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ErickViana replied to the thread looking for TV series on DVD on the Brazil forum on April 16, 2015:
Yereke initially posted:
Hello, everyone I am coming to Rio De Janeiro in August from Canada. Does anyone know where I could purchase the TV series "Aproxima Vitima" on DVD?
ErickViana replied on April 16, 2015 with:
Hello . I have complete DVD . Send me an email and we will do business.
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Marlington replied to the thread Easy for partner to get work permit on the Brazil forum:
Kwisse initially posted:
Hello, I am a Belgian guy, moving to Sao Paulo to start a 3 year assignment for my employer. My partner will join me as well. Is it possible for him (we are gay married couple) to get a work permit ? Anyone has experience with this ?
Marlington replied most recently with:
Hello! Make an appointment with the Brazilian Consulate in your region and ask them. They should have the answer.
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simonj79 posted Moving to Salvador!! on the Brazil forum:
I'm moving to Salvador from Sao Lourenco, Mg so know about Brazil just not Salvador. I will be moving to live in the same city as my kids so nice a safe bairro near enough to the beach. I need a 2bed house or appartment, can anyone recommend anywhere? I also need work as an English teacher or carpenter, does anyone know of good places to find jobs there? Thanks
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simonj79 posted Moving to Salvador!! on the Brazil forum:
I am currently living in Sao lourenco, MG but I will be moving to Salvador in July to be nearer my children. I would like some info on Jobs, accommodation and areas to live. I am a CELTA qualified English teacher and I am also a carpenter with 12 years experience, if there much work avaliable for these skills? I need a 2 bed house or appartment not to far from the beaches and some nightlife. Can anyone suggest a suitable area? Thanks
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Having a Baby in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Describe your experience giving birth there. What type of facility did you go to? What (if any) type of pain management did you use? How long did you stay in the hospital? Was it a positive experience? Etc...
I gave birth at Perinatal which is maternity hospital located in Laranjeiras. I stayed there for 4 days in a wonderful suite which looked more like a hotel room than a hospital room. It had an adjoining room which allowed me to receive my visitors without them crowding my hospital bed and had enough space for my husband and my 4-year old boy to stay. I had a C-section and my doctor and the nurses did everything to make my delivery a safe and comfortable one. (Continue)
danbond22 replied most recently with:
Hi, good useful information. I saw the other guests comment and just wanted to mention for anyone looking in the future, I know of a very good and friendly, English speaking gynecologist and obstetrician based in Ipanema. Her name is Doctor Luisa Czeresnia and she has a website both in English and Portuguese: Hope this helps someone out !
A reader replied recently with:
I am living in Rio for a short time and I am pregnant and need to see an OB a few times while I am here. I really need the doctor to be able to speak English. Do you have a recommendation?
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Danerlenborn replied to the thread living in florianopolis on the Brazil forum:
jardimx initially posted:
hi, i am new to this site, my name is Daniel and i live in florianopolis. i am american and moved here four years ago. im happy to share some of my experiences (and some pitfalls to avoid) here in brasil. all the best, Daniel
Danerlenborn replied most recently with:
Hi, Daniel, my name is Daniel and I've lived here in Floripa for 6 Years. How is it we haven't run into each other. We live in Ingleses.
travelmama90 replied most recently with:
hi everyone. does anyone know of a way to find rental properties in Floripa? Does anyone know of Good schools there? looking to move there in september
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billrandle replied to the thread Married a Brazilian on the Brazil forum:
USA2Brazil initially posted:
Looking for advice. My spouse was married in Brazil, moved to the US and lived in the US for 6 years. They got divorced in the US but never had the divorce recognized in Brazil. We met and got married. After our marriage in the US, my spouses ex filed divorce paperwork in Brazil instead of having Brazil recognize the divorce in the US. Nobody thought anything about it until it came time to get a new Brazilian passport. Now, the Consulate wants the Brazilian divorce to be removed and the US divorce to be recognized in Brazil. Does anybody know where we can get help?
billrandle replied most recently with:
Seems complicated. I'm in the process of getting a divorce from my Brasilian wife while I am in Germany. My attorney is Brasilian and is in Brasil. I'm sure he could answer your question. If the divorce was filed in Brasil, was it completed? Contact me if you want my attorneys name.
aaronbennis replied most recently with:
Get a Brazilian Lawyer.
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property in BrazilExquisite, fully furnished 3-bed house on elevated ground with pool and the most fantastic view of the lake and hills. 15%/year guaranteed RE appreciation. Not to be missed.
Any Americans living in Fortaleza? Our family will relocate in 2016. thanks
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Looking for AMC flights to South America. Can you help. Passenger terminal.
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