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Abuw11 posted Public Holiday pay UAE on the United Arab Emirates forum on December 13, 2014:
Hello, I have an offer from UAE working in public sector that includes 35 calendar days of "Annual holiday entitlement" My question is: Are public holidays (10 days) included in the annual vacation of 35 days or extra days that will be paid as public holidays? In other words, if 10 days are taken away, that will leave me only 25 days to leave the country. thanks for your help
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hfaruk10 posted Wanna look for a job together? on the United Arab Emirates forum on December 10, 2014:
I am a legal assistant looking for a job opportunity in Dubai. I will be moving to Dubai in March, so if there is anyone who is seeking a legal job, let me know so we can do it together if you want. All best Faruk
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sanketgawas21 posted visa extension on the United Arab Emirates forum:
Hello I am coimg to UAE on one month visa from India. I want to know can I extend my visa for some days? what is cost and procedure for it?
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jenniferrose posted Hey Guys on the United Arab Emirates forum:
I am new here in this community and I live in Chicago, UK and very soon I am going to be an expat living in United Arab Emirates. So is there anything useful you can share with me? Or any place? Or what to eat and what to not etc? I will really appreciate your help and responses.
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Nikil posted Looking for a female friend on the United Arab Emirates forum:
Hi there. Moved into dubai a month ago.i got no friends to hang out.kinda really bored.specially to know someone who I can hang out , snooker game or for a drink or two.wud love to receive a mail from someone.
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crazyklute replied to the thread 30 something woman wanting to make friends in Dubai on the United Arab Emirates forum:
caixota initially posted:
Hi, I'm new to Dubai, I came here by myself to start a new job. I have been here 3 weeks and finding it difficult to meet people, I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A RELATIONSHIP, OR A FLING! Sorry, just thought I'd add that to save any confusion. I am looking for friends to meet up with and maybe have drink, or coffee, or shopping, or sightseeing, movies etc. Just looking to meet some like minded people to hang out with, maybe there are some other newbies out there who are finding it hard to meet people and also looking for someone to hang out with and discover Dubai? - I'm sick of staying at home watching TV! I'm starting to talk back to it!
crazyklute replied most recently with:
Hey, I'm kinda new to Dubai as well. Moved in a month back. Touch base and we could perhaps meet over coffee or a snack. I'm Nair and my email is
zeekay replied most recently with:
Hi, this ZK (zeekay). I just arrrived Dubai a week before, i have got a Job here. But my evenings & weekends are making me feel bored. I want a girl friend with whom i may spend time with fun n chill. Any girl who is looking for a friendship with lots of laugh n chill. add me on BBM or we chat. My id is zeekay. ZK
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maus0 posted Ready to come back!! on the United Arab Emirates forum:
I am looking for a job in Dubai. I have worked in PR in Doha and would like to continue working in the GCC and am looking in Dubai. I am in need of some suggestions as I have applied for many jobs but I am quite aware that most things get done with a "connection". Thank you! Amanda Austin
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shobhitjhalani posted Interested in Buying Iphone 6 plus on the United Arab Emirates forum:
Hey Guys, I am very interested in buying an iPhone 6plus this month but searching for its best rate and reliable quality online since days. I would want you guys suggest me a site where I can make this purchase in UAE (Dubai preferably) Please suggest the website with a best reviews. I have observed the biggest ones online but I heard a few others are offering better rates too. Thanks, Shobhit
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Mohameed posted FOR SALE LEXSU LX570 2013 AM THE ONWER on the United Arab Emirates forum:
This is regarding my USED 2013 LEXUS LX570, i am a single owner of the car and the car was bought new and have used only very not more than 3 months.It is still in perfect condition, Tire are 100% great and below are few features of the car. Model: Lexus Milage: 1,739 Color: White Conditions : Used Year: 2013 Fuel: Gasoline/Petrol Engine: 5.7L V8 32V MPFI DOHC Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic Body Style: SUV. Drivetrain: 4WD Doors: 4 GCC specifications,full options,White color car with clean leather seat, accident free,no mechanical fault, almost like brand. Interested buyers only should (Email) me for full information of the car
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