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LingoInternacional posted English teachers required - São Paulo on the Brazil forum on May 26, 2015:
Hey guys, We have a company that provides language coaching for high level business executives, healthcare professionals, ad execs, etc. We are looking for people from the US and Commonwealth countries who are in the Sao Paulo area and are looking for work teaching English. Please email your cv to us at if interested.
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nandulal posted I want format of Invitation Letter to Brazil on the Brazil forum on May 18, 2015:
please help to me, How make this and what the procedure of Invitation Letter to Brazil . My girl friend already will to give the letter but she don't have any idea about this , please any one can help me....
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jazzmo replied to the thread Moving to Salvador!! on the Brazil forum:
simonj79 initially posted:
I am currently living in Sao lourenco, MG but I will be moving to Salvador in July to be nearer my children. I would like some info on Jobs, accommodation and areas to live. I am a CELTA qualified English teacher and I am also a carpenter with 12 years experience, if there much work avaliable for these skills? I need a 2 bed house or appartment not to far from the beaches and some nightlife. Can anyone suggest a suitable area? Thanks
jazzmo replied on May 13, 2015 with:
Simon, I am building a home in Itapua south of the city on the beach in pedra do sal. Might need some help framing in my roof. After many years here this is the place to be. Clean beaches and nice barracas, malls, restaurants and fairly safe. Give me shot at
kiwiinbrazil replied on May 04, 2015 with:
Hi Simon, I have been in Salvador just over a year. Barra is probably best for both beach & nightlife. Although beaches a cleaner further north. CELTA will help you! ACBEU is probably the best English Language School. You could start there. Email me if you like. The foreigners community here is limited but hopefully can point you in the right direction. My husband is from here and we have a 2 year old. Where do your kids live & how old? Try asking on FB groups or Foreigners in Brazil or WORLDWIDE EXPATS IN BRAZIL.
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Colorado60 replied to the thread MOVING TO FLORIONAPOLIS on the Brazil forum:
SHERMAN1 initially posted:
Colorado60 replied on May 12, 2015 with:
I might be interested if I can get a job in Florianapolis. How much is the rent?
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Expat Report Review of St Nicholas School in Sao Paulo, Brazil was published
Review-of-St Nicholas School
How would you describe the facilities at this school? What extra-curricular activities are available?
The school is small, which makes it have a cosy atmosphere. Facilities include four science labs, a small assembly hall, a yoga studio, indoor and outdoor courts, three ICT rooms, a synthetic sports pitch, exhibition areas, two libraries and study areas. Extra curricular activities are given either by teachers or students (older students) which includes sports. Like trampolining, football, volleyball, handball, basketball and rugby. Other activities are: 3D paper craft, making origami, learning new languages, singing in Spanish, music, art and design and drama. (Continue)
pensadenos replied to the thread taxes for US expats retiring in Brazil on the Brazil forum:
ndfansince53 initially posted:
We had planned to move to Brazil when my wife retires in 2 to 3 years, however, I am suffering from sticker shock after researching the web yesterday. From what I understand we have to pay full US taxes on 100% of our income from pensions, Social Security and IRA distribution PLUS 100% of Brazilian taxes. The US tax averages 15% AND rge Brazilan tax averages about 20% or about 40% of our gross income. WOW. Did I get it right? If so, why would ANYONE retire there? (There is no tax treaty between the US and Brazil)
pensadenos replied most recently with:
before dropping dead of sticker shock.....I would consult your CPA. I understand that any taxes paid to Brazil from your US income is equaled out. I have lived in Brazil (Sao Paulo for 5 yrs) and returned to the US in 2004. We are in the process of moving to Praia de Pipa, Brazil and will retire there starting June 30th.
exnyer replied most recently with:
try this thread on E3xpat Exchange:Taxes on US earned retirement $$ ?
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Marlington replied to the thread School in Sao Paulo on the Brazil forum:
moose118 initially posted:
Hi. I am going to move to Brazil from Europe. Any advice on BRITISH schools in Sao Paulo, Brazil? (I'm moving to Sao Paulo, btw) - which schools do you recommend that have a British-style curriculum? St Paul's we already know about, but it seems to be full :( but any info about this school would be helpful. Also, info about other British-type schools in Sao Paulo would also be really helpful! Thanks
Marlington replied most recently with:
Hello! Please find a comprehensive list of British and other bilingual English-Portuguese schools in SP. Margaret Arlington Lic. Real Estate Broker CRECI-SC 15839 Destination Services: everything you need for a safe, stress-free start, from the minute you set foot in Florianopolis Multilingual Services Translation & Interpreting International Communication ENGLISH – SPANISH – PORTUGUESE Serv. Recanto dos Manacas, 945 Sao Joao do Rio Vermelho Florianopolis – Island of Santa Catarina Santa Catarina – Brazil Landline: +55 48 3234 7848 Mobile: +55 48 9957 9982 (TIM) Mobile: + 55 48 8844 2169 (Claro) Skype & ooVoo: marlington
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Revoltoso posted Sorocaba on the Brazil forum:
Hello, Is there some expatriate families in Sorocaba with kids? After 5 years living abroad we are returning back to Brazil. I would like to keep my children in touch with kids which mother tongue is English. Please, let me know.
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ErickViana replied to the thread looking for TV series on DVD on the Brazil forum:
Yereke initially posted:
Hello, everyone I am coming to Rio De Janeiro in August from Canada. Does anyone know where I could purchase the TV series "Aproxima Vitima" on DVD?
ErickViana replied most recently with:
Hello . I have complete DVD . Send me an email and we will do business.
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Marlington replied to the thread Easy for partner to get work permit on the Brazil forum:
Kwisse initially posted:
Hello, I am a Belgian guy, moving to Sao Paulo to start a 3 year assignment for my employer. My partner will join me as well. Is it possible for him (we are gay married couple) to get a work permit ? Anyone has experience with this ?
Marlington replied most recently with:
Hello! Make an appointment with the Brazilian Consulate in your region and ask them. They should have the answer.
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