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bickerstonehall posted English and living in Chisinau on the Moldova forum on August 26, 2015:
Hi. I am ENglish and living in Chisinau with my Moldovan wife and six month old son. I work for English Language TV. Would be good to make new English speaking friends. John.
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samkin replied to the thread Do you need help in Moldova? on the Moldova forum:
Richy initially posted:
Hi there I'm English and live in Moldova. If anyone needs advice or if there is any other expats out there please get back to me.
samkin replied most recently with:
where do you paln to move finally? These are 2 different countries with different languages, where are you moving from?
psuper85 replied most recently with:
I do I am trying to move to Ukraine /Moldova with my 12 year old son-Trying to get into the Local scene not the tourist scene- Can you help? Kelly
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Living in Chisinau, Moldova
If a friend of yours was thinking of moving to this city or town from far away, what other advice would you give them.
Be aware of the language issue - Russian tends to be the language of commerce, but it's also seen by many as the language of oppression. Only around 13% of the population is ethnic Russian. The majority are Moldovan and speak Romanian (though Russians call it "Moldovan," in an effort to impose psychological separation between Romania and Moldova). It's a touchy issue, entwined in the country's history.

Make sure to visit the wineries - they're amazing, and during the summer and fall do most of your food shopping at the outdoor markets - the prices are cheap and you'll get some of the best produce you've ever had.

Bring with you a good pair of jeans, and some smart clothes. People dress up for all types of occasions, and just walking down the street is like walking through a fashion magazine. But you also wonder where they get this stuff, because the selection you find in stores and at the market is meager and overpriced. You can get a good winter coat cheap over there, but take a good pair of lined, waterproof boots with you for winter. Take with you any kitchen tools you can't live without, though now you can get things like a garlic press and can opener. If you're going to take electrical appliances, also take an adapter.

Good medicines are easy to find, just don't be afraid to ask the pharmacist what they recommend for your symptoms. Lasagna noodles and pepperoni were the 2 foods we could never ever find, but most everything else could be either found or approximated. Tupperware, on the other hand, is scarce and expensive. (Continue)

ukthesis replied most recently with:
I plan to live in Chisinau from the summer. I have lived near Manchester in the UK. I am to marry, in June, a Moldovan lady and we have bought an apartment in Ciocana for us to live in and to open an online marriage service. I only know of a very small handful of people from English speaking countries living in Chisinau. Can you tell me more of yourself and tips? I do not yet speak Russian, the main language in the city.
A reader replied recently with:
Woman will not hesitate at sleeping with your husband, and if your husband falls to temptation, he will get lucky. Men will try to sleep with USA or UK women, married or unmarried. In my case, the man was successful! Beware of Chisinau married folks! This is a sleezy place driven by a need for a green card, and many times sex is successfully traded for the green card.
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Tatianak13 replied to the thread Renting or Buying a Home in Moldova on the Moldova forum:
adminee initially posted:
June is popular time to move to Moldova. Many expats temporarily settle in furnished rentals giving them time to look for the right place to rent or buy. Finding a good real estate agent or agency can be key! Do you have an individual or agency to recommend? Please take a minute to post the name and website for your favorite agent or agency. If expats in your area find housing themselves -- without the help of agents, what suggestions would you have for someone starting their search? How do they find the best places? Thanks! Expat Exchange
Tatianak13 replied most recently with:
Hi everyone! I would be glad to assist any person at buying or renting a property in Moldova. It's a good idea to have someone who knows laws and regulations for Moldova. In deed, Moldova it's a great place to live from many points of view: good food, wonderful weather and warmhearted people. Even if you want to start a business there which is also a possibility, or you want to travel.... I look forward to talking to you!
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Sparky262 posted visa to the Uk on the Moldova forum:
Hi, I know this request is a little out of this forums ambit, but I would be grateful for any assistance. I have met a Moldovan girl online and I have really connected with her which is a good sign as it's quite hard to do without physical contact. I want to move quickly and invite her to visit me in the UK, principally so we can get to know each other, and secondly because at least in the short term I am not planning to relocate to Moldova (so it makes more sense for her to see the uk) she has Russian ancestry but holds a Moldovan passport. She is not working and we are both really apprehensive about being knocked back by the visit visa application process from the UK embassy. I am not sure which tack to take with the letter of invitation, laying it all on the line and just saying we realy want to have the opportunity to meet, or just keep the application skeletan like and just indicate she is a friend and would like a visa for a short vacation. Both of which are true. I have drafted two letters already. Any help appreciated. I love Moldova and have visited twice and I am Learning Romanian
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A writer from the Associated Press is interested in talking to people who decide to retire abroad for reasons related to affordable health care. He is also interested to hear about other reasons why you chose to retire abroad. If you would be interested to speak with him and possibly be written about in his article, please send an email to Joshua Wood at:
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Going to Moldova and looking for the cheapest and least touristy part of Moldova. Any basic cost of living costs in USD would be appreciated. Thanks
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What are your favorite holiday events in your area of Moldova? Help other expats in search of some holiday cheer by sharing information on events that are open to the public or for expats. If you would like to plan your own gathering to celebrate the holidays with other members of Expat Exchange in your area, we encourage you to plan it here. You could meet up with others at your favorite restaurant, a local coffee shop, a bar -- anywhere that's public!
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adminee posted Thanksgiving Celebrations in Moldova on the Moldova forum:
If you know of any Thanksgiving gatherings (at restaurants, clubs, etc.) that other expats could join, please post details here.
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adminee posted Semi-Retired in Moldova? on the Moldova forum:
A journalist working on an article for a popular finance publication is interested in connecting a few Americans over age 60 who have moved abroad after retiring from careers in the States and either found part-time jobs, started businesses or transformed their former careers into remote consulting gigs. We've talked with her about general trends in overseas retirement. She would also like to speak with a few retirees who fit this description. If you are interested, please e-mail me at -- tell me a little about yourself and your job and how the journalist can reach you. Thank you! Betsy Burlingame Expat Exchange
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