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evaaveris posted moving to Bulgaria on the Bulgaria forum on July 07, 2015:
Hi guys! I'm considering to get a home in Bulgaria and I was wondering if anyone have experience with this website bulgarianproperties.com ? I read many articles telling people not to do the One Stop purchase with a realtor agent. Any advise?? Also, are there any expats in Elhovo? Would it be wise to get a fixer upper? Thanks :)
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mariah posted 7 little puppies are looking for a home on the Bulgaria forum on July 07, 2015:
Hello everyone! 7 little puppies are looking for a home, they're absolutely adorable! They live outside in the village of Osenovo, Varna region. I really wish that I could take them home but I have 4 dogs and a cat! Smile An it would be horrible if they became stray and starving dogs. So if anybody is willing to help and get these puppies a loving home please write here. If one person takes at last one puppie it would already be amazing!
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adew8 replied to the thread advice sought on the Bulgaria forum:
adew8 initially posted:
Hi folks Looking to take over a guest house in Bulgaria. Anyone know of any economic, cultural, legal, social etc., reasons why this may be a no-no? Cheers for the heads up in advance Ade
adew8 replied on July 02, 2015 with:
Hi thanks for responses. not really bothered about issues surrounding ethnicity or nationality etc., people are people wherever they are. Indeed I wouldn't be considering moving to bulgaria if i thought such stuff was relevant. The kind of feedback i was hoping for concerned any less generally know issues. Such as issues about foreign ownership, local taxes, by-laws, attitudes towards this kind of business from locals. Is it treading on the feet of cultural norms for example? My main objective wherever i live is to try to get on with the locals, any business is doomed if there is likely to be local objection anyway, cheers for the feedback so far.. regards
whitestar replied on June 25, 2015 with:
Its not just the Gypsies people need to beware of, in fact Just as many Bulgarians you need to beware of too.. :) Having said that we have employed Roma Gypsies and we have found them to be very hard workers, There are good and bad in every race, we get to know them before making blanket decisions or judgements. There is good and bad in every race. Make your decisions on the work that people do not on what Race they come from.
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kremesti replied to the thread Discrimination in Bulgaria? on the Bulgaria forum:
gizel initially posted:
Hi Everyone, I am from the Philippines. Met my Bulgarian boyfriend in college while studying in the States 7 years ago. After our wedding this fall, we plan on moving to Bulgaria in the early spring, probably Sofia and then the coast! However, since both of us have lived in a big city in the States for so long and have never encountered anything discriminatory, we have overlooked the entire interracial issue! Can anyone give advice on how we (or more specifically, me) be treated? Thanks for all your advice and help! Gizel
kremesti replied on July 02, 2015 with:
Hi Gizel Many Bulgarians don't like the Gypsies because they steal a lot. But you would be fine in Bulgaria. Check out Plovdiv, it's more laid back and beautiful than Sofia. Best regards rami kremesti M.Sc. Founder Bonka.bg
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susansainty posted Anyone Near Pleven? on the Bulgaria forum on June 29, 2015:
Hi All, I am new to the forum so first of all a big 'hello' to all of the members here. I have a house in the rural village of Nikolaevo, midway between Pleven and Lovech. Haven't spent much time there for the last few years but that's about to change now that I have more time to work on the house. Just wondered if any of you were living close by, it would be nice to make some friends. The people in the village are actually very friendly but I do not speak Bulgarian so they tend to talk at me rather than with me! But it's lovely that they even bother, bless them. I think I'm a bit of a novelty. When I am there, I have a little Bulgarian/English dictionary which I never put down so that helps but I will have to learn Bulgarian, that's for sure. Be great to hear from anyone who is living within range. Best wishes, Susana
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llanbedr posted Strahilovo on the Bulgaria forum on June 29, 2015:
Does anyone know anything about Strahilovo, or is local to it?
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eddieg replied to the thread Polski Trumbesh and what to expect etc. on the Bulgaria forum on June 28, 2015:
llanbedr initially posted:
Hello. We are looking at buying a property just outside Polski Trumbesh (around 8km outside). Can anyone tell me anything about the area? Also, I am told that attitudes toward private property in Bulgaria are very different to the UK - can anyone elaborate on this? Thanks in advance.
eddieg replied on June 28, 2015 with:
Hi,I moved 20 mins car drive from Polski Trunbesh to village called Vinograd in March this year,I find Polski brilliant for shopping for basics & hardware,also they have a brilliant market on wednesday,,ive found people very friendly & some not,,bit like any were really,,it is a beutifull country to live compared to UK,,very very affordable,,if you need any more info let me know,,,i am just updating my house with help of local builder,who as shown be builder,timber yards locally,,,,eddie
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whitestar replied to the thread looking for Bulgarian au pair on the Bulgaria forum:
lauravasev initially posted:
I'm looking for a Bulgarian au pair to come and live with my family in Oxford, UK. I have advertised in a couple of Bulgarian daily newspapers, and online with no results so far. I wondered if anyone can advise on a better place to advertise, or indeed someone who might be interested in working for me?!
whitestar replied on June 25, 2015 with:
Laura, Its very advisable to make sure that any Au Pair that is introduced to you is thoroughly "Police Checked" they don't seem bothered about this in Bulgaria this means you could be employing trouble. Plus placing your child at risk. Best Regards.
whitestar replied on June 25, 2015 with:
I have vacancies for Au - pairs and also Live in Carers in the UK. So if you know anyone who wants to work in the UK as a Live in Carer, £8 an hour please let me know. Best Regards, www.bgtoukrecruitment.com Oh and by the way you are welcome to advertise for a Bulgarian Au-pair on my website for only £20 a week.:)
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kremesti commented on the Expat Report Living in Burgas, Bulgaria
Describe how you "dreamed" expat life would be before you moved overseas. Please provide as much detail as possible.
All I hoped for was a modest standard of living in an honest environment. The standard of living was better than I expected but the environment, from one corner of Bulgaria to another, was bitterly disappointing. Most expats who have lived in Bulgaria seem to blame the gypsies for all dishonesty and wrong doing, and they have earned the reputation. I was totally naive and extended the hand of friendship, and it was gnawed off to the bone. So beware of gypsies. I had no idea they were so prevalent in Bulgaria. The biggest disappointment to me was to learn that the practice called 'doubling' is common place among Bulgarian Realtor. They take, for example, euros 40,000 from a buyer and give Leva 40,000 to the seller and the rest of the money lines their own pockets. I lived in Bulgaria for several years and it became apparent that I was just a soft touch even to what I perceived as the nicest Bulgarians. As far as they were concerned, I was wealthy, which I am not, and they were duty bound to separate me from what little money I had. They cleaned me out. I expect to have people jumping down my throat and defending Bulgarians, some of these people will be Bulgarians pretending to be expatriates. So I don't anticipate returning to this forum and having to defend my views (which are also the views of many expats I met during my ten years in Bulgaria). My advice is DON'T buy from a Realtor. Go to Bulgaria and do your own research. Take your time, look around at different localities, when you find a village or town you like, check out the ratio of gypsies to Bulgarians. Approach the mayor of the town/s you like. They have their finger on the pulse of their towns and they are important. It is far better to be on the right side of the mayor than to deal with Realtors. Mayors can help you in many ways. If the mayor doesn't speak good English, hire an interpreter at a prearranged fee. And I can't emphasis this enough: LEARN RUDIMENTARY BULGARIAN BEFORE YOU GO! Then they won't find it easy to negotiate around you in your presence. Most of the expats who bought in Bulgaria and later regretted it and came back to the UK never learned the language. Finally, if you are young and single, finding a Bulgarian partner is easy. Despite all I have said above, if you have a Bulgarian partner, said partner will protect you and your money. You will receive all around better treatment and, of course, you will learn Bulgarian quickly. Just remember, steer clear of Agents, approach Mayors, don't flash your money around. Fall in love with a local. Good luck, you'll need it. Edward. (Continue)
kremesti replied most recently with:
I am half Bulgarian half Lebanese and I work in the UK and spend my time off in Bulgaria so you can say that I am a insider expat. True there are swindlers in Bulgaria but I have also met them in France, in Germany and in the UK. For gypsies, the most basic security technology will solve that problem. They are stupid. For negotiating commercial matters you must have a trusted local partner. I have been taken for a ride by lawyers and mechanics before, but with time you filter out your trusted business partners. On the upside, I had a whole roof rearranged and leak proofed for 200 Euros, I can buy a fresh whole lamb for 50 Euros, 6 chickens for 15 euros, I get my Opel serviced at the dealership for peanuts, Bulgarian is the only place in Europe where 5 euro cents has buying bower (u can buy a box of matches), and 50 euro cents buys a nice cold local beer.... look for the true Bulgarians, and most of the time they are living in the Village. Check out my site and my photos. and ask me any questions u may have rami kremesti M.Sc. founder BONKA.BG
chuchilla replied recently with:
Interesting comments. I think its the same in most ex communist societies... I have lived in a few including Bulgaria. Problem is..the same dudes who were communists are still pulling the strings.. only now wearing different hats. People do not trust and the general mentality is short term, only about today..survivalist instincts take over. It will take a generation or two of EU stability to change anything here. If the EU can remain stable that is!
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jefflynn replied to the thread selling a property on the Bulgaria forum:
jefflynn initially posted:
My partner and I have split up. She has gone back to the Uk and i have not heard from her for 4 years. Although she did not pay any money to the property she is a director and has signed legal documents. I now want to sell the place. I have no contact at all with her can I sell it on my own?
jefflynn replied most recently with:
I am the chairman of the business and my company name is my first and middle name. If I can not find her does it mean I can not sell my property. She could be dead or in a mental institute. She was a chronic alcoholic and I have not seen her for four years.
Serpico replied most recently with:
You not able to sell your property because you are not owner even you pay council tax, bills etc. you need to look for Solicitor. If you send me more details about your situation I able to give advice for nothing. My e-mail is asenkonchev007 at gmail.com Regards
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