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thefuturist47 replied to the thread Cellphone recommendation on the Brazil forum on November 25, 2014:
tapbarry initially posted:
Hi All- I'm going to be in Brazil from mid-January to mid-July and am wondering what's the best way to handle cellphones. Thanks, Barry
thefuturist47 replied on November 25, 2014 with:
Yeah buy a cheap droid that wouldn't ruin you financially if it got stolen (depending on where you are, the odds are decent), and make sure its unlocked. SIM cards are R$10 each and personally I like TIM. You need a CPF number to activate it usually. Either Oi or Claro doesn't require it, I forget, but their service is way worse than TIM's. You can buy the card at pretty much any newsstand or bodega and they can more often than not load it up for you there in like $10 increments. Sometimes supermarkets will do it for you too, at the cashier. If you have a pretty simple phone you don't burn that quick through data (using facebook or skype or google maps or whatever) and it's pretty cheap regardless. R$40 on my phone usually lasts like 2 months and I use google maps constantly, because Olinda hates the concept of street signs.
Danerlenborn replied on November 20, 2014 with:
If yo have a phone that you can swap sim cards in, we think TIM is the best carrier. Otherwise you'll have to buy a phone and a card. Cheapest one I've found is samsung galaxy s for about R$300. Then definitely download skype app and hook them up. As well "whatsapp"
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ThomasH replied to the thread Balneario, Brazil on the Brazil forum:
Kazimw initially posted:
Hello friends, I am contemplating a move from the US to Balneario, Brazil for a teaching position in an international school. I had never heard of the city or area before and was hoping I would be able to connect with people who are aware of the area or are living there now who could help with my possible transition and decision. I have no experience in Portuguese but will have a couple of months to practice on my own (school set to open in Feb.) I am also hoping to meet English speaking individuals in the area! Thank you for any advice or suggestions, I greatly appreciate it.
ThomasH replied on November 20, 2014 with:
Hi, I am an university teacher from Sweden, but I work in the Balneario area to. I guess you mean Balneario Camburio (the most famous) in Santa Catarina? If so you can expect a wonderful beach, but also because of this traffic that will make any movement hard. Make sure to live close to the school To make Portuguese courses is really highly recommended. English is of little use outside the school world. If needed, you will have a better chance with the young people. Good luck - I will stay in the area in January and February. Thomas
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aaronbennis replied to the thread Brazil - American Visiting Porto Seguro Area on the Brazil forum on November 19, 2014:
sbreve1 initially posted:
I am a US citizen who is planning to meet a Brazilian woman in January who I met online and have been talking to since March. She is originally from the Eunapolis/Porto Seguro area and we are planning to spend most of the time in nearby Arraial d'Ajuda and Trancoso. I have been taking Pimsleur courses on Portuguese to learn some language basics. Any tips for an American citizen who has never been to Brazil would be greatly appreciated! Obrigado!
aaronbennis replied on November 19, 2014 with:
Brazilian women tend to be quite astute, and adept @ reading people. Since it is "always" the female, who does the choosing, the best over-all compatibility test, is for her to first visit with you, in the US. That way she'll become better acquainted with you, on your turf, prior to making a decision to "invite" you, into her life, "after" she returns to Brazil. Play it that way, for the long-haul, cross-culture relationship, and there will be fewer doubts about the future, on both your parts. I've been happily married to a Brazilian lady 45-years. Do we still have our cross-cultural differences of opinions? Yes, and quite often so! She is still a Brazilian, as I am an American. However, we are best friends first, last and always. We are now in our 70s and still dance the Samba together, everyday. Let her rest assured, that she has found a friend in you, and you will have an excellent partner, for the rest of your life. Guaranteed! Again, best wishes and Cheers, :-).
aaronbennis replied on November 19, 2014 with:
Now that's what I call "playing it smart" The age gap is perfect @ 7-years, w/ you being the senior. If she already has a 10-year multiple-entry visa to the US, then she definitely has her own act together in Brazil, and does not NEED an American sponsor. That keeps the cards "openly" on the table, with no hidden (behind the scenes) agendas, on her part. Brazilian women have serious "trust" issues re: dealing with men. Brazilian men are "Latinos", and they love ALL the ladies. Sounds like you off to a sensible start. Take care, and best wishes.
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MKAINTHY2K posted OLA on the Brazil forum on November 19, 2014:
Hi.i am coming from India to meet my friend in Curitiba. She is sponsoring my entire trip. I speak spanish & English fluently. How difficult it is gonna get for me as we have met online and have developed a liking for each other Any Advice would be helpful (Medical Insurance or other things to be kept in mind)
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Californian replied to the thread Gay-Friendly Cities on the Brazil forum:
Californian initially posted:
My partner and I are considering a move to Brazil in about two years. Both São Paulo and Rio are known worldwide for having large gay neighborhoods, and acceptance in the community at large. The problem is that they are also prohibitively expensive, in particular for someone who will be living on Social Security. It wouldn't make any sense to move a continent away - and then live in abject poverty. There are so many other medium to large cities throughout Brazil, same as here in the States. Rather than spend our retirement years roaming the Brazilian countryside on a process-of-elimination basis, we could really use the expertise and recommendations of other forum members. Our goal is to reside in a gay-friendly community that's also affordable. Thank you.
Californian replied on November 18, 2014 with:
Thanks Danerlenborn!
Danerlenborn replied on November 11, 2014 with:
My partner and I have lived in Florianolis which is beautiful and quite gay friendly for 6+ yrs.There are mnay affordable housing optiions , I am also a retiree and find it very manageable. Private health care is fairly affordable but I'd consider an intl. Coverage plan, the private health plans here are a rip off.good luck. Also check out Gramado in RS online it's gorgeous.
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Maragogi is located half-way between two major costal cities, North East, Brazil. Small Tourist area but draws people from Rio and Sao Paulo for vacation, having perfect weather year round.
RIOHILLS1 posted LAND IN MARICA BRAZIL on the Brazil forum:
I have bought land in RIO HILLS a 5 star resort. Anyone else out there who bought in? Just returned from visit. Great place. Any suggestions on selling. I need to sell 2 of my plots to build.
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pensadenos replied to the thread Customs- Moving to brazil on the Brazil forum:
usa1945 initially posted:
I have a permanent visa and am moving to brazil permanently. I want to bring my things in my baggage when I fly to brazil. I am a photographer by trade and use cameras and computers for my work. Will I have any problems going through customs. Also I have a permanent visa so will I have to pay tax on my goods used for work. Thanks
pensadenos replied most recently with:
I too have a permanent resident visa and fly from Miami to Recife and then drive to our villa in Pipa. My wife and I carry on all of our camera equipment in 2-seperate carry on backpacks. never had any problems with it through customs and if they's yours and you are returning to Brazil. I put things like tripods and chargers for camera batteries in my check baggage. Worst case if they are lost is that I can charge the camera battery through my laptop. I carry the lap top in my other carry on bag and have had no problems with that either.
rsiwa replied most recently with:
Customs very relaxed here? That's a joke isn't it? You are lucky that you didn't fly to Rio with your brand new iPhones because for sure you had to pay taxes. And I am talking about experience, I had to pay before for sports equipment.
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rsiwa replied to the thread Expats living in Fortaleza, Brazil on the Brazil forum:
inbetween initially posted:
Any expats living in Fortaleza, Brazil?
rsiwa replied most recently with:
Hi, I am from Holland and about 1.5 years ago I moved to Fortaleza because my wife is from there.
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aaronbennis replied to the thread Getting Married on the Brazil forum:
JonathanBrune initially posted:
Hello all! My question is this, I am a U.S. citizen not living in Brazil, however my girlfriend is a Brazilian national. We have known each other and been together for almost 5 years. I am planning a trip to Brazil to visit her in the next month or so. We are planning on getting married while I am there. I cannot find much information on how long she will have to wait or what the process is to bring her back with me. She does have a valid traveler's visa, can she come back with me using her traveler's visa while we wait for the marriage visa to go through?
aaronbennis replied most recently with:
What do you mean by a traveler's visa? An "exit" visa for Brazil, or an entry visa to the US? If you are marrying her in Brazil, then you need a notarized affidavit that you are "free" to marry, from the US Embassy in Brazil. In the US, just get married, then take the marriage license to US Immigration, to apply for her Green Card". Hope this helps.
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