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Tex2Guat replied to the thread Seeking English Speaking OB Doctor on the Guatemala forum on October 01, 2014:
kristbarr initially posted:
I am looking for a doctor who is fluent in English to assist me with my first pregnancy. I speak Spanish, but would feel much more comfortable if I were able to deal with health issues in English. We are in Chimaltenango, so Antigua/Guatemala City are close enough for me. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
Tex2Guat replied 3 hours ago with:
newslakeatitlan, We just helped a friend from near Santiago who's newborn developed a temperature, and they were instructed to bring the baby to the city. We found NoviCentro to be a great hospital, with total bill for baby and mom to be less than $1000 including all bloodwork, meds, 2 night stay, and even spinal tap for baby. Baby is well now but what a terrifying experience in the beginning. Could you please ask the Hospilito Atitlan if they could handle a recent newborn with a temperature? Do they have a separate pediatric wing? Would they be able to do all the bloodwork labs and the spinal tap if necessary? Some hospitals refer those to Guat City hospitals. Does the one you enjoyed feel comfortable handling such a problem, or would they refer to the city? Thanks for your assistance and God bless.
newslakeatitlan replied on September 30, 2014 with:
We are form the States and live in Panajachel. We just had our baby in Hospilito Atitlan in Santiago. Best Best Best. Lots of OB's from the states and even one from Spain. Greta doctors a Guatemalan Dr delivered and was so professional. TOTAL COST $250US
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geotechnical replied to the thread Immersion Spanish Schools on the Guatemala forum on October 01, 2014:
alabama initially posted:
Any recommendations for immersion Spanish class (6-8 weeks.) Open to various locations (Antigua, Xela, Lake, etc.) Single male, late 30's. Also, any comments on the Oxford Language School in Antigua (teach English part/time)
geotechnical replied 7 hours ago with:
As someone else noted, you're probably better off going to Xela to learn Spanish instead of Gringotenango (Antigua). But it's really not about the school you go to, it's about your teacher. You have to find someone competent whom you have rapport with. A good portion of the competent teachers float from school to school, going where ever the work is, so the quality of the schools broadly speaking varies. Just sign up for a week at a school that seems good. Then if you don't like it, change to another.
Talullah replied on September 28, 2014 with:
I should add, I studied in SP at the Cooperativa, but I hear excellent things about the teachers at San Pedro Spanish school, too.
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busman7 replied to the thread Can an older guy get buy on $2000/mo in G? on the Guatemala forum on October 01, 2014:
geotechnical initially posted:
I'm 53 and looking to get out of the states. I have an income of around $2000/month. Is that going to be enough to live a halfway decent lifestyle in Guatemala? I don't need fancy stuff, just a clean, decent place to stay where there's not a lot of crime. Also, I'm single. I'm not bad looking, but a little overweight. What are the prospects for me hooking up with a decent woman in G? I'm not looking for a beauty queen, just somebody decent who isn't ugly.
busman7 replied 7 hours ago with:
Spot-on cazarhea!
cazarhea replied on September 30, 2014 with:
Yes, easily. My husband and I lived comfortably on 800 US a month near Santiago (lake Atitlan) rents about $300mo. We had a major medical need that cost in total $125 as compared to a similar incident the year before (in Alaska) for $40,000. The climate allows for very little heat/cooling costs, a vehicle is not necessary if you don't mind walking and using local transports. A nice meal out cost about $4. All in all 2000 would be a great income for a single person in Guat.
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busman7 replied to the thread Can a U.S. family of 3 move to Guate. on a monthly income of $750 on the Guatemala forum:
PeaceThePeasant initially posted:
Can a U.S. family of 3 move to Guatemala. on a monthly income of $750. I don't believe my family income of $750 meets the residency requirements. Is there any way around this? Please advise.
busman7 replied on September 30, 2014 with:
zaqwsx 4K a month, best lay off the booze 24/7 that'll save you a couple K a month. But you're right NO freeloading off the taxpayer lIke you did in the US with your 4K+ a month income, the Guatemalan government isn't that stupid!
zaqwsx replied on September 29, 2014 with:
I just got back from the U.S. visiting the children am a little late but here is my 2 cents. I am single and live in Anitgua my base costs are $1500.00 a month but I manage to go through $4,000. a month. When I was last in the USA I was having trouble spending more than $500.00 a month. Don't come here to live cheap. You can buy an old motor home and a thousand trails membership and go part to park staying up to 3 weeks at each park for $500.00 a year that includes electricity, water, usually a swimming pool and gym. I did it for 2 years. In the U.S. there are real thrift stores and yard sales where you can buy "stuff" 10 cents on the dollar, not here. There are food banks in most towns that give away or just about give away food, not here. You have a medical emergancy the hospital will see you and try to collect latter here medicine is cheap but no money no service, they will throw you out the door and watch you die. (the free health care is for citizens only and is not that great). The USA has food stamps (now a visa card), medicaid, low income housing, social security disability, and all kinds of state and federal welfare programs non of that exists here. Going to work fat chance---- A friend of mine is a young attorney from the best law school in the country, speaks perfect english and comes from a good local family he makes $600.00 a month with a good legal job in the national government. Maids here work hard for $6-$7 a day. What yoy can get here is dirt cheap rent (but the electricity in Antigua is twice the U.S. price) and the housing comes nowhere near U.S. standards often there is no heat or air conditioning and the electric wiring is zip line. My house has 20 amp service (not 200 amps) but it works. Here you can afford a maid, cook and gardener. With a cook she will buy your food cheaply at the market and it will be fresh and organic. But forget good bacon, real maple syrup or anything ready to eat, it will cost 2 to 5 times more here. Buses are good and run everywhere all the time for a few cents but an old car will cost twice what it would cost in the US and gas is a dollar a gallon more. The locals believe in family all help each other and eat corn, rice and beans. I know families that live on $200.00 a month but they are not gringos. If you are only doing it for the money you are better off in the USA.
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property in GuatemalaPatalatalik is a lovely place, comfortable with direct access to the lake, designed by a Guatemalan architect and built by local masons.
property in GuatemalaIdeal for families with young children who need that space to explore and grow every day.
property in GuatemalaLocated in the beautiful village Solola shores of Lake Atitlan, one of the most beautiful places in the world.
property in GuatemalaThis house has a modern design in 4 levels, has 2 bedrooms (sleeps up to 6) and a large terrace for sunbathing.
ChickenPie replied to the thread Health insurance in Guatemala on the Guatemala forum:
Soontobeexpat initially posted:
I've been looking into health insurance options In preparation for my move to Antigua and was wondering if anyone in the group could provide any recommendations. It seems like two of the biggest insurers are banks- G&T health insurance and Robles insurance from banco industrial I( I think). Does anyone have this insurance or insurance from another company they recommend? Approximate cost? Thanks!
ChickenPie replied on September 21, 2014 with:
My son's school uses G&T. Costs will be dependant upon your situation. I am sure you could get a quote before you get here. I might check with the hospitals you are planning on using to see which ones cooperate with the hosptials in that area. For example, in Xela, it's hard to find an insurance that pays when you're at the hosptial -- they want you to pay and then get all the receipts and the fill out a claim form and submit it to be partially reimbursed. I don't think that's a problem in Guatemala City.
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