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AtitlanArtist posted Diabetic Sharps on the Guatemala forum on August 31, 2015:
Does anyone know where one can dispose of diabetic sharps (needles)? We have a big regulation container full and would prefer not to have to take them back to the US. Preferably somewhere around Lake Atitlan, but Antigua or GC is OK too. Thanks!
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DebAntigua replied to the thread Shopping on the Guatemala forum on August 30, 2015:
suesba2002 initially posted:
Hi anyone going shopping in Guatemala C this week or next? If so I would love to hitch a ride. Just moved to Antigua and need to buy things that I think would be too bulky for a chichen . walmart, pricemat (not have a card) or other stores with a good selection of basic household Things. Sue
DebAntigua replied on August 30, 2015 with:
Sorry, we can only fit one more person in the van than our family right now, as one person has a broken foot and needs to elevate it during the trip. So this trip will be full if Sue comes along. (Still trying to connect to work that out). It sounds though like there could be other opportunities for some of us in Antigua to share costs on future trips! We should begin exchanging email and phone numbers so we can sync up on future shopping days.
Xpatch replied on August 30, 2015 with:
This Is Richard. Un interested 3001 5102
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DebAntigua replied to the thread CPAP Supplies on the Guatemala forum on August 27, 2015:
Viff initially posted:
I am wondering how and where to get supplies for my CPAP in Guatemala. Plan to live in either Antigua or Xela. I figure Someone must use a CPAP. Thank You
DebAntigua replied on August 27, 2015 with:
Would love to know this too. So far my husband is still using supplies from the USA we brought down last trip, but sooner or later we'll need something here.
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suesba2002 replied to the thread Renting challenge on the Guatemala forum:
Larryt initially posted:
I was told that some places will not rent to an American but only to a Guatemalean. Has anyone encountered this?
suesba2002 replied on August 27, 2015 with:
i'm a US adventure girl that has moved from COsta Rica where I have been living for the last 2 years and teaching business English. I'm looking for an apt in either the Antigua area or Guat C that accepts cats and preferrably. Top rent $600 but would be more comfortable with $400/450. Talked to a few realtors and saw a few places but either too ulgy or too isolated. Just found the Prensa Libra. Any other suggestions. Would like to continue teaching for $ and do some volunteer work. Wouldn't mind meeting anyone for a cup of coffee and conversation about your experiences. Sue
gonetopana replied on August 02, 2015 with:
I believe that is indeed not the case. Most Guatemaltecas like the idea of renting to people from the US and Europe for many obvious reasons. They know they will get the rent on time, and that most of the time we take good care of their properties as well as improve them. One thing to keep in mind is that just like here most owners want a signed contract, a monitary deposit, and a copy of your passport. The hardest part is finding out who has what for rent. Just remember that Guatemalans are "Americans too" something we tend to forget when addressing them.
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NealR2000 replied to the thread Appliances and Furniture on the Guatemala forum on August 27, 2015:
NealR2000 initially posted:
New member - First post. Sorry if this question has already been covered, but I couldn't find it through searching. We are planning to build a house on Lake Atitlan in a village with no road access. Every item we plan to get to the new house will need to be driven to Panajachel dock, and then ferried by boat to our dock. Can anyone suggest the cost cost-effective place to buy big ticket items like household furniture and appliances 9dishwasher, washer/dryer, stove, fridge), which will need to be shipped to the house via road and boat. I know that there are some major stores in GC (the names of which I don't know), but I'm wondering if it's just as easy/cheap to buy these things in Antigua? My guess would be GC.
NealR2000 replied on August 27, 2015 with:
Thanks for your feedback, but I will have no use for a boat, dock, and car, which would make financial sense in what will be a one-time shipping of appliances operation. As for employing locals, I can assure you that much local work will result from our living there, in terms of house construction, guardian, housekeeper, etc.
zaqwsx replied on August 26, 2015 with:
you are moving to a third world country where you can hire a maid for $6.00 a day. give somebody a job they will do your dishes and wash your cloths at the concrete pila that you will buy locally. If you want a gringo life style you need to buy a boat and rent secure space to park a car along with dock rights in pana or san pedro. in doing this you will find someone with a boat that will move your purchases, You will find it cheaper to have the furniture built on site. 4
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NealR2000 replied to the thread Buses Between Antigua and GC on the Guatemala forum:
lowell108 initially posted:
What are the buses like between Antigua and Guatemala City? Are they safe? Better just to take a taxi?
NealR2000 replied on August 25, 2015 with:
There's also regular shuttles that do this route. More expensive than a bus but cheaper than a taxi.
zaqwsx replied on August 20, 2015 with:
Take the bus but avoid early in the morning and late in the afternoon they can fit 100 people in those chicken buses. Rest of the day not crowded. but remember the capital is smart enough not to allow those diesel belching polluters in central city. You get a cab or a city bus at the Hospital (end of the line). the bus is q10 and a taxi around q25 a taxi from Antigua is around q500 plus parking and a tip for wait time.
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xakota replied to the thread Internet speeds in Pana and Antigua? on the Guatemala forum on August 24, 2015:
xakota initially posted:
Hi-- My fiancee and I work for companies in the US but live abroad. We're thinking about living in Pana and Antigua for a few months next year. We need a minimum and reliable 2-5 Mbps internet speed for video conferencing. Can anybody verify that this is available in these towns (ideally confirmed with or another similar service)? And if so, how we would go about getting service? Thanks in advance!!!
xakota replied on August 24, 2015 with:
Awesome. This is exactly what I need to know! Thanks!
DebAntigua replied on August 23, 2015 with:
The good news is, up to 10 Mg down and 1 Mg up is available in Antigua. Here's the speedtest I just ran from our house, which is located in southeast central Antigua: The bad news is that virtually no one has that as their internet plan in any rental homes or apartments, either because it's not available in all areas or more commonly, because very few people here see the need for such "blazing fast speed", LOL. Don't believe anyone in Guatemala who tells you their internet is "very fast", because the local perception of high speed internet is very different than in a first world country. Ask for a speed test. We had to negotiate increasing the internet speed as part of our rental contract, and the only reason our landlord was willing to do it was because we are staying for 1 - 2 years. She had to sign a 2 year contract with Claro to get the 10 Mg service plan. You also will want to keep in mind that both electricity and internet are less reliable here than what you are probably accustomed to counting on elsewhere. During a storm the electricity and internet both will often flicker in and out, and we had one internet outage that lasted almost a full 24 hours. All in all though, we would never trade our life in Antigua for one in the USA with 24/7/365 internet and electricity. We absolutely love it here and have found that we can hotspot on a cell phone in a pinch if the internet has temporary problems.
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Larryt posted Some clothes and funiture for sale on the Guatemala forum on August 21, 2015:
We are selling some girls/women's clothes size 12 and 14. Used but well maintained. Also selling a bike and some furniture items. If interested send an email to @
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bajasur replied to the thread newspapers on the Guatemala forum:
lindaceleste initially posted:
I'm in the US and can find more than five different Guatemala newspapers in Spanish online. Is the English language "The Guatemalan Times" no longer published? The online link does not work regardless of how I try to access. The last Facebook entry appears to be in 2013. Are there any daily or weekly papers published in English?
bajasur replied on August 18, 2015 with:
You can use Google translator for Newspapers. Prensa Libre translates fairly well.
Guategringo replied on August 18, 2015 with:
Guatemala Times is no longer published. As far as I know the only thing available in English is news feeds from Google each day.
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lowell108 replied to the thread Health Care in Antigua on the Guatemala forum:
lowell108 initially posted:
What sort of facilities for health care exist in Antigua? Is there a hospital? An MRI? Good specialists? (Neurologist?)
lowell108 replied most recently with:
Thanks. That's what I needed to know.
kgriff replied most recently with:
There is a private hospital in Antigua that most expats go to. There are lots of doctors there and some speak English. Many of the doctors were trained in the States, so they are good. However, for a specialist, the best ones are in Guatemala City and they are really good, as good if not better than the ones in the States, with state-of-the-art facilities too. I would suggest going to the city for a neurologist. I recently had to have an MRI done on my knee and had to go to the city for it. I was very impressed with the Radiology facility; it was clean and modern and the staff was very professional.
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