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5 bedroom suites (1 master) + office, workout room, 6-car garage, maid's room. Pool, sauna, BBQ, and beautiful gardens, across from Barra World Shopping Center. Ride private community ferry across Natural Reserve to get to beach.
property in Brazil5 bedroom suites (1 master) + office, workout room, 6-car garage, maid's room. Pool, sauna, BBQ, and beautiful gardens, across from Barra World Shopping Center. Ride private community ferry across Natural Reserve to get to beach.
ErickViana replied to the thread looking for good and honest real estate agent? on the Brazil forum on September 02, 2015:
Placestogo6 initially posted:
Hi, everyone Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, trustworthy real estate agent in Brazil? thank you
ErickViana replied on September 02, 2015 with:
Hello! Can I help you. Send me an email and talk there.
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Placestogo6 posted honest and knowledgable real estate agent? on the Brazil forum on September 01, 2015:
Hi, everyone I hope it is not a contradiction in terms ? I want to find a real estate agent who will not "charge me the gringo tax"... can anyone recommend a good trustworthy person ? thank you, Olga
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ErickViana replied to the thread Brazil on the Brazil forum on September 01, 2015:
Ramneet initially posted:
Hi. I am a teacher in India ....our school is planning to show case world tour exhibition....I need someone from Brazil help me with this.....
ErickViana replied on September 01, 2015 with:
Hi! How i can help you?
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KaltrinaNK posted Anyone in Fortaleza on the Brazil forum on August 31, 2015:
Hey anyone in Fortaleza? I am over here for a few months.. Regards Kaltrina
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Oi everyone and I am glad to be a part of this group. I look forward to wonderful interaction with you guys
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Expat Report Living in Praia de Pipa, Brazil by pensadenos was published
Describe how you "dreamed" expat life would be before you moved overseas. Please provide as much detail as possible.
My wife and I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 5 years before we decided to purchase a villa in Praia de Pipa in 2007. Our idea was to locate an ideal retirement location near the beach without the big city congestion. Somewhere where we could interact with the local population, improve our Portuguese and just kick back with more involvement in hobbies of photography and model quad-copter flying. (Continue)
RIOHILLS1 replied to the thread LAND IN MARICA BRAZIL on the Brazil forum:
RIOHILLS1 initially posted:
I have bought land in RIO HILLS a 5 star resort. Anyone else out there who bought in? Just returned from visit. Great place. Any suggestions on selling. I need to sell 2 of my plots to build.
RIOHILLS1 replied most recently with:
Dear Darega03, I have been trying to sell a double prime plot and a single prime plot near the lake front, for 8 months. No replies to my 3 international web ads, or from 2 Brazilian agents, or 3 international agents. The infrastructure was finished promptly and was well done. The recreation centre should be finished by now. The owner was starting to build 5 villas in June this year. Once they are finished there may be more confidence for potential buyers. However the biggest factor is the Brazilian economy dive. Before this many Brazilians were inquiring about the land! This could affect international buyers. Local buyers are hesitant to invest until the Brazil economy stabilizes. Once people start investing and building, it will take off. It should be a great investment, but time is needed (was not expected). The shift in economy was never expected, as well as the oil prices. However this is really the best time for buyers, while the land is still cheap, before it is developed. Maybe the Olympics will help. We should find a way to target Olympic visitors! If I were there I would do some marketing. Personally I love the site, and the area of Ponta Negra, and all this coast is beautiful, and the people are friendly. The climate is excellent. Enjoy your visit. See what you can get out of the management on sale prospects and strategies and keep in touch re marketing. RioHills1 RMB
darega03 replied most recently with:
Hi, I also bought a plot there. It´s my first ever land investment. How does it look like to you? I will be visiting Marica on Tuesday...did it fulfill your expectations? I am also thinking in selling my plot within 8 months. May you share your point of view? Regards.
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Marlington replied to the thread Brazilian citizenship on the Brazil forum:
THEALCHEMIST initially posted:
Hi I am a UK citizen married to a Brazilian .We currently live in London. I understand that I can apply for a permanent residence visa and that if I lived in Brazil for 1 year could then apply for joint Brazilian citizenship. I also understand that the application process can be complicated and that some "fixers" are unreliable . Can any UK citizen who has been through the process give me any advice ? does my wife have to remain in Brazil for this entire year with me or can she travel abroad without me ? I am learning Portuguese but wonder who good my abilities need to be meet requirements ? does anyone know any reliable London based advisors ? What i hope to be able to do was apply for a permanent visa in London , move to Brazil and apply for citizenship at the earliest opportunity . We want to travel elsewhere after i have met the citizenship requirement and do not want to be required to stay put in Brazil for much longer than one year. i read elsewhere that although the requirement is 1 year for spouses of Brazilians this can actually be much longer without clear guidance . I already have experience of the complexities of Brazilian bureaucracy ! many thanks Mike
Marlington replied most recently with:
Hello! You must make an appointment with the Brazilian Consulate in your region. They will give you safe information. That is what they are paid for. Please start at the Consulate and when you have the basics, then try and find more specific info in this forum. Good luck, Margaret Arlington Lic. Real Estate Broker CRECI-SC 15839 Settling-in Services: everything you need for a safe, stress-free start, from the minute you set foot in Florianopolis Multilingual Services Translation & Interpreting International Communication ENGLISH – SPANISH – PORTUGUESE Florianopolis – Island of Santa Catarina Santa Catarina – Brazil Landline: +55 48 3234 7848 Mobile: +55 48 9957 9982 (TIM) Mobile: + 55 48 8844 2169 (Claro) Skype & ooVoo: marlington
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