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Best Bookstores and Libraries in Lisbon

What are the best bookstores and libraries in Lisbon? In this article we highlight the best bookstores and libraries in Lisbon.
|-Best Bookstores and Libraries in Lisbon

Livraria Bertrand

Livraria Bertrand is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest operating bookstore, founded in 1732. It offers a vast selection of books in various languages and hosts cultural events.

Website: www.bertrand.pt
Address: Rua Garrett 73-75, 1200-203 Lisboa, Portugal

Ler Devagar

Ler Devagar is a unique bookstore located in the LX Factory, known for its industrial chic ambiance and a wide range of books, including art and design publications, alongside a café and art space.

Website: www.lerdevagar.com
Address: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103 – G 0.3, 1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal

Livraria Ferin

Livraria Ferin is one of Lisbon’s oldest bookshops, established in 1840, offering a rich collection of Portuguese literature, foreign language books, and antique publications.

Website: www.livrariaferin.com
Address: Rua Nova do Almada 72, 1249-098 Lisboa, Portugal

FNAC Chiado

FNAC Chiado is a branch of the international chain offering a wide range of books, electronics, and cultural events, including book signings and music performances.

Website: www.fnac.pt
Address: Armazéns do Chiado, Rua do Carmo, nº2, 1200-094 Lisboa, Portugal

Livraria Almedina Atrium Saldanha

Livraria Almedina Atrium Saldanha is part of a Portuguese chain known for its extensive collection of academic and professional books, as well as literature and children’s books.

Website: www.almedina.net
Address: Atrium Saldanha, Praça Duque de Saldanha 1, Loja 71, 1050-094 Lisboa, Portugal

Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal is the country’s national library, housing a vast collection of Portuguese and international works, including rare manuscripts and archives.

Website: www.bnportugal.gov.pt
Address: Campo Grande 83, 1749-081 Lisboa, Portugal

Biblioteca de São Lázaro

Biblioteca de São Lázaro is recognized as the oldest public library in Lisbon, established in 1883, and offers a quiet reading space with a collection that includes fiction, non-fiction, and periodicals.

Address: Rua do Saco, 1, 1150-297 Lisboa, Portugal

Biblioteca Palácio Galveias

Biblioteca Palácio Galveias is housed in a 17th-century palace, offering a rich collection of books and a serene environment for reading and study, with a beautiful garden.

Website: www.blx.cm-lisboa.pt
Address: Campo Pequeno, 1049-046 Lisboa, Portugal

Biblioteca Orlando Ribeiro

Biblioteca Orlando Ribeiro is a modern library named after the famous Portuguese geographer and offers a wide range of services, including a multimedia center and regular workshops.

Website: www.blx.cm-lisboa.pt
Address: Antigo Solar da Nora, Estrada de Telheiras, 146, 1600-772 Lisboa, Portugal

Biblioteca Camões

Biblioteca Camões is a public library with a focus on literature and the humanities, providing a cozy atmosphere for reading and research, as well as hosting cultural events.

Website: www.blx.cm-lisboa.pt
Address: Largo do Calhariz, 17, 1º, 1200-086 Lisboa, Portugal

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