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driftersinc replied to the thread Cargo Trailer to Guatemala on the Guatemala forum on July 24, 2014:
budman22 initially posted:
My wife and I are moving to the Panajachel area soon. I'm curious about the problems I might encounter bringing household goods from the US to Guatemala. By the way, thanks to all for their post. These tidbits of information have been very helpful in many areas.
driftersinc replied 1 hour ago with:
Ya still need your paperwork. Nothing will change that. Basically your buying a sponsor for 10,000Q. If your applying as a retiree there is no point in this. You'll get it without buying it. I came into this because me and my wife are in our thirties, no pension. We still required police clearance and all the necessary paperwork. The only difference is now we have a sponsor throughout the process instead of providing a permanent income.
driftersinc replied 1 hour ago with:
Like I said, money talks. Talk to your immigration lawyer and ask about alternative ways. I'm not giving out names since I don't bite the hand that feeds me but its really not difficult to get things done here if your willing to pay for it. Even visa runs, 400q and you can get it done for you. One could easily stay in this country for years without ever doing a visa run. Just talk to an immigration guy.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats share their favorite places to live in Guatemala - from Antigua to Lake Atitlan to Xela and more. (Continue)
A reader replied on July 22, 2014 22:07 with:
True to reality, this article !
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Guategringo replied to the thread curious about cost elec/gas on the Guatemala forum on July 22, 2014:
budman22 initially posted:
I know that being frugal is important when trying to save on electrical and gas costs and that the costs can vary widely depending on usage. I'd like to know what some of your elec/gas bills are per month, if you don't mind sharing this with me?
Guategringo replied on July 22, 2014 with:
we are a family of five in Guatemala City I average Q600 per month. We use electric stove and have central hot water.
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iguanalover replied to the thread Nervous but excited about Panajachel on the Guatemala forum:
Guinness initially posted:
My wife and I are considering relocating to Panajachel but are understandably nervous as neither of us have lived and worked outside the United States. My wife has been to Lake Atitlan several times, loves the region and speaks fluent Spanish, but it will be my first time in Guatamala. I've only been to Central American once - on vacation in eastern Costa Rica, and it ranked below the times I've spent in Buenos Aires or European destinations. But I want to expand my experiences and comfort zone. My professional work is mostly in online communications, so reliable internet is essential, with enough bandwidth to Skype with colleagues back in the U.S. I am also curious about the weather. I understand it is very moderate (60-75F) most of the year, which is nice since I don't do well in hot climates or in direct sunlight. (I'm Irish by ancestry, with the accompanying pale skin.) Am I being overly worried or would this be a difficult transition? The town sounds welcoming and I'm reassured with there apparently being a large expat community, but as noted, this would be a extraordinary experience for us, especially me. Moving is generally a tiresome endeavor, and this would be to a new country.
iguanalover replied on July 21, 2014 with:
Living in a country is much different than visiting. Give yourself six months just to acclimate. You will have to relearn many things, so try to relax, go slow and be easy on yourself. Actually having to navigate in another language can be very taxing. Give your self lots of slack and smile mucho. Don't push yourself too hard and remember, you have the rest of your life to get used to it. Successful expats use the experience to reinvent their lives and do entirely new things. Unsuccessful expats complain that things aren't like where they came from. It is also a great time to rediscover your spouse and find new ways to relate. My husband has talents I never knew he had, moving rekindled our relationship and gave us a new freedom to relate because we didn't have to meet anyone's expectations. Travel around the country and the region. Too many expats just settle in and never go anywhere. Central America is a fascinating place full of wonder, beauty and great people. Life will be the same but different. Make it an adventure.
FrancescaW replied on July 21, 2014 with:
Hi Krystina - I'm a Brit too and been living on and off at the lake for past 15 years, and permanently the past 6. Feel free to pm me or email might be better: francescwade (at) Try coming as far into Oct as you can as Sept/Oct are the heaviest months of the rainy season with concessional hurricanes passing through. Nothing to worry about, just means a lot of rain. But, if you stay on into Nov, then you will be here for one of the best months of the year! And the beginning of the dry season! Best, Francesca
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FrancescaW replied to the thread Cost of living in Panajachel? on the Guatemala forum on July 19, 2014:
ehendric initially posted:
Hi all, I am new to this forum. I was recently offered a job in Panajachel and am seriously considering accepting. I have been to Guatemala several times and Lake Atitlan seems like a wonderful place to spend some time. However, the job does not pay much and I'm not sure I can afford it. I was wondering if anyone can provide advice on the cost of living in the area (rent, food, transportation, medical care, entertainment, etc.). Additionally, do you think it might be easy to find some secondary work to supplement my income? Thanks!
FrancescaW replied on July 19, 2014 with:
Hi - I live in Pana and have done for the past 6.5 years, but been in Guate on and off since '98. Life is pretty cheap, but all of us here who aren't retired and work to live it is hand to mouth! Finding work that pays is not easy. I was often doing 3-4 consulting jobs and still not making enough. Rents start I would say at around $400 for a nice place. But if you rent a room from a Guatemalan family then you can get something for around $200 or less, but it is just a room, with shared hot water shower if you are lucky! Medicine is not cheap but you can buy anything across the counter without a prescription. Guate City have fantastic doctors at about a 10th price for the same treatment in the US (don't know where you are from?!0. Food from the market dirt cheap, from the grocery stores/delis imported, not so cheap...probably the same if not more than in the US! reasonably cheap, beer cheap! No cinema here! Just a beautiful, ever changing Lake and volcanoes! And one hell of a life style that makes any struggle more than worth while!! If there is a means...there is a way! Best of luck!
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budman22 replied to the thread Rental Cars on the Guatemala forum on July 19, 2014:
budman22 initially posted:
I'm planning a fact finding trip to Guatelmala with hopes of moving to the Panajachel area. I'm having trouble getting facts about car rentals and wondered if any of you could help? I know this is a broad subject but here are the specifics. compact or midsize with A/C, automatic transmission, is insurance included and if so, how much? Thanking you in advance for your help, I am, sincerely yours. Buddy
budman22 replied on July 19, 2014 with:
Bajasur, Thank you for the link. It provided exactly the information I needed.
Guategringo replied on July 19, 2014 with: each agency has a different price and different prices just like anywhere in the world.
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Guategringo replied to the thread New to Guate City - Advice on finding job and apartemnt on the Guatemala forum on July 19, 2014:
irwinm initially posted:
Hi Guys, I am new to Guate City and looking for advice on where to find work and places to stay. All advice is welcome Thanks in advance Michael
Guategringo replied on July 19, 2014 with:
Bajasur is right best day is Monday with Thursday nearly the same. Most call centers in Guatemala City in zones 9 and 10, Tikal Futura in Zone 11 and others here and there. Highest salary I have seen is Q5,000 for full English. Most offer free shuttle service and some are even offering college classes, except those are in Spanish. I have a nephew at one - Alcantel? he learned English in school here and is now in college but works part time earning the equivalent of US$360 per month.
bajasur replied on July 19, 2014 with:
Prensa runs ads for call centers on Monday I believe and Thursdays.
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Guategringo replied to the thread Guatemalan children in US on the Guatemala forum on July 19, 2014:
peabody initially posted:
What are your Guatemalan friends saying about the situation with the Guatemalan children in the US?
Guategringo replied on July 19, 2014 with:
None of my Guatemalan friends want to go to the U.S. and I do not blame them. The vast majority are the poor, poor Guatemalans from the highlands that have been told if they go for example a mother and child, then authorities will let them stay...
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DRThomas replied to the thread Korean BBQ on the Guatemala forum:
DRThomas initially posted:
Does Guatemala have any Korean BBQ restaurants?
DRThomas replied on July 18, 2014 with:
About a kilometer (two?) before reaching Miraflores, there is a Korean area on the left and across Roosevelt. As I recall, behind the Super 24 is a nice Korean place, possibly Korea House. The cooking is done in the kitchen, not on the table. I had a wonderful lunch for around Q50, far too much food for one person to eat. Place looks very simple from the outside, like maybe a garage or warehouse. The interior was a pleasant surprise. The usual duckhunter is in front. (armed guard) / In the Zona 10 there is a fantastic center called The Oakland Mall. (Love the movie theaters on the third floor.) Across the street (Diagonal 6) and to the right about 100 meters is an Asian place called "Dim Sum". It is on the ground floor of a building apparently called "The Design Center". The Korean BBQ there was good, but no side dishes. Very attractive, upscale place. I saw some other restaurants in the building, but I have not tried them out yet.
kyhodge0924 replied on July 17, 2014 with:
Where is Korean House? Is it located in GUA city? I just arrived in Antigua and went to "Miso". Kay
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cafeeyes replied to the thread Taking my dog from US to Guat to Ecuador and back to Guat on the Guatemala forum:
viejasmary initially posted:
Does anyone know what the requirements would be if I took my service dog from the US to Guatemala and then to Ecuador a few months later, and then back to Guatemala after that? Are my papers valid in both countries?
cafeeyes replied on July 14, 2014 with:
Inguat, could you post that info or send it to me privately. I would so appreciate it.Thanks
InGuate replied on July 04, 2014 with:
From US to Guatemala. You will need to have all his paperwork (shots, flea/tick treatments) signed by an APHIS certified vet within 30 days of flight. You then need to take the paperwork to an APHIS office to have it verified/stamped. I would recommend calling and making an appt. instead of just showing up there. I think this has to be done within 7 days of flight....don't remember for sure....would need to look up. You would then need to take that documentation to the Guatemalan embassy or consulate to get stamped. Cost $10 i think. If you don't live near an embassy then you need to mail it in. I have all the info but need to find it. Could give you later.
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