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Cancun Expat Group in Cancun

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What is the name of this Organization/Club?

Cancun Expat Group

In what city is your organization based?


Describe your group.

Hello Fellow Expats! This site has been put together so we have a regular and reliable place to visit one another as well as chat, schedule events of interest and blog about our experiences. There is never any fee to join the Cancun Expat Group and one does not have to be any particular nationality or speak a certain language to participate. This group is for anyone who is interested in a healthy social environment that encourages great conversation and regularly scheduled activities.

What is unique about your organization?

As a whole, the Cancun Expat Group is completely different from any other local option!

Compared to others:

  • We really are local. We’re based out of Cancun
  • We are a group that is open to everyone
  • There are never any membership or contact fees
  • We offer an in-person social setting, not just a blog site
  • We schedule more than cafe and haphazard pub meets
  • We provide regularily scheduled social events
  • You can join our ‘Promote Yourself’ breakfast meetings
  • We have a blog site for sharing ideas and experiences as well as…
  • Links to other sites of interest and…
  • Information to help new people settle in
  • Our members also benefit from discounts on local attractions

What kind of activities does your group sponsor?

Local social activies such as sporting events, wine tasting, theme nights, social networking, business breakfast meetings and local discounts. We also offer 'hot topics' and blog pages for our members to share their ideas and concerns.

How often does your group meet?

We meet at least once a month for our Business Breakfast. Additional meetings are scheduled as social events for things like soccer games,etc.

Is there a membership fee?

No, it's absolutely free to be a member

Approximately how many members does this organization have?


Is this organization specific to nationality? If yes, which nationality/ies. If no, what nationalities are represented in the membership?

The Cancun Expat Group is open to everyone...any age...any nationality...male or female.

What language(s) do member speak?

Primarily English

What is the age range of the people in your group?


What is the name of the person new members should contact?


E-mail Address:

Web site address (please include http://):

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Aug 16, 2010 19:18

I am very interested in moving to Mexico. Either near the Cancun / Playa Del Carman / Riveria Myan area or perhaps Puerto Vallarta area. Would like to know ins and outs and especially any housing areas - gated or not - in areas where USA, Canada expats are living. Expat communities would be of great interest to me in deciding upon a move to Mexico. Aunt Bee in Tulsa OK USA

Sep 12, 2010 10:57

i'm looking to talk with a informed person that is living there about the area and how this sounds to good to be true email

Nov 27, 2010 20:19

I would like to play bridge while vacationing in Cancun during the first 2 weeks of Feb. 2011. Do you have bridge clubs? Thank you, Ireta

Oct 14, 2011 17:20

Cricket Match - 23 October 2011 - CANCUN 10 am _ 6pm . Beto Avila Baseball Stadium, Cancun Cancun Vs Cancun Everybody welcome Free entry

May 18, 2012 13:31

Hi Marlo my name is Ernest an my wife Marta would like to join your group, my email is, and my local number is 998 181 3810, I am retired aircraft mecanic and looking forward to meet people, thank you.

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