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Expat Report Culture Shock in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala was published
Do you have any advice or thoughts about culture shock you would like to share?
If you come here to live, embrace the changes. Enjoy and learn from the people whose country this is. Learn the language and the culture. Make every effort to fit in. Sure, you'll always be a foreigner but If you're uncomfortable with the local people and customs maybe this isn't the place for you. (Continue)
mbourdon posted Cars for sale-relocating $7000 each on the Guatemala forum on May 18, 2015:
My husband and I are moving and selling our cars. Ford Ecosport 4x2 and Peugeot 307 XL Both with 88 000km, 4 door, and manual transmission. $7000 each Please email or call for photos and test drive. They are in great condition. 4661 7165
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souix posted Looking for english speaking friends on the Guatemala forum on May 17, 2015:
I speak fluent spanish but yearn for friends who speak english to join me ...on day excursions as I love to hike in mountains, paint landscapes. am honest down earth young man who is knowledgable of flora & fauna of guatemala.
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souix posted english speakers in Xela? on the Guatemala forum on May 17, 2015:
would love to meet up ay Park Central for a coffee & chat. I am 35 yr old american male biologist love to hike & maybe meet others this summer of 2015 to join me. Love life & to laugh!
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DeliaLopez replied to the thread passive income requirements pensionado visa on the Guatemala forum:
pockets initially posted:
I was wondering what counts as proof of real estate income. Can I use the lease agreements? Receipts for cash?
DeliaLopez replied most recently with:
You should use your company letter write up a statement of how much your rental income is and have it notarized at your bank, mail it to your SOS to be appostilled and then to the Guate Consulate for authentication. Once that is done it will need the stamps form the foreign ministries office, the same needs to be done to all docs
AtitlanArtist replied most recently with:
A friend of ours recently got a regular permanent residency and per Betty Lopez he was able to use lease agreements as part of his income.
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kweary replied to the thread GPS Car Navigation on the Guatemala forum:
Xpatch initially posted:
Does anyone use an after market GPS or iPhone navigation setup in theri car. I have a car in Antigua without GPS and the Garmin Co., and GPS online, do not sell digital maps for Guatemala. Is it possible to buy a GPS unit in Guatemala loaded with the countries map. Or does anyone have a good at to navigate without having to use paper maps? Thanks.?
kweary replied most recently with:
If you are looking for more detailed info on the free maps I wrote up a blog posting on the topic at the link below:
kweary replied most recently with:
You can buy maps for your Garmin that will work in Guatemala at this site: BUT you don't have too... All you have to do is go to this site and select the regions you want to download, then upload them onto your GPS. All for free. Alternatively you can download ORUX maps if you use an Android phone, then download maps for Central America. This will not use your data plan. This is also free. I've done and have used both of these methods (still do in fact).
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busman7 replied to the thread residency requirements on the Guatemala forum:
geaaronson initially posted:
I am considering relocating to Guatemala. I have been living in MX for 10 years and working here but this past year I decided to retire as I have been receiving SS payments. the MXan immigration says I can't go into retirement on 800 USD and have to continue working. I don't want to work as the ss is sufficient for my needs. My question is whether Guatemala has a minimum income as to what an immigrant has to have on retirement and what would it be?
busman7 replied most recently with:
Nicaragua is only US$600 the only country in CA that requires less than $1000. Bolivia is also less I believe and that's pretty much it. El Salvador is less than $1000 (no set amount although I think around $600) if you marry a Salvadorña and live together for 1 yr.
bajasur replied most recently with:
I believe the minimum income requirement is $1,000 US per month. If you don't have the income you can always live here on a tourist visa like many folks do and renew your visa every 3 months.
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busman7 replied to the thread Banking questions on the Guatemala forum:
DeliaLopez initially posted:
I was trying to post on the banking topic already created and it won't let me? I have read you need a Guatemalen to help you get an account at BAM and Citi says it needs 3 months utility bills. So does BAM pay 5% like citibank does? We have applied for Pensianodo residency and it takes a few months from them accepting the docs. So I only have the papers with the number from Immigration showing application has been made. Anyone have answers to these questions? Also we found a lot that seems a good buy, do we go to an abrogado to handle the title search, transfer etc Can that be closed before the Pensianado paperwork is over? Thank you D
busman7 replied most recently with:
I would also advise you to live in the area for a year or so before buying to make sure you like the area and also a lot that looks fine in the dry season, can be under water in a prolonged period of rain in the wet season.
AlPavarotti replied most recently with:
Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to scare you. Just trying to advise you to be cautious on how to proceed with the purchase. But believe it or not that, from experience I'm telling you that if you were in Mexico or in some other latin country things would be much more complicated. I don't know what plans you have for the lot you want to buy. But when you own a piece of land you can have a beautiful pre-fabricated home built on your site at a very reasonable price. I've only seen the models in guatemala city. The company has been building them for many years.And it's called Casas tipo Canadiense. And you can google the name on line to check it out. I bought and sold real estate in guatemala years ago for my own use. And I never had any problems. You could also have your tramitador when he goes to check the title to ask for a written certification, which cost a few quetzales. But it takes about two days before you can pick it up. You're doing fine. And I'm sure you'll be OK. I don't know how long you've lived in guatemala. But if you haven't lived there for a few years. I'd wait to get to learn how things are done there before rushing to buy real estate. Because if you're not happy with it, is not going to be easy to try to sell it. Good luck.
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property in GuatemalaLand located just outside San Marcos La Laguna, with great views. 6,000 above the road, great location to build a house. Facing South West.Municipal water near by , electricity as well
property in Guatemala2 bedroom house on the shore of Lake Atitlan with incredible views of Santiago and the 2 Santiago volcanoes. Quiet and secluded, yet just 3 minutes by boat from town, this is a tranquil place to recharge.

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