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Moving to Oman

Moving to Oman

By Betsy Burlingame

Summary: If you're thinking about moving to Oman, expats there have a lot to share about moving to Oman - deciding where to live, what to bring, housing, banking, healthcare in Oman and more.

If you're planning a move to Oman, expats there offer advice about what they wish they had know before moving to Oman - topics covered include deciding where to live, what to bring, housing, banking, healthcare in Oman and more.

Deciding Where to Live in Oman

When we asked expats living in Oman to offer newcomers advice about choosing a neighborhood and finding a home, they replied:

"Well, I got my accommodation through my employer in decent location. The apartment was spacious and well furnished with all basic amenities provided," said one expat who moved to Muscat, Oman.

What to Bring When Moving to Oman (and what to leave behind)

When we asked expats living in Oman what they wish they had brought when moving to Oman and what they wish they had left at home, they replied:

"Three things I would have bought are culture, respect and nature. Three things I would have left are infrastructure development, events and happenings and traffic accidents," said one expat who moved to Muscat, Oman.

Advice for People Moving to Oman

"No doubt. Certainly Oman is wonderful place to spend life if you are nature lover and believe in family life. The best location to move in are Al Khuwair, Al -Athaibah, Al Seeb and Al Qurum. These are decent locations with shopping mall in close vicinity," said one expat who moved to Muscat, Oman.

"Take a good look around first; there are so many options. Think about the location of your chosen school, nearest shops and place of work. The biggest and newest (and often, surprisingly, the cheapest) houses are quite far out of town, and traffic jams and accidents can be a real problem as there is only one arterial road. As in most cities, the houses nearer the centre (though Muscat doesn't really have a centre, as it is spread out along the 40km main highway) are older, but usually have more character. A very important consideration is to find a good landlord, whom you get on with, and who will undertake to sort out any problems quickly. Remember that you have to sign a lease for a year so you can't get out of it once you've decided. Many people move house when their leases are up simply because they can't get basic problems sorted like AC breakdowns and water leaks. Carpe Diem; live life to the full and enjoy all the fantastic opportunities of living in another city and culture. Keep things in perspective and try not to let your pleasure be affected by the inevitable irritations of living in an unfamiliar world and the bureaucracy of another country. Of course they do things differently," mentioned another expat when asked about moving to Oman.

Typical Housing for Expats

When we asked expats in Oman about the type of home or apartment they life in and whether that is typical for expats, they replied:

"Detached villa - this is typical. We have lots of space, marble floors. We like our landlord. But, we have an old-fashioned kitchen. The landlord won't refurbish it because he doesn't understand the British tradition for using the kitchen as the hub of family life. In Omani culture, the kitchen is for servants and the family would never set foot in it. So it's dark, with a small window, 70's tiling, grimy grout and an old wallbanger AC," said one expat who moved to Muscat, Oman.

Housing Costs in Oman

"Lower - Cost of housing in our home city, Edinburgh, is incredibly high. We would never be able to afford to live in a house this size at home," said one expat who moved to Muscat, Oman.

Finding a Job in Oman

If you're searching for a job in Oman, expats talk about popular industries and how expats find employment.

"University - professors of English language Port - Management positions for port construction & operations," said one expat who moved to Salalah, Oman.

"Petroleum development is the main industry here, with many of the expat jobs revolving around that," mentioned another expat when asked about moving to Oman.

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First Published: May 23, 2019

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