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rkulikingorontalo posted Kitten Etiquette on the Indonesia forum on October 19, 2014:
I just adopted a kitten from a neighbor. I live in a big, expensive house in an area where there are many people without running water indoors. This kitten was the only surviving member of the litter, and my neighbors--who are my friends--own her mother. They are clearly very attached to her, and have come every day since I was adopted to visit. However, my empathy for them has really been challenged because my kitten was crawling with lice when I got her. She has also been throwing up roundworms at least twice a day since she arrived. She is perpetually terrified because people pick her up and cuddle her to their faces, although all she does when left to her own devices is hide and nap. I think the illness of the worms and her fear have made people think she enjoys this attention, but to me she is clearly terrified. Although I am trying to join this community as best I can--I am here for nine months--I have found this very challenging. I love animals, and people are treating my kitten as if she was a stuffed animal. I have actually taken her away from several people, which I know they find bothersome. I also heard the former owner tell someone that she was sick not because of the 5-inch worms she keeps throwing up, but because I wasn't letting her go outside. On the one hand, I very much disapprove of how this kitten has been treated. Other people can treat their animals as they want, but this is my kitten now and I am determined to treat her as I believe animals should be treated, and to protect her. On the other hand, I don't want to alienate anyone in my community. Anyone have any advice?
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Emilazer posted Bahasa tutor on the Indonesia forum:
I've lived overseas few years. Fluent in English and able to teach Bahasa. SMS me
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property in IndonesiaFacility: Lift/emergency exit, lobby, security 24 hrs, park & large parking area, swimming pool & jogging track, mini market, drugstore, laundry, canteen, spa / beauty salon, clinic, ATM centre
Facility: Swimming pool in each tower, big swimming pool in the center of towers, jogging track, gym, tennis court, country club, Alfresco dining, International School by Pelita Harapan, shopping Mall, XXI Theater, Debenhams, Hypermart, all major anchor. 5 layer of security.
1-BR and studio apartments, furnished Western-style, A/C, fans, kitchenettes, security, free Wi-Fi, monthly leases with deposit, utilities+
property in IndonesiaA cozy 4 bedroom house, three floors with spacious garage for 4 cars. 1 maid bedroom + toilet , Fully equipped kitchen. Dining tables on first and second floor.
akangontohod replied to the thread can anyone help to translate indonesia to english on the Indonesia forum:
luvling85 initially posted:
hi could anyone help me to translate this indonesia to english 1) wihh .. hati 2 mam disana cinn 2) hahaha..tdkji disni cin .. asal jgn kios sehati langgananya vita.. xixi 3) nongkringgg cuint 4) deh cpatx nongkringgg blum waktux pulang 5) hei .. wf pakboss ta juga aciaaannnn
akangontohod replied most recently with:
1) becareful if you want to eat there sweatheart 2) haha... its not going to be here dear... anywhere will do as long its not in vita's place 3) lets hang out 4) its not the time to come home yet its hang out time no 5 is to personal ... there is no way you can guess the meaning
crowbaby replied most recently with:
1. Oh! Be careful, tonight there sweetheart. 2. Not there, originally at the apartment carefully because my vitamin subscription 3. Its hanging (cuint?) 4. Ok sure, quickly hanging, not yet time to go home 5. ??? Lots of slang, dont take my translation literal but its close
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property in IndonesiaA cozy 4 bedroom house, three floors with spacious garage for 4 cars
kayahati replied to the thread Relocation advice for Single, American Muslimah on the Indonesia forum:
wrouillie initially posted:
I'm looking for a Muslim majority place to relocate to and settle. Although I'm not Asian, but ethnic, I'd prefer to live in a Asian majority area, being from Hawaii and comfortable in that social climate. Where are the best places to live? Socialize? What should I prepare or? Any matrimonia/nikah sites in the area? Salaam Rouillie Wilkerson
kayahati replied most recently with:
Did you move yet? I have place for you in Sumatera if you will
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Indonesia: Kitten Etiquette
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Indonesia: Bahasa tutor
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