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Brunno replied to the thread Does marrying a Brazilian give me Brazilian citizenship? on the Brazil forum:
LynseyLoo initially posted:
Can anyone help? I'm from the UK and looking to marry a Brazilian here this year then move straight over to Brazil to settle there. Does marrying a brazilian automatically give me Brazilian citizenship or do I have to apply for it, and do I need a visa to live and work there permanently if I am married to a Brazilian?
Brunno replied on July 22, 2014 with:
Hi there Brazil will require you to withdraw from your Canadian nationality, however this will not automatically take effect since Canada will not recognize whatever promise you make before a foreign judge. The Brazilian authorities will probably take your Canadian passport away from you and return it to the Canadian Consulate or Embassy (all passports officially belong to the government, citizens are only "holders"), you simply ask the consulate to return it back to you and they will probably be more than happy to do so... As long as you use a Brazilian passport to enter or leave Brazil you should be fine. It's worth to give the Canadian Consulate in Brazil a call just to confirm it with them... Good luck! ;)
aneill42 replied on April 17, 2012 with:
Hi there! As far as I am aware, Canada allows dual citizenship. There are many Canadians who are also US citizens. So, if you became a citizen, you would not lose your Canadian citizenship and your pensions.
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eamonn posted bjj on the Brazil forum on July 15, 2014:
hi im planning spending couple months in rio i will be training jiujitsu most days.looking to make some friends before trip,im 50yrs old man from interested in meeting natives as well id like learn some portugese.
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bdecastro replied to the thread Gay marriage in Brazil-expat moving to Sorocaba on the Brazil forum:
cwiley26 initially posted:
I'm a 30yo American woman moving to Brazil in December with my partner who is from Sorocaba. We've heard through family in Brazil how gay marriage has been legalized and that I can now get status if we marry in Brazil. Can anyone confirm this and describe the process? We have been so busy trying to coordinate the logistics of our move, which has been a headache as we have a household of 7 years together and two dogs and no company/job to help. We plan to marry in Brazil, but I will enter the country on a tourist visa. I know how awful bureaucracy can be in Brazil, so if anyone has any experience with the process of obtaining a marriage visa as a gay couple I would greatly appreciate your insight. Best, C
bdecastro replied on July 15, 2014 with:
Hi C, Not to be a nosy rosy but how did your move go? Are you still in Sorocaba? I saw this thread and couldn't help but feel curious. It would be great to connect with another American. If you're up to it PM me and we can get together sometime. Abraços, Brandy
myzydeco replied on June 11, 2013 with:
Have you talked with your local Brazilian consulate in the USA? They may be able to tell you what the best course of action is, and which visa to get. Have you considered a marriage in the USA first? Although it won’t be reflected in your federal passport, it might help in getting the correct Visa for your trip to Brazil.
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bdecastro replied to the thread Moving to Sorocaba, Brazil on the Brazil forum:
gbarzohar initially posted:
Hello, My family is planing to move to Sorocaba in few month from now. I will appreciate any information regarding the living there, the community, are there any recommended private schools? I have 2 children of age 5 and 2. Thank you, Gal
bdecastro replied on July 14, 2014 with:
Hello Gal, I've been living in Sorocaba going on 3 years now. I've adjusted well and like living here. It's relatively safe in comparison to other Brazilian cities. There's not much to do here but SP is not far and there are innumerable cultural activities there. There is a zoo here for the kiddos. Recently a botanical garden was inaugurated as well. The most renowned private schools here are Uirapuru, Objetivo, Anglo, and Maple Bear. You can PM me if you have any more specific questions, I'm glad to help. Good luck on your upcoming move! Abraços, Brandy
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kiwiinbrazil posted Salvador Family Play Day! on the Brazil forum on July 13, 2014:
Salvador Family Play Day!! Saturday 19th July 9:00 - 13:00 Museu For The Children - Rua do Mangalô, 154, Colina A, Patamares Entry fees for Museum: Child R$30 OR "Passport" R$250 for 15 visits. Adults & babies under 1 year FREE! Email for questions or if any trouble with payment:
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Marlington replied to the thread starting business without work contract on the Brazil forum on July 12, 2014:
happyabroad initially posted:
I had a secured work contract with a Brazilian company, which gave me the opportunity to live and work there for 1 year. Recently I received a letter that the company had made internal changes and the contract has become invalid. I still want to live in Brazil though, I have some savings, ideas and I want to start my own business, even speak the language somewhat. I cannot find any decent information on how to start my own business as a foreigner in Sao Paulo. Any thoughts?
Marlington replied on July 12, 2014 with:
Hello, First of all I believe your employers cannot just send you a letter saying the contract has become invalid. If you were employed according to the law, you have rights just as any other worker so I would get a lawyer to find out what is really going on and claim what you are entitled to by law. Now, about staying in the country without a work contract: there are four different ways you may get there. 1) by marrying a Brazilian national; 2) by having a Brazilian child even is the mother is not Brazilian. What entitles you to stay is the fact that the child was born in Brazil; in this case, you do not even have to go back to your country to get the permanent residency visa papers. 3) through what is known as 'family reunion' (do you have any close relatives in Brazil that could 'call' you to live here?); 4) by obtaining either a retirement visa or an investor's visa. I have clients who have gone for the investor visa and are doing just fine. If you would like to discuss this matter, please call me. Thanks, bye for now, Margaret Arlington Lic. Real Estate Broker CRECI-SC 15839 Translator & Interpreter Any combination of English -Spanish-Portuguese Destination Services Everything you need to start your new life in Florianopolis and have a happy ending Florianopolis – Island of Santa Catarina Santa Catarina – Brazil Landline: +55 48 3234 7848 Mobile: +55 48 9957 9982 (TIM) Mobile: +55 48 8464 1874 (Oi) Mobile: + 55 48 8844 2169 (Claro) Skype: marlington
nomansalehzada replied on July 12, 2014 with:
I am in a similar situation, I'd like to open a shop with my wife. Regarding good info I ordered on amazon Our Brazil Expat Fugitive Business guide. A lot about visas, business procedures and startup ideas, but then there are so many. Who has experienced about American schools in Brazil?
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markkim00 posted Tour Guides Needed in Sao Paulo on the Brazil forum on July 09, 2014:
Hi, I have a city tour business in Sao Paulo and I am looking to add a few more guides to my roster. I am looking for Americans who are permanent residents in Brazil and who have at least an intermediate knowledge of Portuguese. Tours are usually 3 hours long and require about 5km of walking. Tour usually consist of 1-4 people and you will need to become knowledgeable of the major sights in SP. Pay is R$ 40 an hour. Please email me at if you are looking for some part-time work. Regards, Mark
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jawad1212 replied to the thread need an invitation letter on the Brazil forum:
soie76 initially posted:
Hi, I am planning to visit Brazil in Feb 2013, to enjoy the Carnival as well as check out Brazil for investment and business oppertunities. However, the problem is that it is difficult to get a visa for Brazil unless you have an invitation letter from a business or friends. Since, I have none I feel my chances of visiting Brazil are minimum. I will be travelling with my family. If someone here feels they can help me get an invitation that can work for the counsulate, that would be just great. I have all the other requirements under control. Any kind of advice or comment that is related is welcome. Thanks guys!
jawad1212 replied most recently with:
i need invitation latter from Brazil can any one help me??
uchelawrence replied most recently with:
hello bro can you invite me to brazil
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