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jordan6223 posted snorkling in Corfu on the Greece forum:
Who can tell me which places to check out whilst in Corfu next year where to snorkle...thinking of coming to live there for a while but would like to know which places are "interesting". Oh, by the way, I am just learning to snorkle. Any info is most welcome. Also renting out long term in these areas.
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Kccm replied to the thread moving to santorini... on the Greece forum:
leej initially posted:
Hi there,i am looking into moving to Santorini and opening a bar.I would love to hear from anyone who may have any advice,or know of any useful websites that could help me please
Kccm replied most recently with:
Did you open your bar? Where is it located?
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jordan6223 posted Thinking of retiring to Greece on the Greece forum:
Hello all My wife and I are looking into making a move to a country with a nice climate; looking into Greece now. Can anybody tell me where the weather will not be too hot in summer (the winter will not be a big problem) My wife is english...I'm dutch. She would appreciate being able to mingle with fellow english people. We are mainly looking into Corfu where we will be renting. All comments,positive or negative will be appreciated. Getting back to england every 3 - 4 months to see her kids and grandkids shouldn't be a problem either I expect. We want to be near the sea for maximum of light. Thanks
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Sonchy posted Thinking about moving to Athens. on the Greece forum:
Hello, I am a Canadian dual citizen with an Italian passport. I am thinking about moving to Europe next year and have been thinking a lot about Athens. Since I travel around 5 months a year for work I need access to trains and an international airport. Would I be able to find a small 1 room apartment in Athens for 150-250 Euro a month? Any help would really be appreciated! Thank you!
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EarlMCook replied to the thread Retirement in Greece on the Greece forum:
EarlMCook initially posted:
Hello all.. My wife and I was seriously considering moving to Greece after retirement. Both of my wife's parents emigrated to the U.S. so she is in process of obtaining her Greece/EU citizenship. We are planning a vacation in July to explore the possibility of purchasing a condo in Athens, with the thought that one of our nephews could serve as a caretaker over the next couple years. It sounds crazy to our friends... but we figure my federal retirement and social security will go further in Greece. we currently live in Washington D.C. and cannot imagine being able to retire here. Any war stories, encouragement, or discouragement will be appreciated. we are just starting the planning process. Opa!!!
EarlMCook replied most recently with:
Well.. I have an update.. my wife and I visited Greece for some preliminary house hunting. we visited a small town of Kastri, near Tripoli, and found a property that was in the family.. and learnd that a last surviving relative passed away. My wife is obtaining her EU and Greek citizenship and wants to pursue legal means to see whether she has a claim. is this blog helpful? or only a advertising platform for Cigna?
karenh1963 replied most recently with:
Hi to you both, we are retiring to Greece also, but we are going to a place named Agria just 10k away from Volos, the reason we are going there is that its quiet a friendly place and for traveling and visiting the other islands around its quite central, so take a look and see what you think, if you like the hustle and bustle of big cities then Athens is the place for you.
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karenh1963 replied to the thread Expat-themed bar on the Greece forum:
morgansexpatbar initially posted:
Hi all, I'm thinking of starting an expat-themed bar in Greece and am wondering what you all think about this. Wondering if anyone would like to partner with me to help open a bar, too. The idea is to open a network of similar bars in iconic tourist locations. Hope to hear from you!!
karenh1963 replied most recently with:
is that in Volos or Agria?
Manipete replied most recently with:
Have you checked out any other expat themed bars? I remember one near the Hilton that was Irish American themed that played NFL games and had good karaoke.
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geraldincrete replied to the thread PRESCRIPTIONS on the Greece forum:
SikinosLady initially posted:
My husband is 60 and I have a medical exemption so we don't pay for prescriptions in the UK. Is this the same for Greece?
geraldincrete replied most recently with:
if you are an EU citizen you will get the "health" book. Prescriptions are written by the doctor, but if you are retired you will pay a fraction of the cost - usually 10 per cent. However depending on the location in Greece you will pay the amount asked first and this will be refunded to your authorised Greek bank later. GeraldinCrete
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geraldincrete replied to the thread moving to my new life on the Greece forum:
518travel initially posted:
I am Thinking of moving to Greece and wonder if there are people that can help with the transformation from working to retirement as I want to try first then make the move I am Living in Australia at this time and and its not here for me any more need to change and have given it a lot of though and now just need some one to answer the questions for me and to give me a bit of a guide when I come over
geraldincrete replied most recently with:
518Travel It would be really great if you visited and its forum. There you will find many answers on moving to settle in Greece, especially Crete. Cheers
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Zollie replied to the thread Wow ... this forum is VERY limited in responses to posts! on the Greece forum:
the2bearsandme initially posted:
Are there no expats living in Greece ... retirement age? Too expensive?
Zollie replied most recently with:
I believe people are quiet as things are really very unstable in Greece. Laws changing from year to year and in the medical system claims..... I do not even want to go there. So I would advice if you want to come and live in Greece, be self sustainable and do not rely on the systems in Greece, like medical systems or support for the elder. See that you can pay privately for any care you might need.Housing like every where depends on the area you want to rent or buy.I live 17 years in Greece and in the last two years the people of Greece saw sudden drastic changes here. If you can afford to sustain yourself Greece is a wonderful place with amazing people and a great place to bring up children or to have a peaceful retirement.It is still safe to live here and the Greeks in general are a warm and caring people.
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Hi! I am relocating to Athens to teach in the next two-three months. I am black American and I am looking to see if I will be able to get my hair done overseas- I wear weaves. Also if it possible to keep up with my nails and fake eyelashes. I know its asking alot but I am preparing myself so I want to know what things I may not be able to keep up overseas! Thanks
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