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Visa Advice - Sponsored Permission to Work

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9/25/2018 12:02 EST


I'm looking to find employment and gain a temporary Permission to Work (1-5 years max is the current plan). My husband would be considered as a dependent (we can financially support ourselves), until he finds employment and also applies for a work visa.

Can anyone advise how easy this typically is to get accepted and how long the process normally takes from receiving a job offer to being in-country and starting work?


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9/30/2018 11:03 EST

Hi, I don't know the turnaround for the work permit process, but this site will translate: (If you qualify to get your visa stamp financially, go to your local Mexican embassy with your questions, if you're not able to find them on the above site) In addition, you have the option of self employment after you arrive by applying for a tax number at the Immigration office. Green/Residence card is a 30 day turnaround (Received mine in 21) and the CURP tax number (like a Mex Personal ID number to work as self employed) is 3-4 days. Hope this helps to some degree.

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9/30/2018 12:03 EST

Apologies, forgot to include this:

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9/30/2018 12:35 EST

I am no expert - but -
A CURP is like a national ID number. Has nothing to do with taxes. If you are a non citizen, you get your CURP at your INM office. It is a 5 minute affair (if you schedule an appointment).

The Mexican tax id is called an RFC. If you were to work in Mexico you need an RFC because you will have to pay Mexican taxes. You can probably get an RFC online - or you can visit SAT (which I would recommend) - as the online forms are not intuitive.

I have no personal experience - but I think that if you are living in Europe and receive a job offer from a Mexican company - that company will participate in the Visa process (they will most likely be the gating aspect).

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9/30/2018 13:50 EST

One of the problems with the internet is that there really is no way to tell how old a page is.

I _know_ that for about 2 years now a CURP is no longer a "card" but is an 8.5 X 11" sheet of paper (in color). I have been carrying around a laminated card now for years but it is no longer accepted. The CURP number is still valid and can be used to print a valid CURP from this site :

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