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JoeKarga posted Travel Channel series seeks Americans relocating to Guatemala on the Guatemala forum on March 31, 2015:
I am a Producer with Karga Seven Pictures and we have created a series for Travel Channel about American families/couples who are relocating to different places around the world. Guatemala will be one of the episodes! If you or your spouse has an opportunity to relocate from America to any town in Guatemala I would love to hear about it. Shoot me an email: Joe
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busman7 replied to the thread debit card rejected for visa extension on the Guatemala forum on March 31, 2015:
DanRadin initially posted:
I went to pick up my passport with my 90-day extension last Friday. I wasn't able to get my passport because the photocopy that I had given them a week before was of a debit card. It was the same debit card that they had accepted the last time I went for my extension. I guess it just depends on how carefully they look.
busman7 replied 13 hours ago with:
A bus ticket to El Salvador would be useless as it's also a CA-4 country.
bajasur replied on March 30, 2015 with:
I took my passport in to the lawyer last week for an extension, but used my credit card. Guess I'll just use the credit card from now on. Thanks, kgriff
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AlPavarotti replied to the thread Health insurance on the Guatemala forum on March 28, 2015:
Xpatch initially posted:
I've, my wife and I, are entering as tourists and applying as residency. Would anyone be able to fill me in on health insurance company's in Guatemala, Thank you
AlPavarotti replied on March 28, 2015 with:
Hi there. As far as I know Granai & Townson (G&T) is one of the oldest financial institutions in the country. Years back they added health and auto innsurance to their line of business. I'm not endorsing that company because I have never had any kind of health insurance in guatemala. But I went ahead and googled that for you. And I found their webpage at click where it says SALUD to check on PLANES DE SALUD and ask for a quote on line on health insurance plans. I had already mentioned the Herrera Llerandi Hospital as one of the best in the country base on my wife's experience. Now, believe it or not, at one time my brother in law happened to be in guatemala when he suffered a brain aneurysm (sp) 160 kilometers from guatemala city. He was taken by ambulance to Hospital Roosevelt, a public hospital where he underwent a free of charge sussessful operation. He spents a lot of time in Mazatenango. And at another time he had a prostate operation at the public hospital in Mazatenango. And to this day he says he feels fine. And that's why I know that medical services in guatemala including public hospitals, and the social security hospitals (IGGS) (INSTITUTO GUATEMALTECO DE SEGURIDAD SOCIAL) for workers that are eligible for their services because they pay a small deduction out of their pay check are good. Thank god that corporate greedy mentality that runs here in the US has not infected other countries in the world. The way I see it, health care should be a constitutional right, and not a privilege for only the ones that can afford it.
Xpatch replied on March 28, 2015 with:
Hito clarify, 2 types of business sell health insurance:Guatamalen banks and health insurance company's, and I may purchase through with type of business. If this sounds dense I apologize.
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AlPavarotti replied to the thread Studying in a Guatemalan University on the Guatemala forum on March 27, 2015:
cece92 initially posted:
I'm trying to seek information for an international student studying in a Guatemalan University. I want to study in Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala City. I'm from the USA and I'd like to know what the process is like? Do Guatemalan universities normally accept international students? I hold a Guatemalan citizenship (dual US/Guatemalan citizenship) from behalf of my father so I have no issues regarding residency and immigration issues in the country. If this were to happen it would be my sister and I going abroad to study. I get that living in Guatemala as 2 young women alone is a bit dangerous but it's not like we haven't been there before. As a matter of fact we lived there for 3 years with my family when we were younger before we moved back to the US. We have family in other departments of the country as well. Still I'd like to know the danger level for us two living in the city? What zones do you recommend us moving to? We're looking into renting an apartment preferably in a gated community. Any tips and information are greatly appreciated!
AlPavarotti replied on March 27, 2015 with:
I did google Universidad Francisco Marroquin guatemala. And in two seconds I got their webpage www.ufm.ed tel (502) 2338-7700 They have a beautiful campus on zone 10 in a nice residential area. Besides the Universidad de San Carlos, UFM It's one of the few ones with a medical school. And its also regarded as meeting high academic standards. And I'm sure your credits should be accepted here in the US. But of course you want something in writing. Now, you don't have to have car. For a few dollars you should be able to hire a white cab driver for daily service to pick you up and bring you back from school. And take you any where else. That's what I do every time I'am in town and save myself all kinds of head aches. Most of them are friendly, honest and reliable people. And they can also give you their business card for personal services.Keep in mind cell phones are dirt cheap including making international calls to the US. I'm sure you guys will be fine.
iguanalover replied on March 27, 2015 with:
I would add two things to what Pavarotti said. Don't use a phone card, use Skype. We call all over Central America for practically nothing. Look at the Facebook pages for Guatemala. I think you might connect better there. Guatemala City has recently gone thru a rebuilding period. I have met lots of young people who really like it and are doing some exciting things. They seem very proud of their city and what is going on there. Have an open mind. The biggest thing we have seen that discourages us is gridlock traffic, 24/7. That is the main reason we have avoided the city. It is like any other big city and lots more safe than South Florida, any day.
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busman7 replied to the thread Banking on the Guatemala forum on March 27, 2015:
Xpatch initially posted:
Chase bank requires my Guat bank account number to set up wire transfer protocols in person at my branch, but I don't have an account as I was going to open my Guat $ and Q account after arriving. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem, ie how to get a Guat account in absentua? Thanks
busman7 replied on March 27, 2015 with:
Possibly they couldn't confirm the numbers because they were cell phone numbers? I know that here in El Salvador to get a postpaid internet account with Claro you need a reference with a landline number.
DRThomas replied on March 26, 2015 with:
BAM told me the same thing. To pick up money from Western Union I needed the telephone numbers of two locals (WU told me they would not confirm the numbers). Crazy...
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ruecassidy replied to the thread Shipping from Panama to Guatemala? on the Guatemala forum on March 27, 2015:
ruecassidy initially posted:
Has anyone done this? I'm moving from Panama to Antigua in May. I have a small amount of furniture & 15 boxes, (which I will ship at a later date,) but can't find a shipping company in Panama that does this route. Thanks for any ideas!
ruecassidy replied on March 26, 2015 with:
Thanks. I was going to use them for Amazon, etc. Didn't know they also did larger shipping.
armandatitlan replied on March 26, 2015 with:
contact in guatemala they will guide you through the process... but be careful with custom taxes...
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busman7 replied to the thread Mother/son backpacking thru Central America on the Guatemala forum:
kristinrae initially posted:
Next school year (fall/winter 2015) my 13 yr old son and I plan to backpack through Central America for 2-4 months while he does virtual school and I work on my travel blog. We want to do 2-4 weeks of Spanish classes on a budget and then make our way from Guatemala down to Panama. We will make time for volunteering, surfing lessons, snorkeling, visiting indigenous people, a cooking class, and etc. Probably spending about a week in one spot and then moving on. Here are my questions: Do I have an safety concerns? Is it realistic to budget up to $50/day for both of us (staying in CLEAN hostels or budget rooms)? Can anyone recommend a cheap, quality Spanish school for adults and kids classes? Are there any trains or is it just bus transporation? Is it ossible to find small paying jobs like in cafes or teaching English? Anyone have an itinerary suggestion?
busman7 replied on March 26, 2015 with:
Do a home stay in Antigua while studying Spanish, a great place.
bmwglenn replied on March 25, 2015 with:
2-4 months is not much time to see so many countries. My son and I spent a month in Guate, later a month in Ecuador, and several weeks in Baja. The slower you go, the cheaper it will be. Also, as you're traveling you'll find a town that attracts / strikes a chord with you and it won't necessarily be the town you thought it would be from reading the guide books. Guatemala has THE BEST Spanish classes, better than Mexico, Peru and Ecuador from my experience. Avoid Antigua schools, great schools, but to easy to speak English after class is over. Try Xela, Huehuetenango, Lake Atitlan area .. except Panajachel. Study for a week or two, travel for a week practicing your Spanish, then come back to same school, same teacher and work on your Spanish for another week or two. has reviews as does, Expect the people to be very friendly and helpful to you and your son. Crime will be trivial .. pickpockets or steal you purse when you are distracted. Hope this helps, maybe I'll see you in November in Guate.
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Shellyclark2002 posted TEfL Opportunties on the Guatemala forum on March 25, 2015:
Can anyone give me current information about teaching opportunities for ESL (English as Second Language) teachers. Thank you so much.
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DRThomas replied to the thread 2:30 closing for visa extensions on the Guatemala forum on March 25, 2015:
DanRadin initially posted:
I was at Migration last Friday dropping off my passport for my visa extension. I got there at 2:45 and I was told that they stop giving out numbers at 2:30. This was the first I had heard of this. Fortunately, the woman at the information window took pity on me and made an exception.
DRThomas replied on March 25, 2015 with:
Dropping off and picking up, I will be with the Mexican national. She's too cute to trust her on her own in the big city. LOL Thanks!
armandatitlan replied on March 24, 2015 with:
Great job DanRadin.. I think you miss a little part at the end... when you come back 8 days later.. .and once you have presented your receipt to the passport pick up window after the information window.. they send me to the window #12 to get the receipt for payment that I took downstair to the bank , paid in Q the fee. and then got a copy of this receipt which I brought back to the passport pick up window.. and then they delivered to me .. signing the book.. Now regarding who can pick it up the passports.. it varries a lot some times you can pick it up for somebody (better if it is family related) some times they asked for a notarised letter of the passport owner
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DeliaLopez replied to the thread requirements for applying for residency? on the Guatemala forum:
laura84egan initially posted:
I'm applying for residency to Guatemala from the U.S and I have all my papers ready to go that they ask for on the application .Are you suppose to get F.B.I finger print report also? I only have my city report and I'm not sure if this is enough.I don't want to be denied at the Immigration office. Thank you for any help you can give me regarding this.
DeliaLopez replied on March 23, 2015 with:
I got my state police page, but once you get your papers you must take them or send them to the secretary of state to have them appostilled. Once you get them back appostilled you must send them to the Guatemalen consulate to get authenticated $10 per page. I had my stuff translated in OR on offical paper and notarized then appostilled and authenticated. So I have the originals and the Spanish copies appostilled and authenticated we arrive April 14 and will be taking our passports to be authenticated at the US Embassy so we will see but without the appostille and Guate stamps they are worthless in Guate from what I am told,
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