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greenvalley123 replied to the thread Architects in Plovdiv/Sofia on the Bulgaria forum on August 27, 2015:
greenvalley123 initially posted:
Hi, I need an architect for converting a farm to accommodation. I will be visiting Bulgaria every month or two but will be based in the UK during this work, so idealy someone who can also project manage this, liaise with local builders and whose English is fairly good. Any recommendations please?
greenvalley123 replied 6 hours ago with:
Thanks can find people on Google, I'm really looking for recommendations. If anyone here has used someone they can recommend please let me know?
staloneuk replied 8 hours ago with:
Hi, If you use Google Translate and put in architect and translate to Bulgarian, the put it into the OLX.bg website, you will find this website. Perhaps there are more, but a Google search will reveal them for you. Hope it helps. http://olx.bg/ad/proekt-kascha-arhitekt-proektirane-kascha-interior-ID46co0.html#7bd76b64fa
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property in BulgariaVilla is 45 mins from the capital Sofia 20 mins drive from borovets, and 4 km from the biggest lake in Bulgaria. Set in quiet of the forest, this villa is fully furnished, and requires no work doing to it
Spikeymike888 replied to the thread Is permission required? on the Bulgaria forum on August 20, 2015:
Spikeymike888 initially posted:
Does one need Planning permission to install a septic tank? Installing a bathroom or kitchen? within a house. Thanks in advance Mike
Spikeymike888 replied on August 20, 2015 with:
Hello again The shortcut you sent does not seem to be working. Maybe it is me. Is it possible to email me the photos when you get a chance? Thank you Mike
Spikeymike888 replied on August 20, 2015 with:
Thank you very much. Look forward to receiving the photos.
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Stef12 replied to the thread moving to Bulgaria on the Bulgaria forum:
evaaveris initially posted:
Hi guys! I'm considering to get a home in Bulgaria and I was wondering if anyone have experience with this website bulgarianproperties.com ? I read many articles telling people not to do the One Stop purchase with a realtor agent. Any advise?? Also, are there any expats in Elhovo? Would it be wise to get a fixer upper? Thanks :)
Stef12 replied on August 18, 2015 with:
Hello Stella, I am Bulgarian that have lived for many years in the UK/Scotland and I moved back to Bulgaria a couple of months ago. Although single black lady sound very attractive here I would not advise Bulgaria as a best place to move into. There are still a lot of people that discriminate on appearance, origin unfortunately. You may find generally friendly attitude but sometimes it might be shocking, Really depends where you intent to move- aim bigger towns like Sofia, Bourgas, Varna or Plovdiv . I am happy to give you more advise if you have more questions. All the best. Stefan
Stellaoly replied on July 13, 2015 with:
Hello am Stella from Africa, single and am planing of moving to Bulgaria to live and make a living next month . Want to get some information , is Bulgaria a real good idea for a single black lady to start a life?
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eddieg replied to the thread Property on the Bulgaria forum on August 18, 2015:
paulineK1959 initially posted:
Hi can anyone recommend an reputable estate agent we are looking to buy a property in Bulgaria preferably somewhere near the coast not entirely sure on location just yet but keeping our options open, any advice would be appreciated!
eddieg replied on August 18, 2015 with:
Hi,,i,ve only been living here 4 months,,,learned basic words to get by,,but cyrillac language difficult,,so sign language & notepad & pen a must haha
staloneuk replied on August 17, 2015 with:
Hi, we have been here just over 3 years now. The language can be difficult for some, but the locals are helpful and try to guide us along. I speak some Bulgarian now, and can always get my point across sometimes with a lot of laughs, and last night we had 4 Bulgarian friends over for a Barbecue that went really well. We laughed and danced all night long, and enjoyed some fine Rakia that they had made. If you try your best the locals will enjoy that and do their best to help you. If you run into any serious situations and don't know what to do, please contact me and I will try to help. Best wishes to you...
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Hello! I have a couple of small businesses in the UK a company that provides walking holidays and also a very small property renovation business (we develop about 1 house every 18 months). I've decided to combine my experience in both of these to venture out into something new - a small 6 to 8 bedroom guest house in Bulgaria. Currently working through the months of preparation, but we've got the finances in place and are viewing our first property in September. Hope to become an active member of this forum in future and looking forward to learning more about Bulgaria Areas we're looking in are around the Troyan area of Balkans, the Northern Rhodope's and the area from Plovdiv going north to the Balkans (and valley of the roses) Would love to hear from anyone who bought, renovated and run a guest house in the country
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staloneuk replied to the thread Moving to Bulgaria on the Bulgaria forum:
cajulca initially posted:
As I will retire next spring I would like to live in a warmer climate than Denmark. Bulgaria is a possibility. Could someone please help answering a few questions? How and where can I find a renovated house to a resonable price? Is it safe to live in a village? Which part of Bulgaria is the best for expats to live? How much would cost of living be per month. I hope somebody can help me. Thank you
staloneuk replied most recently with:
Hi, sound good. Spring can be a bit rainy in places, but it will still be warm and is beautiful to see. Yes we bought our first property through an agency, and they took good care of us. There are others, but only one other that we would recommend. When you are closer to your visit, contact me by PM and I will give you details. You will be amazed by what you can buy for so much less than ever imagined, and even pay monthly if you wish. I will try to help if I can, and if you need specific information, please PM me and I can go further into detail. There is a lot of good advice out there, but always double check everything, even fro me, as things can change. Other than that, we love it here, and if you get it right, you will too!
cajulca replied most recently with:
Thanks for the info. I plan to go and take a look next spring and wiil probaly have questions questions then. Do you have any experience with real estate agencies or can I just chose from the net?
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SallyL posted Dentist in Bansko on the Bulgaria forum:
Hi can anyone recommend a good dentist in Bansko. Thanks
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staloneuk replied to the thread EVN electricity charge for nothing ... on the Bulgaria forum:
downunder121 initially posted:
Hi in a nutshell ... I am being charged 10Leva per month for NOT using my electricity???? EVN say its becouse my house is registered in the municipality as owned by a company therefor subject to an estimated amount of electricity usage and chargeable each month??? Has any one el;se experienced this ...The house is empty and owned by a BG Ltd Co ... Thanks for your interest ... cheers David
staloneuk replied most recently with:
I know someone who pays aproximately double council tax and standard elec tarif compared to me as he is registered as a business. You can certaily discuss and come to an agreement regarding the electricity charges, but not the council tax, which is per person on the deeds. You can though, set up a direct debit with the elec company if you wish. An interpretor will cost about 15 BG for about an hour, and a box of chocolates or bottle of wine would also be nice.
rodopi123 replied most recently with:
Hi I was told something similar two years ago, when I paid to have my electric cut off. but was less than 10lev a month, I need to try and pay my bill online as I not able go to Bulgaria at this time.
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staloneuk replied to the thread Permit. on the Bulgaria forum:
Sabrock1955 initially posted:
Hi. I'm currently on holiday in sunny beach for 6 months with a view to settling here. Do I need a permit to stay longer than 90 days? Have asked around and the answers have been mixed, so now confused. Many thanks. Sandra.
staloneuk replied most recently with:
Hi, if you are staying, open a bank account and ask for a letter of proof that you have over 1800 levs in there (Possibly up to 2000) then take the letter and your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and passport (always on you) to the regional police station and an interpreter, and ask for registration. If your EHIC card is over 4 year to go, they will take a photograph of you and for a few levs will issue you a card that will last the lifetime of your EHIC card. If your card is only about 12 months, they will issue a basic card with no picture of you. Let me know if you understood all that, and I will help if I can...
Serpico replied most recently with:
Hi, After 3 months of residency in other EU state you need to be Employee Self Employed Student Or Self sufficient Welcome in BG Sandra
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