.



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5/21/2018 07:08 EST

I know a bit too late to reply (almost 16 years) but as it is about a country I am living in for so many years I would like to reply for all the future related queries.

1. As per safety index Kuwait ranks above USA rating at 62.33 safety index, higher from many western and developed countries- https://www.numbeo.com/crime/country_result.jsp?country=Kuwait

2. Being a woman you will always feel respected in the Arab world (contradictory to the world's belief)

3. Although the military might of Kuwait ranks somewhere near 80th, almost all the GCC countries are friendly to Kuwait- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_relations_of_Kuwait.

4. A war on Kuwait will affect global economy as Kuwait exports equals around $54.09 billion. Too huge for a small country- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Kuwait

5. If a war happens on Kuwait, all the South Asian countries will stand by Kuwait if called as more than 3 million expats from these countries earn their bread and butter here.

I hope people should start trusting Kuwait as it trusts UAE.

All the best for future travelers & employees.

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