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Xpatch replied to the thread Renting challenge on the Guatemala forum on July 20, 2015:
Larryt initially posted:
I was told that some places will not rent to an American but only to a Guatemalean. Has anyone encountered this?
Xpatch replied on July 20, 2015 with:
There are situations where rental properties are furnished or objects of value are leant, where the landlord or lender requests a national with a NIT to coding as a grantor, this can be worked around by additional security beeping deli sited, in my case TIGO is happy to sell me cell phone contract, I bought the sim. And owed the phone, but tigi star required a national to consign an Internet contact as the modem, there property, be in my possession.
Normando replied on July 20, 2015 with:
WHO told you THAT..? CRAZY!!!
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kgriff replied to the thread garage sales on the Guatemala forum on July 17, 2015:
gotoguatemala initially posted:
I'm kind of a garage sale picker up here in states. I know about the city markets, but how is the yard/garage sale seen in the nicer gated communities around GC or Antiqua? Thanks.
kgriff replied on July 17, 2015 with:
There are a few facebook pages. There's also the pacas, like Megapaca. But usually not anything like a garage or yard sale.
iguanalover replied on July 17, 2015 with:
Opps, that is where people will post things for sale once in a while. There is not a formal used things market like thrift stores or garage sales. Most things go by word of mouth.
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Paulo69 replied to the thread Need to know exact way to calculate mid-year and December bonuses on the Guatemala forum:
DebAntigua initially posted:
Hello - We hired our housekeeper/cook from our landlord (we pay her now directly ourselves). I can't seem to get a straight answer on how to calculate the July and December bonus amounts, especially since her wages changed during the January - June period and she only started working for us in early April. Does anyone know the proper way to calculate the bonus amounts? I've heard everything from being told to pay only Q250 per month the domestic worked for us, to "just pay them double in July".
Paulo69 replied on July 14, 2015 with:
You are welcome. I am a nerd so I sort of like researching these things. Fun! lol
DebAntigua replied on July 08, 2015 with:
Thank you!! That's exactly what I needed.
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zaqwsx replied to the thread Realiable Internet Providers on the Guatemala forum:
kylen1985 initially posted:
I'm currently looking for reliable internet that can handle voip calls 8 hours a day, 5 days a week minimum. I was hoping to hear from anyone that can help me. Ideally Antigua is where I'm looking but open.
zaqwsx replied on July 14, 2015 with:
not in this country//// the internet in Antigua is spotty. It depends where the house is it may be 512 or 20 gb available or something in between. As a rule tigo is far better than Claro and they do not require a two year contract, Forget getting it with your rental, the landlord may have 5 houses and he will string them all together on one residential line that may work when everyone else is at work but not most of the time. Claro also has a habit of puting businesses and schools on your residential line. They will show up after school is out to show you how fast their service is. If internet is really important you need to visit the tigo office with a map and have them show you where you can get the best service then look for a house there and pay for your own internet line. You also want to use or some other proxy server and not the tigo or claro ISP for security. speed and reliability, Still do not expect it to work in the rain because they use inside connectors everywhere. you need to get a ladder and a can of spray silicone and spray every connector down the street. They also do not have voltage stabilizers, battery backups or generators so spikes and outages will always be a problem.
kgriff replied on July 13, 2015 with:
I would recommend cable internet, at the very least, which leads you to Turbonett (Claro) or TigoSTAR (Tigo). However, the definition of "reliable" is subjective and all internet companies have their issues. No internet service is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; there are often outages.
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Hi folks, I lived in Guatemala City for a time in the mid 90s and have been working on novel that takes place over a decade before about a biologist researching spider monkeys in Tikal. I'm looking for research help and would love to connect with anyone who spent a lot of time in or near the park in the late 70s early 80s--particularly anyone who was involved in archeological work or other academic research there. My email is daniel_kimberly [at] Many thanks!
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zaqwsx replied to the thread Insurance Options on the Guatemala forum:
lowell108 initially posted:
One of the biggest things my wife and I would be giving up if we retire outside the States would be Medicare. We both have pre-existing conditions. There must be expats with serious preexisting conditions who have faced this issue. How do you cope?
zaqwsx replied most recently with:
medicare does not pay outside the united states but most of the medicare advantage plans do at least for a limited time period. Humana pays for 60 days. You become a perpetual tourist (90 days with extensions or short visits outside the country). Keep a U.S. address. Humana and most other insurers will sent your medicines to your U.S. address, you just have it sent on to you here. (an import form needs to be filled out and files with your agent). Visits to doctors here will be less than your copay back home. something serious you make a trip to the U.S. If you watch the specials you can fly Spirit to Miami for less than $300.00 round trip, fly up for a few days do your shopping for the things you cannot get here and start the insurance clock running again.
DebAntigua replied most recently with:
For the bank-issued insurance, do you have to be a resident? Or can people on tourist visas also purchase it?
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daniellewa replied to the thread Having a baby in Guatemala on the Guatemala forum:
andrewandbeth initially posted:
My husband and I just moved to Guatemala a month ago and just now found out that i'm pregnant. We're in our early 20's and this will be our first child. We're considering having the baby here, but i'm having a hard time finding good information about it. Does anyone have any suggestions, or experiences they could share? We're living right outside of Antigua for the moment. I'm also concerned about c-section stats that i've read so we're considering a midwife here, or back home in the states if that is an option. Any advice is welcome!
daniellewa replied most recently with:
Hi, I just recently had a baby with Hannah Freiwald, a midwife who works both in Antigua and Guatemala City. Had a GREAT experience, very empowering! Private message me for more info!
iguanalover replied most recently with:
Did you do a search on this site? There have been other women with this topic who report good care. The C-section stats are mostly for local women is what I have been told.
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zaqwsx replied to the thread Health Care Directives on the Guatemala forum:
AtitlanArtist initially posted:
Does anyone know if a Health Care Directive drawn up and notorized in the U.S. in English is legal in Guatemala or would a new one need to be drawn up or at least translated into Spanish and notorized here?
zaqwsx replied most recently with:
All documents have to be in Spanish. All legal documents written by an attorney. When I had my will done I asked my attorney about a directive and he told me they were not valid in this country. But remember this is not the good old USA, medical professionals here do not do anything unless they are paid. Just refuse to pay.
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armandatitlan replied to the thread Considering relocating to Guatemala on the Guatemala forum:
JennyBeba initially posted:
I was born and raised in the US in North America. I work remotely from home for a company based out of TX. What would I have to do to set up residency in Guatemala for me and my 2 young girls..? For us to live there..? And for me to continue to work at my same company..? Thank you..!
armandatitlan replied most recently with:
you should ask for temporary residency indicating that you are starting a company to export services from Guatemala.. PM if you want more info
JennyBeba replied most recently with:
Thank you DebAntigua This is just personal not because of my job. My boyfriend is from there and we've been dating for about a year. He often talks about going back home and would like me to join him. I've just never been out of the states before and I know nothing about Guatemala and am just researching to see what I can find out. He understands my concerns but always reassures me everything will be fine. I'm an independent divorced single mom of 2 little girls. I have many obstacles to deal with in regards to my ex so I'm not even sure this would be an option for me. But I decided to see what I can find out. Would you happen to know of any informative websites where I could learn more about the country and what living there would be like..? Thank you for your help :)
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zaqwsx replied to the thread Antigua - True Cost Of LIving on the Guatemala forum:
lowell108 initially posted:
My wife and I are thinking of retiring overseas and Antigua, Guatemala is near the top of our list. We are concerned because it is a more expensive location. Would it be possible to hear from folks who are living there about their 'real' cost of living?
zaqwsx replied most recently with:
Antigua is a tourist town, you don't speak the language and you are perceived to be a rich gringo ...three strikes. wood furniture is made in ciudad vieja or duenas metal in san jaun obismo. Ask a local to show you the shops and send your jefa de casa to buy the stuff with photos from the internet or stores in the capital also good to have sizes in centimeters.
bajasur replied most recently with:
For furniture handmade, go to the back of the central market and then behind the buses. There are a lot of little shops that make furniture. If they don't what you want ask them if they'll custom make for you.
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