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babalu posted on the Brazil forum:
Hi, Has anybody here used to find a place in SP? Is using a service such as that one a good idea? We've lived in Brazil for a year already, but not in SP. Thanks!
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ExpatHelper commented on the Expat Report Having a Baby in Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Describe your experience giving birth there. What type of facility did you go to? What (if any) type of pain management did you use? How long did you stay in the hospital? Was it a positive experience? Etc...
I moved to Brasil when I was 5 months pregnant with a pre-existing 'clotting' problem so was initially worried about the facilities and care but the pre-natal care was absolutely fantastic and the doctors spoke English (which was a major bonus!). Although most Brasilians choose C-Section I requested a natural birth and they accommodated my wishes and I was not pushed into choosing to have a C-Section. With my second pregnancy there were complications and at a late stage in my pregnancy I was advised that a C-Section would be best for both myself and the baby but felt happy that this was the best advice. Both births were at the Perinatal in Laranjeiras and this is a private maternity hospital with top notch facilities and en-suite rooms (so my husband was able to work and stay with me using the internet access in the office area and the nurses made him up a bed in the evenings)

Pain management can be whatever you choose, they do not believe that a woman has to suffer during childbirth and for my first, natural birth I had an epidural. During my second birth my husband was also with me during the C-Section and got to see 'baby' coming out and cut the cord and they also pulled the screen down when they pulled him out so I could see him too. It was a very relaxed, happy procedure with music and chatting. You can also choose to have the birth filmed and although I didn't choose this option at the time think it's a lovely idea (for private viewing!)

Aftercare is wonderful and you can choose to have your baby with you in the room or they will take care of them in the baby unit and let you rest if you choose, just bringing baby up at feed times.

For my first I was in the hospital 3 nights and with the C-Section 4 nights but I felt able to go home after that - although if you're unsure and feel you need more time you are not rushed out.

I think both my births were a positive wonderful experience and I would recommend Rio for any type of health issues as the care is fantastic (private care at least!) (Continue)

ExpatHelper replied most recently with:
Hey, good story and great advice ! I thought i'd also share, I have had a very good experience with an English speaking doctor in Ipanema. (Rio as well!) She's a gynecologist and obstetrician. Me and my wife received great pre natal care from her and she is very pro natural birth which was what we wanted. Altogether she was very nice and great to find in Rio ! She has a website in English and portuguese. Glad to hear you had a good experience in Rio as well!!
danbond22 replied recently with:
Hi, good useful information. I just wanted to mention for anyone reading this, I know of a very good and friendly, English speaking gynecologist and obstetrician based in Ipanema. Her name is Doctor Luisa Czeresnia and she has a website both in English and Portuguese: Hope this helps someone out ! :)
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Having a Baby in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Describe your experience giving birth there. What type of facility did you go to? What (if any) type of pain management did you use? How long did you stay in the hospital? Was it a positive experience? Etc...
I gave birth at Perinatal which is maternity hospital located in Laranjeiras. I stayed there for 4 days in a wonderful suite which looked more like a hotel room than a hospital room. It had an adjoining room which allowed me to receive my visitors without them crowding my hospital bed and had enough space for my husband and my 4-year old boy to stay. I had a C-section and my doctor and the nurses did everything to make my delivery a safe and comfortable one. (Continue)
ExpatHelper replied most recently with:
Hello! I can also recommend the doctor mentioned above, doctor Czeresnia. Me and my wife had a great experience with her and she was also very pro natural birth which was great for us ! Just go on her website and you can ask for an appointment. The same one mentioned above,
danbond22 replied recently with:
Hi, yes the Doctor I recommend, doctor Luisa Czeresnia, speaks fluent English ! You can request an appointment from the website I posted above, :)
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lalruchi05 replied to the thread Creative Writing Workshop Group in Sao Paulo on the Brazil forum:
rossiter27 initially posted:
Hi Everyone! I'm a native English speaker here in Sao Paulo, and I write short stories when I'm not at my day job as a financial journalist. I'm keen to start a meet-up group here in Sao Paulo that meets once every two weeks, or maybe once a month where native English speakers who are creative writers can meet and help workshop each others' work. It'll also be a good chance to meet other creative writers in the city, and help exchange ideas as well as meet new people. Anyone in Sao Paulo interested??
lalruchi05 replied most recently with:
I am interested. Are you still in Sao Paulo? R
gringosp replied most recently with:
Hi Everyone, Following up Rossiter's message in 2011, I am also looking for creative writers to form a writers group to meet regularly in São Paulo and organize open mic readings. Sounds cool? Let us know here! David
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Marlington replied to the thread Move to Floripa on the Brazil forum:
MariaMariposa initially posted:
Dear all, I would like to move to Floripa. I'm from Argentina and I live in Indonesia at the moment with my daughter and Italian partner. We would like to open an Italian restaurant there. We both have lots of experience in restaurants, he is a chef. We also know well Brazil. We need some information, is it possible to open a restaurant under our name? Being Argentinian helps? Is it hard to get visas? is it hard to get a working permit? Hope someone can give me some info. Thanks before.
Marlington replied most recently with:
Could we talk on Skype? There is lot to say. My Skypename is marlington. So if you wish, please call me. Bye for now...
MariaMariposa replied most recently with:
Thanks Margaret! You are very kind, your info is very useful. One more question, we are planning to open an Italian restaurant, my partner is very good Italian chef and at the moment I'm the general manager for a chain of Italian restaurants in Asia. But we don't have a lot of money to invest. How much can be the cost to rent an exciting restaurant or a comercial space in a nice and touristic area? Sorry for asking so many questions. ..
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property in BrazilFurnished house for short, medium and long-term rental. Living-room with fireplace, kitchen-diner, 3 bed. with en-suite bathroom, garage for 2 cars, garden, in-door barbecue, etc. All main appliances available.
youareglobal replied to the thread How to find direct Soybean supplier from Brazil on the Brazil forum:
regan123 initially posted:
I have few buyer proposal for Soya product. I need to find reliable supplier from Brazil. Any one can help how to find source. Thanks Regan
youareglobal replied most recently with:
Good morning, Regan123. I believe I can help. Could you send me an email with more information and you contact? Thanks. Adriano.
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Hey guys, We have a company that provides language coaching for high level business executives, healthcare professionals, ad execs, etc. We are looking for people from the US and Commonwealth countries who are in the Sao Paulo area and are looking for work teaching English. Please email your cv to us at if interested.
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please help to me, How make this and what the procedure of Invitation Letter to Brazil . My girl friend already will to give the letter but she don't have any idea about this , please any one can help me....
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jazzmo replied to the thread Moving to Salvador!! on the Brazil forum:
simonj79 initially posted:
I am currently living in Sao lourenco, MG but I will be moving to Salvador in July to be nearer my children. I would like some info on Jobs, accommodation and areas to live. I am a CELTA qualified English teacher and I am also a carpenter with 12 years experience, if there much work avaliable for these skills? I need a 2 bed house or appartment not to far from the beaches and some nightlife. Can anyone suggest a suitable area? Thanks
jazzmo replied most recently with:
Simon, I am building a home in Itapua south of the city on the beach in pedra do sal. Might need some help framing in my roof. After many years here this is the place to be. Clean beaches and nice barracas, malls, restaurants and fairly safe. Give me shot at
kiwiinbrazil replied most recently with:
Hi Simon, I have been in Salvador just over a year. Barra is probably best for both beach & nightlife. Although beaches a cleaner further north. CELTA will help you! ACBEU is probably the best English Language School. You could start there. Email me if you like. The foreigners community here is limited but hopefully can point you in the right direction. My husband is from here and we have a 2 year old. Where do your kids live & how old? Try asking on FB groups or Foreigners in Brazil or WORLDWIDE EXPATS IN BRAZIL.
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