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Thomma posted Brittish Chef in Brazil on the Brazil forum on September 22, 2014:
I am planning on moving to Florianopolis in May of next year with my partner who is Brazilian. I am a chef with 18 years experience and have worked in hotels and resorts such as the Dorchester and Gleneagles as well as rosset restaurants and high end gastro pubs. I am currently running Marco Pierre Whites restaurant on a cruse ship. Im wondering if there is any nice british resturants anywhere in Brazil. Florianopalis is not set in stone and we would consider other areas. I'm not nesisaraly looking for any place high end, just some place that serves good honest food. My knowledge of Brazilian food is at the moment limited and my portugeas is basic at best but I'd be happy to give anything a go.
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SUELY replied to the thread US visa for Brasilian spouse on the Brazil forum on September 22, 2014:
Amelaroz initially posted:
I am looking for some info regarding the fastest way to go about obtaining a visa for my husband. I am an American citizen who has been living overseas for the past 20years. I have not been able to get much info from the US embassy so was hoping to maybe get some advice from someone here. Has anyone had any experience with filing a spouse visa such as K3 or I-130? What about the DCF? Thank you
SUELY replied 4 hours ago with:
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aaronbennis replied to the thread Shjpping vehicle to Brazil on the Brazil forum:
hosscolla initially posted:
I've planned to retire in Salvador and would like to ship my Toyota Tundra there from USA. Will they allow it there? And what about cost?
aaronbennis replied 19 hours ago with:
It never ceases to amaze me! I don't even begin to fathom why anyone (unless they're wealthy) would even think about shipping a pick-up truck (not motorcycle) from the US to BR, to begin with.
garrett replied on June 11, 2014 with:
For nearly ANY vehicle it is far cheaper to sell it at home, then buy when you are here... The biggest issues -- petro: gasoline is nearly 2x the highly used ethanol (can your truck use ethonal) -- parts: Tundra is sold here but is also built here, specs may be different -- taxes are very high here, which means inventories are kept very low. It also means quality is something not to be expected... Here is a page that will provide latest prices in BR$... Remember, the use of commas and decimals is reversed (10.000 = 10,000). The current exchange rate is near BR$2,25 for US$1 -- you'll have to research shipping costs, shipping insurance, import fees (personal items are waived once from import fees, items like vehicles are not given this grace). Will require much homework -- no simple answers...
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simmons44consulting replied to the thread Any coffee bean growers on the Brazil forum on September 19, 2014:
simmons44consulting initially posted:
Im interested in buying large quantities of coffee can any expats help?
simmons44consulting replied on September 19, 2014 with:
If you know any growers lets become limited partners i need people on the ground floor inside the country.
aaronbennis replied on September 19, 2014 with:
Ecuador has the best grown coffee in SA. Not Colombia or Brazil. You can alsi buy directly from the growers, thus eliminating the brokers. Hope this helps. Cheers!
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aaronbennis replied to the thread African Americans in Brazil on the Brazil forum:
kshareef initially posted:
Can anyone tell me how Brazil receives African Americans, who want to live in Brazil. I went to Salvador Brazil. I did not see any African Americans there.
aaronbennis replied on September 19, 2014 with:
Wrong! Racism is definitrly not an Anglo "thing". Racism among black Africans, in Africa, was in full bloom 4,000 years before the Anglos ever left their European cave dwellings. In fact, it is the racism (tribalism) among blacks today, is the root cause of all the chaos that prevails among blacks everywhere. The civil disobedience behavior reputation of blacks (even in the USA) has reached the point where every other ethnic group, including Hispanics, has begun to keep considable distance from black people. We are Africans. The world considers black people (collectively) to be the least productive people on the planet. Just the facts.
aaronbennis replied on September 17, 2014 with:
Again, the African community in Brazil really doesn't need your help, and it is very "white-boyishly" arrogant of you to presume they need you. Go to Brazil, with the humble attitude of the student. You'll be amazed @ how much you do NOT know, as an African from the USA.
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brasiltom replied to the thread Renewing RNE in NE Brazil on the Brazil forum on September 09, 2014:
pensadenos initially posted:
Can anyone tell me of a contact in the Natal area that can help renew my RNE? J. David Fuller, Fort Worth, TX
brasiltom replied on September 09, 2014 with:
hi I was looking for the contact no in Manaus brasil to change my RNE visa found on internet after long search, so sorry do not have email address or site found it by luck , but what I did do was look up federal police numbers in brasil i came across site that gave me all federal police phone numbers. then I rang federal police in manaus , they were very help full , sorry have not got site for you if I find again will let you know hope I have been of help
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brasiltom replied to the thread renewing RNE visa on the Brazil forum:
brasiltom initially posted:
HI I have been living in Brasil for several years have just returned to the Uk for a short while. but will be returning to brasil soon. Big mistake, just looked at my 10 year perm visa runs out in a few months, can not go back to brasil right now , get to the point Does any body know if I can renew my permenant residence visa in the uk . any add vise would be of help . thanks tom
brasiltom replied on September 09, 2014 with:
May I start by saying a big thank you for replying to my emaii. You have given me the news I wanted to hear , save me an unwanted trip to Brasil just now thanks . hope you have a good trip next month Tom
pensadenos replied on September 09, 2014 with:
I too have an RNE Permanent Residence Visa for Brazil and own property in the NE of the country. My RNE expired in 2013 and my wife has a newer RNE that never expires. We have a scheduled trip to Brazil in October 2014, so I wrote an email to the Brazilian Consulate in Houston, TX, USA. I sent them a copy of my Permanent RNE Card and asked if I needed a tourist visa to get in. Nightmare would be refused entry by the Federal Police. so they replied within just a couple of hours and stated "1) You do not need to purchase a visa. 2) use my old passport and current new passport to show immigration stamps as proof you were not out of the country for more than 2-years that is all you would need to present." They did advise to renew it once inside of Brazil as I have just turned 60 years of age and is required by law. They were kind enough to write in Portuguese for the Federal Police everything that they just told me in the email. This will help serve to get me on the plane in Miami should the airline officials question the expiration date and for the Federal Police while processing through immigration. Hope this helps!
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tapbarry posted Arraial d'Ajuda on the Brazil forum on September 09, 2014:
I am planning on being in Arraial d'Ajuda with my wife and two sons for a couple of months. Can anyone recommend someone to talk to about finding a suitable place to rent? Thanks!
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Beautiful house for sale in a secure villa in the best area of Sao Paulo. The house has 6 levels, lots of light and space - very modern looking. R$ 2.3 million.
inbetween posted Expats living in Fortaleza, Brazil on the Brazil forum on September 08, 2014:
Any expats living in Fortaleza, Brazil?
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