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iguanalover replied to the thread Having a baby in Guatemala on the Guatemala forum on July 05, 2015:
andrewandbeth initially posted:
My husband and I just moved to Guatemala a month ago and just now found out that i'm pregnant. We're in our early 20's and this will be our first child. We're considering having the baby here, but i'm having a hard time finding good information about it. Does anyone have any suggestions, or experiences they could share? We're living right outside of Antigua for the moment. I'm also concerned about c-section stats that i've read so we're considering a midwife here, or back home in the states if that is an option. Any advice is welcome!
iguanalover replied 10 hours ago with:
Did you do a search on this site? There have been other women with this topic who report good care. The C-section stats are mostly for local women is what I have been told.
armandatitlan replied 11 hours ago with:
Hi there. My wife (US citizen) had 2 children here. One in Antigua at the birth center Ixmucane (in the water) and one in Guatemala at Hospital La Esperanza (same birth in the water). Paid $ 2,000 in Guatemala city.. Top services
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Shelly74 replied to the thread Pet Friendly Hotels and Places in Guatemala? on the Guatemala forum on July 03, 2015:
cece92 initially posted:
I'm in need of some pet friendly hotels located in Guatemala City? Also pet friendly places in Guatemala? I've done my fair share of researching hotels but all the ones I've come up with say they don't accept pets anymore or their phone number doesn't work. It's really frustrating. I need a proved and tried hotel that allows pets!!!
Shelly74 replied on July 03, 2015 with:
Does it need to be a hotel? Try AirBNB. Some people allow pets in their homes.
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armandatitlan replied to the thread When Someone Dies on the Guatemala forum on July 01, 2015:
AtitlanArtist initially posted:
Does anyone know what the procedures are when a foreigner dies in Guatemala, especially if they don't die in a hospital? Who is contacted first and then? Doctor? Police? Embassy? Family? Thank you in advance.
armandatitlan replied on July 01, 2015 with:
I 'm not sure that all the assets goes to the university of San Carlos.. If there is no heirs it has to go through a civil court case for a judge to determine if there are heirs or not and then it goes to the government. Better to have already a contract with one of the funeral to take care of all the procedures.
armandatitlan replied on July 01, 2015 with:
Welll I have the experience with one of my renters.. He died during the night.. and the best scenario was to contact funerales Reforma.. As they took care of all the procedure.. Now if you are a long term resident I strongly suggest to contract a funeral contract with Funeral Reforma and if you plan to take back the body take the option incineration this way it is either to travel with.. Now all this if the death is natural. In case of non natural death I would say call your embassy first.
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Paulo69 replied to the thread Coconut oil Lake atitlan on the Guatemala forum on July 01, 2015:
kateallie initially posted:
Hi all, Is there anywhere I can find reasonably priced coconut oil from any of the villages around lake atitlan?? Thank you, Kate
Paulo69 replied on July 01, 2015 with:
You can buy coconut oil at PriceSmart in GC or at Organica in AG. I don't know about Atitlán.
kateallie replied on July 01, 2015 with:
Hi there, Yeah it seems strange as it was plentiful through Costa Rica & Nicaragua, I had sufficient supplies while we were in Honduras, so didn't search there. I have spotted it in a gringo supermarket with lots of imported American products here in Panjachel. However it was $24 U.S. For a jar. Ludicrous, I usually pay no more than $9 whilst travelling & a lot less for the local brew. I'll be heading over to San Pedro in a few days, so will check there, thank you for that. Regards, Kate
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roadapple replied to the thread From Guate to US driving through Mexico on the Guatemala forum:
Larryt initially posted:
We have been in Guate for some time. Our car is Guate licensed. We are thinking about driving to the US but don't know the guidelines. So, do we need to get a permission here in Guate before we leave? Is there a deposit required to drive through the country. If so, does anyone know how much? It the trip with Guate plates one that is reasonably safe? What is the recommended way to go? Is it best to go through Mexico City or along the Gulf or along the Pacific? Are there suggested places to stop over so we do not have to drive at night? I am sure there are other questions but for now, these will start the engine! Thanks for your help.
roadapple replied on July 01, 2015 with:
Your advise makes the most sence. .I dont even fly through the US Airports I go through Panama or El Salvador to Guate.Trying to take a car through ?? Carumba!!.My advise. Take the car to the US border.park it in Mexico. Cross the border and rent a car in US.Then reverse the when returning.Your Guate Car is good for 90days in Mexico .JMHO
zaqwsx replied on June 25, 2015 with:
Taking a foreign car to the U.S. is no problem through Mexico, you will need Mexican car insurance (internet or your current carrier) and a 6 month temporary import sticker purchased at the boarder (visa reserve of $200.00, no bond), the problem will be the U,S, boarder ( the worst boarder crossings in the world) Look under the hood of your car, no manufacturers sticker saying the car is U,S, pollution and safety compliant - no entry period. If you show a U,S. passport it gets worse, you are trying to bring a gray market car into the U.S. to screw the U.S. car dealers. Good luck trying to convince the half witted boarder guard otherwise.
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jnaranjo posted how to apply temporary resident visa in Guatemala on the Guatemala forum on June 30, 2015:
Hi , i am jaime from Panama country , can help me which requeriment for temporary resident visa , i wish move at Guatemala next 2 year . Sorry for my english .. thank
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Guategringo replied to the thread English Catholic Masses on the Guatemala forum on June 30, 2015:
molar6 initially posted:
Where in Guatemala are there services in English for Catholic services.
Guategringo replied on June 30, 2015 with:
This Church used to not sure now as I moved to another part of the city -Parroquia San Martín de Porres Boulevard Vista Hermosa, 21-54, Zona 15, Vista Hermosa I
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kateallie replied to the thread Lake atitalan in a large RV on the Guatemala forum on June 30, 2015:
kateallie initially posted:
Hi all, My partner & I are travelling in a converted yellow school bus/RV. Same size as the local chicken buses. We have arrived here in Panajachel & would like advise on which other villages our vehicle would be capable of driving too. Ie we have friend staying in San Pedro, is the road manageable for a large vehicle like ours?? Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Kind regards, Kate
kateallie replied on June 30, 2015 with:
Oh yes, thank you!! I will contact for sure!!
Normando replied on June 29, 2015 with:
dont forget to contact the Trek people at: for more camp info and logs in Central America. They have overland road logs available in PDF
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zaqwsx replied to the thread Spanish Language Classes in Guatemala City on the Guatemala forum on June 29, 2015:
Mooorejuice initially posted:
Hey everyone. I'm moving to Guatemala city next month with my partner and I would like to take intensive spanish classes. The only school I can find are in Antigua or Berlitz...are there any in Guatemala city?
zaqwsx replied on June 29, 2015 with:
yes there are schools in the capital wait to you get here. however as a rule there a lot more expensive than Antigua which at last count has 123 schools all cutting each others throws. I have known several people that have drove to antigua for that reason. you can also get a deal from the airport vans for a 5 day a week round trip or use the public buses.
bajasur replied on June 29, 2015 with:
It's an easy commute to Antigua from GC. About an hour each way. Try looking on or for lists of Spanish schools.
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ojapaul replied to the thread Reliable real estate agent in Guatemala on the Guatemala forum:
Clarity initially posted:
I am looking for any info/advice on a reliable real estate agent in Guatemala. I am looking at relocating to Atlitlan or the pacific coast. Thank you Claure
ojapaul replied on June 28, 2015 with:
Lived in Guatemala for 3 years. Purchased with Marlon Catalan, Century 21 Guatemala. Honest and hard working highly recomend
bmwarabia replied on June 22, 2015 with:
Rolando Leon at Nova Antigua. I have bought property from him and rented through him. Always honest and upfront and goes beyond the call of duty
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