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Fun Classes for Expats Living in Brisbane

Once you've arrived in Brisbane, here are some classes to consider taking to help you meet people and get settled in to your new life abroad.
|-Fun Classes for Expats Living in Brisbane

For expats and digital nomads in Brisbane, finding engaging activities that cater to English speakers can be a delightful way to immerse in the local culture while still feeling at home. Brisbane offers a variety of classes that not only help in learning new skills but also provide opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and expand social networks. From cooking classes that tantalize your taste buds with local flavors to language courses that ease the transition into Aussie life, there’s something for everyone. Art workshops, wine tasting sessions, and cultural classes are also fantastic ways to enjoy your time in Brisbane. Here’s a curated list of classes that are perfect for English-speaking adults looking to learn, socialize, and have fun.

James Street Cooking School

Type of Class(es): Cooking Classes
Location: 22 James Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Website: www.jamesstcookingschool.com.au

James Street Cooking School offers a range of hands-on cooking classes designed for both beginners and seasoned cooks. Their classes cover a variety of cuisines, from Thai to Italian, and are taught in English, making them accessible for expats and digital nomads. It’s a great way to learn about Australian produce and cooking techniques while mingling with fellow food enthusiasts.

Le Cordon Bleu Brisbane

Type of Class(es): Gourmet Short Courses
Location: South Bank Institute of Technology, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane
Website: www.cordonbleu.edu/brisbane/home/en

Le Cordon Bleu Brisbane provides a selection of gourmet short courses for those interested in fine dining and high-quality culinary arts. These courses are taught in English and are perfect for expats looking to refine their cooking skills or simply enjoy the pleasures of good food.

Brisbane Institute of Art

Type of Class(es): Art Workshops and Classes
Location: 41 Grafton Street, Windsor, Brisbane
Website: www.brisart.org

The Brisbane Institute of Art offers a variety of art classes, including painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. These workshops are suitable for English speakers of all levels and provide a creative outlet as well as a chance to connect with the local art community.

Language Studies International (LSI) Brisbane

Type of Class(es): English Language Courses
Location: 93 Edward Street, Brisbane
Website: www.lsi.edu/en/english/australia/brisbane

LSI Brisbane offers comprehensive English language courses for non-native speakers. These courses are ideal for expats and digital nomads who wish to improve their English proficiency while living in Australia. The friendly environment also makes it easy to meet others in similar situations.

Black Pearl Epicure Cooking Classes

Type of Class(es): Cooking Classes
Location: 36 Baxter Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Website: www.blackpearlcookingclasses.com.au

Black Pearl Epicure offers cooking classes that focus on specific skills and cuisines, such as cheese making, seafood, and chocolate desserts. These classes are conducted in English and are a fantastic way to dive into the culinary arts and meet fellow food lovers.

Cork & Chroma

Type of Class(es): Painting Classes
Location: 44 Montague Road, South Brisbane
Website: www.corkandchroma.com.au

Cork & Chroma offers a relaxed and social painting experience where you can bring your own wine and enjoy an evening of creativity. Their step-by-step painting sessions are perfect for English-speaking adults looking for a fun night out and the opportunity to create their own artwork.

The Golden Pig

Type of Class(es): Cooking Classes
Location: 38 Ross Street, Newstead, Brisbane
Website: www.goldenpig.com.au

The Golden Pig provides a range of cooking classes that explore different cuisines and cooking techniques. Classes are taught in English and cater to all skill levels, making it a great place to learn new recipes and meet other expats and locals.

Spring Hill Language School

Type of Class(es): English Language Courses
Location: Spring Hill, Brisbane (exact address may vary)
Website: www.springhilllanguageschool.com.au

Spring Hill Language School specializes in English language courses for international students and expats. Their programs are designed to help learners of all levels improve their English while getting to know people from around the world.

Sirromet Wines

Type of Class(es): Wine Tasting and Appreciation Classes
Location: 850 Mount Cotton Road, Mount Cotton, Brisbane
Website: www.sirromet.com

Sirromet Wines offers wine tasting and appreciation classes where you can learn about the winemaking process and sample a variety of wines. These classes are a great way to enjoy the local viticulture and meet other wine enthusiasts.

Work-Shop Brisbane

Type of Class(es): Creative and Life Skills Workshops
Location: 16 Austin Street, Newstead, Brisbane
Website: www.work-shop.com.au

Work-Shop Brisbane provides a wide array of creative and practical workshops, from calligraphy to DIY furniture making. These classes are taught in English and are perfect for those looking to pick up a new hobby or skill in a fun, community-focused environment.

Queensland Wine Centre

Type of Class(es): Wine Education Classes
Location: Heritage Estate Wines, 747 Granite Belt Drive, Cottonvale, Brisbane
Website: www.heritageestate.wine

Queensland Wine Centre at Heritage Estate Wines offers educational wine classes where you can learn about Queensland’s wine regions and tasting techniques. These classes are a delightful way for expats to appreciate local wines and mingle with fellow enthusiasts.

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Some of Betsy's articles include 12 Best Places to Live in Portugal, 7 Best Places to Live in Panama and 12 Things to Know Before Moving to the Dominican Republic. Betsy loves to travel and spend time with her family. Connect with Betsy on LinkedIn.

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