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HappyInTirol replied to the thread School exams on the Austria forum:
Bigt66 initially posted:
Hi,my 14 yr old son needs to sit exams this yr but he,s really struggling with the subjects and the teachers think he isn,t trying when actually he is,we live in the Tyrol region and Linz,Graz and Vuenna are too far for him to go to a international school..I,m stuck as to what to do to help him as he doesn,t want to stay on another yr at the school if he doesn,t for well....please any help would be most helpful x
HappyInTirol replied most recently with:
Hi Bigt66, For Tirol there is the international school near Woergl. Not sure if you know about it. Tirol Untennland. Otherwise, which exams does your son have to take and when? In German or in English? Have you considered private tutoring? Kind regards, ~Giselle
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HappyInTirol replied to the thread AMERICAN TEMPORARILY MOVING TO INNSBRUCK - HELP! on the Austria forum:
Jkilts initially posted:
Hello all, thank you for clicking! I met my fiance a while back- at the top of the Eiffel Tower, actually. She's from Innsbruck, I'm from the US. While she studies at university starting next year, our plan is to find an apartment of our own and live together until she graduates. In the process, we plan to marry. I'm an independent film maker and will have some income from that as well as a few other projects, and a savings, but am not officially employed neither in the US or EU. I'm, OF COURSE, open to employment opportunities there, and looking for them. I am looking to build some contacts here who can help guide me through the process of this- how to get the correct visas, take care of health coverage, tips on finding apartments and jobs, etc. What laws do I need to watch out for? Please respond. Thank you! -Tom
HappyInTirol replied most recently with:
Hi keybud, No Americans Women Groups in Innsbruck. Only organized English-speaking group in Innsbruck is one run by three Brits. There was a lady trying to organize get-togethers several years ago, but I found no further activity on her website in the past year. There is indeed the American Women's Club in Vienna so if your job takes you there often enough with your wife, then this is an option. When I checked the Group last year in search of some specific information for expat's, they had a membership fee for participation. Warning: Tyroleans LOVE their dialects. It's heart-warming once you get used to it, but makes learning and listening to Germanic-based languages a great deal more fun. Kind regards, ~Giselle
esquiregroup replied most recently with:
Enjoy Innsbruck. Great city. I know there are quite a few American's that live there but I am not aware of any organized group. Check and see if they have an American Women's Club. There is one in Vienna that may be able to give you some guidance. And don't forget you still have file your taxes while living abroad and the FBAR if applicable! Good luck!
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kevbud replied to the thread "New to Innsbruck" Shindig on the Austria forum:
shindigat initially posted:
Are you the new kid in town? Or have you become bored with the same old faces and places in your Innsbruck circle? Come to a “New to Innsbruck” Shindig and mingle with other new and not so new locals! We organise one social event a month at a venue that doesn’t have too much background noise, and where drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and food can be purchased. Innsbruck is a wonderful city, so join us to meet new people, make a few friends, find little-known spots, and simply get to know what there is in Innsbruck. This group is for *everyone* – it doesn’t matter what nationality, colour or age you are; you can be single people, in a relationship or married; you can be brand new in town, or you might have been here for a while but are looking to meet new people. All are welcome! See to learn more.
kevbud replied most recently with:
The link doesn't seem to be active. Are the Shindig's still occurring?
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Affordable & stylish consultancy rooms to rent. (Border of 14th & 15th Districts)

Would be suitable for therapists, coaches, doctors, architects, self-employed practitioners, you!

A hub for the international English, speaking community, is a fabulous place to network.

kevhenry86 replied to the thread UK pension,etc on the Austria forum:
toaustria initially posted:
Hallo! I have a list of questions that need answering, some expats may know the answers or where to go for answers. We want to move to Austria, mainly as the climate (both weatherwise and culturally) is more suited to our health and fitness needs. It's probably best just to list the questions: I get UK retirement pension next year, but have been retired off early so do not work. I hope the pension will be paid will be OK ( we presumably have to guess what happens when UK drops out of EU). But my wife has a disability - her disability allowance and incapacity (or whatever they call it now) should be paid, I think. What about medical expenses? as she is unable to work is medical care free? What about prescription charges (she also has diabetes)? When one reaches retirement age is medical care free for everyone? What about care for the elderly unable to live at home ? (We intend to stay there). I will be grateful for any help, Thanks
kevhenry86 replied most recently with:
Hi, I realise it is some time since you posted this message enquiry. But I was just wondering if you have moved to Austria already and do you still require some assistance with this, I may be able to help. Regards, Kevin
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austria5 replied to the thread Looking for a lawyer to help with a move from US to Austria on the Austria forum:
aneri0318 initially posted:
Can any one recommend an immigration lawyer who can help with the move from USA to Vienna, please?
austria5 replied most recently with:
Hi, we are a family of 3 and would like to move our business and personal life from USA to Vienna, Austria in a few months. Please let us know any regulations, incentives and requirements for doing so. My husband is an American, I am a Bulgarian. Thank you.
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nickstein posted Sports in Vienna on the Austria forum:
Hi All, If you are sporty like me, one of the bigger problems about moving to a new city is losing your sports social life. I had that problem moving to Vienna so I started a sports socializing network called One Player Down. It would be great to have you on the platform as we are just starting out and are looking for lots of feedback. If you are interested, just message me for an invite. Nick
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Ludmila posted Meeting businesswomen in Vienna on the Austria forum:
Charming business ladies visiting Vienna from the 12th till the 14th June. In the evenings they would like to meet business people from Vienna and exchange ideas, enjoying an exquisite cocktail or dinner. We gladly invite you to join the ladies! If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me:
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adminee posted Survey about Healthcare in Austria on the Austria forum:
We've put together a brief survey about expat healthcare. The goal is to collect information from you about the quality and availability of medical services, health insurance, prescription medicines and emergency care in your region of Austria. We'll be soon publishing the responses to help others who are following in your footsteps. Please take several minutes to answer the survey. The more detailed you can be in your responses, the better. Thank you, in advance, for sharing and helping others moving to your area!
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