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Welcome to Expat Exchange's Uruguay Forum. This expat forum is the perfect place for expats living in Uruguay and people thinking about moving to Uruguay. Since 1997, Expat Exchange has been connecting expats in Uruguay.

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pinned post pinned post Introduce Yourself (23) adminee 4/28/2021 4:07 PM
no new messages Vaccines and Covid in Uruguay (16) Expat91364 10/21/2021 2:15 PM
no new messages School choice? (0) Johnlogsdon 9/1/2021 1:45 PM
no new messages enquiry (4) ultraspy 8/31/2021 9:53 AM
no new messages washing machine (7) roninscz 8/6/2021 2:30 PM
no new messages Wind Turbines (2) pjantares 8/6/2021 5:30 AM
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no new messages books in English (3) cib 8/5/2021 12:29 PM
no new messages a. import your personal vehicle when moving to Uruguay b. yes, Amazon now delivers to Uruguay (2) PeerV 6/10/2021 7:42 PM
no new messages Universities in Montevideo (0) LD 5/27/2021 3:30 PM
no new messages Chimney top cleaner in Maldonado? (2) cib 5/20/2021 4:41 PM
no new messages Ever considered San Gregorio de Polanco as a place to live in Uruguay? (3) PeerV 5/4/2021 2:43 PM
no new messages New Car Purchase (18) Jubi 4/21/2021 10:20 AM
no new messages Beyond meat in Uruguay (0) Expat91364 4/17/2021 5:57 PM
no new messages Buying a modest home in coastal Uruguay (18) Auggievelvel 4/17/2021 5:48 PM
no new messages New limits to land purchase by foreigners (2) Vortice 4/15/2021 9:47 PM
topic is closed: you cannot post new messages Take the 2021 Expat Exchange Survey (0) adminee 4/13/2021 2:06 PM
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Uruguay Forum Uruguay Forum
Join our Uruguay forum to meet other expats and talk about living in Uruguay.

Living in Uruguay GuideLiving in Uruguay Guide

Many expats who consider living in Uruguay have lived in other South American countries, and then they are exposed to stories of all that it has to offer.

Help other expats and newcomers by answering questions about the challenges and adventures of living in Uruguay.

Moving to UruguayMoving to Uruguay Guide

Expats who move to Uruguay offer a lot of advice about moving there. There are several aspects of living in Uruguay that need to be taken into consideration: health care, cost of living, transportation and types of housing are just a few of the areas to investigate.

Best Places to Live in Uruguay Best Places to Live in Uruguay

Expats in Uruguay agree that the best thing about living in Uruguay is the friendly people. In addition to the friendly locals, the weather, beautiful beaches and stable economy make it a great place to live.

Healthcare in UruguayHealthcare in Uruguay

Expats in Uruguay have a variety of healthcare options available to them. Understanding what is available is an important part of preparing to move there.

Real Estate UruguayReal Estate in Uruguay

Real estate listings in popular cities and towns in Uruguay.

Pros Cons of Living in UruguayPros & Cons of Living in Uruguay

Take off your rose-colored glasses and learn what expats have to say about the biggest challenges and the greatest rewards of living in Uruguay.

10 Tips for Living in Uruguay10 Tips for Living in Uruguay

Uruguay may not be the most popular expat destination, but expats there are probably hoping that the truth about Uruguay's healthy lifestyle, family-oriented culture and beautiful beaches doesn't get out.

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