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Blog Mami Rocks posted on the Austria Network
The blog for international mothers, who love themselves, their life and their kids.
Ken5811 replied to the thread American Ex-Pats in Austria on the Austria forum:
ArmyMike initially posted:
Hi, I am new to this. Are there any American Ex-Pats living in Austria that I can communicate with? I have often considered moving to Carinthia and live as an American Ex-Pat. Thanks
Ken5811 replied most recently with:
Just moved here two months ago from America. Living in Attnang. Married to an Austrian wife. Slowly adjusting
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huntirol posted Austria tax on US income on the Austria forum:
I am retired and moved to Austria last September. My income is from the US and I pay my taxes there. After receiving my papers to stay here I had to submit a copy of my tax return and proof of income, etc. I received a bill from the Austrian Finanzamt to pay extra tax to them. This does not seem right, as there is an agreement to avoid double taxation between the USA and Austria. How do I deal with the Austrian Finanzamt?
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Gregory1 posted Work Needed on the Austria forum:
I have been living in Austria for approx 3 years and soon approaching my 53rd birrthday..I have been working with a English speaking Austrian for some time in lower Austria not far from Vienna but this work will soon come to a end and am needing to find new employment as soon as possible My German language skills are sadly poor....In England I worked in mental health and youth work for about 20 years..I am now 53 and doubt that I would be able to discover similar work am looking for any kind of work available and if anyone is able to help it would be good....the work I am doing at moment is general maintance work of my employers house and this point I am willing to take on any work that is available...many thanks
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Morganbissell11 posted I want to move to Austria on the Austria forum:
Hello, I am a 19 year old male. My name is Morgan Bissell. I have a high school diploma, and I am from the U.S. (Not sure if I had to list that, cause this is an expat forum) However, my girlfriend of two years lives and is a citizen of Austria. So, we're long distance. (It sucks, and it's hard.. But love travels) I've been told numerous times it is impossible for me to move to Austria. But, it just motivates me more and I don't take no for an answer. How can I, a 19 year old male, who's only trade skills are warehouse production, and building shutters, move to Austria. ANY HELP PLEASE. My German is B1 level
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sadanan posted taxation Austria vs Germany on the Austria forum:
Dear people, I am planning to move to Europe and have possibilities between Austria and Germany. I would like to understand tax comparison between these two countries. I am married and with a baby. Can someone help me figure out: 1. Which country is better from tax point of view and will there be huge difference? 2. Cost of living and any other significant differences? Cheers... Sadanan
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dansar replied to the thread Need Help! on the Austria forum:
AmyClark143 initially posted:
I am currently a TEFL certified English teacher living in CZ. US passport. I am trying to move to Austria to teach there in a few months. Does anyone have any idea how the paperwork will go or what I can do to get this started? Any advice thanks xx
dansar replied most recently with:
Hi! I'm from UK but have lived in Austria since 2006. I completed a TEFL course online in 2006 and then worked at a language school (Berlitz). They only employ native speakers. After gaining experience there, i was able to get a job at a Vocational college, teaching adults. From what i understand, adult teaching isn't a problem. Teaching in a proper school with children is different-you need further training/education from the P├Ądogogische Hochschule for example. I'm afraid i can't help you on other paperwork, due to the UK being in the EU. Hope i've been of some help!
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Culture Shock in Vienna, Austria
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
It would nice to have a forum to meet other married and alone persons for mutual interests. Not sure where to find it but you should keep on trying. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Being from Austria (but having lived and worked abroad in different countries) the tram mishap just cracked me up (sorry!) But I know my people and some, not all, of the tram operators can be rather grumpy to put it mildly! I thought this individuals take on culture shock was quite thoughtful, you could almost feel how she/he feels, but that may also be because I can relate to a number of culture shocks on different continents.
A reader replied recently with:
I'm a native Austrian who has lived in the USA for over 50 years, and I travel back every so often. I, too, find that Austrians are not the friendliest people in the wolrd -- virtually no eye contact, much less acknowledgement from strangers in the street (you get spoiled in friendly Texas!). I do remember that there are Austro-American clubs and societies in Vienna where people are interested in forming friendships. Check them out!
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I am offering pairs of tickets (2 tickets, always side by side) to the following 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey matches in Prague's O2 Arena. Gold Medal Game | May 17th, 2015, 20:45 - Sector 114, row 17 (EUR 2000) - Sector 108, row 5 (EUR 1800) - Sector 414, row 8 (EUR 1500) Bronze Medal Game | May 17th, 2015, 16:15 - Sector 114, row 17 (EUR 800) - Sector 108, row 5 (EUR 700) - Sector 414, row 8 (EUR 600) The price is always for a PAIR (2x) of tickets, I am not selling the tickets individually. email for more info
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Hi everybody Looking for some suggestions, please. We're hoping to put our kids into school in Vienna for an academic year, so we'd love - if possible - to swap our 900-year-old home (in one of France's most beautiful villages) with a Vienna-based family wishing to give the south of France a whirl for a year! We reckon we need to put some ads up in the universities, but we're wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to target retirees, artists, writers... people whom a beautiful village might attract... Home Swap web sites aren't really geared up to finding long-term swaps! Names of publications or ideas would be gratefully received! Thanks for your ideas!
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