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bajasur replied to the thread Sending mail from Guatemala to USA on the Guatemala forum on December 15, 2014:
jaredlg initially posted:
Hello, I wanted to know if anyone is familiar with sending mail to the USA and what are the starting rates and shipping options. Hope someone is able to help
bajasur replied on December 15, 2014 with:
I have sent embroidered Huipilis to the US through DHL with no problems, also shirts to my sons in Alaska. As well as clothes I've sent jewelry. The only thing I was told I could not send "gold", silver ok. Go figure.
jaredlg replied on December 14, 2014 with:
thank you. Im not quite understanding my embroiderers reasoning he's saying that there is a tax for Guatemalan textile being sent to other countries. is this correct?
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kweary replied to the thread Long Term Parking at GUA Airport on the Guatemala forum on December 15, 2014:
kweary initially posted:
I'm looking for a secure lot near or at the airport where I can park my car for 2 weeks. Any recommendations? Thanks.
kweary replied on December 15, 2014 with:
zaqwsx - I've thought about that but the problem is when I return I need to bounce around the country so I would prefer to have my car. Doing some rough math it will be cheaper for me to drive (assuming I find a decent lot).
zaqwsx replied on December 15, 2014 with:
Take a coop van its far cheaper than the gas to the airport much less the parking fee and you will get home faster not wasting time dealing with a stolen car.
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zaqwsx replied to the thread Criminal Background Check for Residency on the Guatemala forum on December 15, 2014:
goingtoguate initially posted:
Does anyone know which law enforcement agency I need to get in touch with to get my criminal records from in the united States…Local-where I used to live, State, or FBI? I have been told several different things and do not want to repeat the process if I do it wrong. I am applying for "Residente Permanente pro Hijo Guatemalteco". Thank you for any help on this matter.
zaqwsx replied on December 15, 2014 with:
your not seriously planning to send your children to public school????The private schools take care of the paperwork for you.
AlPavarotti replied on December 14, 2014 with:
I hope there is a guatemalan consulate in the state where you used to lived. Because there are only about six or seven guatemalan consulates in the US which you can google to get their address and telephone number.
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zaqwsx replied to the thread Medical marijuana? on the Guatemala forum on December 15, 2014:
sandyjeans initially posted:
Is medical marijuana legal here?
zaqwsx replied on December 15, 2014 with:
Guatemala has no medical marijuana law however if you have a use license from a U.S. state an attorney here can arrange for your use in your house but not in pubic, call Edwardo 4034 9753 he can also defend you when your arrested and (with sufficient money) get you out of jail.
armandatitlan replied on December 05, 2014 with:
as fas as I know no.. but you can find it almost every where.
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Paradoxica replied to the thread Need temp place to rent/stay around Antigua while I look for long-term house to rent on the Guatemala forum on December 13, 2014:
Paradoxica initially posted:
Hi all. Lived at Lake Atitlan for 5 years and will be relocating to Antigua upon my return from the states this time. Actually, I will rent long-term on the outskirts of Antigua but am willing to be in the city for a bit first if necessary. Sure could use some help here finding a great place to stay and without getting ripped off too. Initially I am looking either for a house sit or temp rental, or room rental in someone's home for any length of time between 2-8 weeks. Perhaps longer if it is a great situation, but long enough for me to have a look around and find a long-term rental. I have been told that I am the quintessential 'perfect' renter and guest, as well as house/pet sitter, so maybe that will open up a door or two? Always leave a place better than I find it and you will not find many with more common sense, respect, and integrity than I have. I will be involved in opening a low cost/free health clinic in Antigua with cutting edge treatment modalities. Please Private Message me to really learn more if you are interested in what I do and am about. A few facts to start are… single female, non-smoker, non-drinker, no drugs… compassionate, super kind, lots of fun and calm peaceful energy, low impact, organic food and healthy lifestyle, no personality disorders and zero drama . Thought I had a rental for Dec/Jan while owner was away but that fell through so now I am once again exploring. My dates are flexible but I was so hoping to be there for Christmas. If you know of any place, or if you might consider renting out a bedroom for a bit or know someone who might, please let me know. Thanks so much! Like I said, if you PM me I will give you my website address and more info so you can learn about me, or we can skype. Thanks so much and peace to all!
Paradoxica replied on December 13, 2014 with:
Paradoxica replied on December 13, 2014 with:
Thanks for the tip… I have looked them up but are not exactly what I need. I will refer others to them however.
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eurasian replied to the thread Walking distance from San Bartolome to Antigua ? on the Guatemala forum on December 09, 2014:
eurasian initially posted:
I'll be in Antigua, in January and I'm looking for a rental (furnished apartment) in the area. I'm wondering if it's an easy walk from San Bartolome Becerra to El Parque Central, as there are some nice furnished apartments for rent there. Any other information on rentals would also be appreciated. Thanks !
eurasian replied on December 09, 2014 with:
Thanks for your information on places where expats are meeting. You are totally right about learning Spanish if I want to live there. I learnt Spanish at school (a long time ago) and I also took some classes in Ecuador and in San Pedro, last year. I also like to interact with local people while traveling on long distance buses. I'll check these Spanish schools. I'll be traveling with someone and we're looking for a furnished apartment. If anyone is hearing about a rental with 1 bedroom, please let me know. Thanks !
zaqwsx replied on December 07, 2014 with:
gringo watering the southern end of San Bartolome on the road to cuide vieja is Joe;s Place a restaurant known for its hamburgers, expats eat breakfast and lunch there, The Rainbow Cafe 6th ave and 7th st is somewhat of a watering hole at night along with the bars on 1st avenue south .near the Spanish schools, A lot of older expats set around central park and talk in the morning. If you are only going to be here for a month you might be better off at one of the Spanish schools they have full room and board and run daily activities. Its cheap and if you are thinking of moving here you need to learn the language try or
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busman7 replied to the thread Would like to join you in Paradise on the Guatemala forum on December 09, 2014:
srhart initially posted:
Hello. I too plan to retire early next year. So far, Guatemala looks like the most reasonable and friendly of places. I would like to find a place to stay for a month or two to see what life is really like. Any information would be greatly appreciated. It would be wonderful to correspond with local expats as I prepare to get out of the US. Thanks. Steve
busman7 replied on December 09, 2014 with:
Dolce Vita is still there but I have never been to it. I live east of town out in Playa San Diego, in the loitficaion a block from the beach.
Guategringo replied on December 08, 2014 with:
busman7 is the Dolce Vita Restaurant still open in La Libertad? greate oysters on the half shell. Do you live right on the water near the near the restaurants or down by the pier? great town I love visiting.
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zaqwsx replied to the thread How Does Triple Saldo Work? on the Guatemala forum:
kweary initially posted:
I'm a tigo customer and continue to hear conflicting reports on how 3x Saldo days work. Buying them is easy but do these cheaper minutes really expire? If you use them the day you buy them is it really 3x the usage?, etc. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
zaqwsx replied on December 03, 2014 with:
Tigo, Movestar and Claro all work differently and change from day to day. it can range from double time to 6 times depending. If you cannot read spanish just consider it a gift and forget about it. Generally Claro is out to screw you the time will be for as short as one day and good only for calls to other Claro phones. Moviestair tends to be the most generious but Tigo in Antigua has the best coverage. Claro charges you to find out how many minutes you have left whereas moviestair tells you at the end of each call. Your best to buy a dual chip phone and use the other carrier when the first one runs out.
busman7 replied on December 03, 2014 with:
Don't know about Tigo but Movistar they are like normal minutes good for 90 days, ripoff Claro's minutes only last 30 days.
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Moon1823 posted Housesitters available on the Guatemala forum:
Experienced housesitters ( couple) available, with excellent references. Currently staying at the Lake Atitlan. 5598 4731
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beachlifecasting posted New Travel Channel Show! on the Guatemala forum:
Now casting for a new Travel Channel series called LIFE'S A BEACH! Our travel doc show will be centered around interesting stories and people who have left the 9 to 5 grind and are now living the beach/island dream. If interested, please contact
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