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In need of advice about my new Egyptian boyfriend

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7/30/2017 23:56 EST

So I've been with my boyfriend for 7 months now, and I don't get it one day he's sweet attentive and loving and understanding and the next he's jealous and rude and just plain angry, I just don't know if I should continue on to deal with this or leave him for my own mental state of mind, we live in different states, him NYC and me Ct , we ft everyday and have met in person more than 5 times I've met his mom dad and siblings and one of his aunts and he's introduced me ask his girlfriend with us all in the same room, but sometimes I feel he's ashamed of me bc I'm not Muslim or Egyptian, we have each others Instagram and he gets upset with me if I like a guy friends photo or if I let a guy follow me but everyday he's liking other females photos and having new girls in his followings and requests. And I never say anything bc when I do it's a problem, I really love him and I believe him when he says he love me too but I'm just so confused with how his behavior can go from 0 to 100 really quickly.

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8/1/2017 08:48 EST

I think you need to sit down (maybe with a counselor) and decide what you define LOVE as. You both sound like you use the word, but have NO CLUE what it means.
He will ALWAYS be controlling and feel he is superior to you. He's an Egyptian man...it is his birthright. Take a GOOD look at how his father treats his mother. Look at how HE treats his mother. How does he treat his sisters? You say you've been "together" for 7 months, but only been with each other in person "more than" 5 times? Are you joking?
You don't even know this guy under those circumstances. How long's he been in the states? How old is he? How old are you?

Take it slow if at all, and don't get wrapped up in a controlling guy and miss a really good one in your back yard.

If you can't do it without cat fishing him, do that and nail his tail to the wall.

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12/31/2017 20:44 EST

Please do not listen to the comment above they are not all as bad as that and yes if you feel LOVE it is hard no matter what some people think is love if your asking a question instead of dumping him then I think that’s classified as love.

I have been with my Egyptian hubby for 4 years! I’m english and we live in UK together.

At the beginning of our relationship my hubby was quite similar but I’m a fiery person and always lashed back at him with anything he threw at me. We are still very jealous of eachother which is a good thing in my eyes because it means we are passionate about eachother.

He has a lot of girls from his work on his Facebook which bothers me at first but I’ve got the the point he is loyal and it’s not in his nature to look at other girls he’s a swimming teacher after all so sees all sorts in his gym.

I always thought he was ashamed of me when he wouldn’t post pics of us together on his Facebook but it was because he didn’t want his many friends looking at me, he has more pics on there now than I ever had lol

What I’m teying to say is at first is was so difficult getting to know each others cultures but it does get easier and they are very loyal and loving people.

If anyone doesn’t like my opinion I couldn’t care less... hope it helped you Hun x

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12/31/2017 20:45 EST

O and ps

My hubby goes from 0 to 100000”00 in no time but I’ve learned to just ignore him lol makes him more angry but I feel like I’ve won the fight because I don’t argue back anymore. He soon calms down and 9 times out of ten apologieses to me lol

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1/2/2018 11:08 EST

All the above comments are and should be helpful to you. But without a little more back ground on you and your boyfriend it is difficult to advice you. One more Q, are you planning to live in USA or Egypt? no one asked that and it is very important to know before you get more involved. Love has to be a two way feeling, and at almost the same will and determinations, try to see if any of this is true. After learning more I may be able to add more advices. Good Luck.

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1/8/2018 05:48 EST

If it is so hard when you are dating and supposed to be in a new love why would you continue? I say the same to my daughters who are dating men of their own race. You should still be in a very big honeymoon stage, if you are not get out. Signed, an old dad of daughters.

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