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TWO 2010 custom homes, barn, gazebo, year round gorgeous river running through the property. Fruit trees, gen, water purification system. 7 horses, 5 acres or up to 48 acres.
Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats in Antigua, Guatemala enjoy the year-round spring-like weather, low cost of living and wide variety of activities. Antigua is located about 45 minutes from Guatemala City, which gives residents access to the international airport, modern hospitals and medical practices and much more. (Continue)
peggyjune replied most recently with:
Great article and video. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, and long time travel history. I traveled in S.America in the 70's, profoundly affected me, very positively. Peggy
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property in GuatemalaGreat opportunity, Great Location, Great Price. Beautiful House with garden and shade and fruit trees. Additional land available in back.
property in GuatemalaA fully equiped two bedroom house overlooking the beautiful Lake Atitlan. A short 5 min walk from the local dock through the Mayan village will take you to the house.
property in GuatemalaFamily Homestay in Antigua Guatemala is the ideal guesthouse accommodations for students learning Spanish, Volunteers & Travelers exploring Central America.
Jackietrehorn replied to the thread Residency help in Guatemala City on the Guatemala forum:
clbb initially posted:
Can someone give me contact info for a reliable person in Guatemala City to help with the residency process? Any idea of cost?
Jackietrehorn replied most recently with:
In my day US passport foto rules were: B&W (even though color was widely available), no glasses, no smiles, no facial hair, and always a tie. Don't fight the culture and don't be arrogant.
DRThomas replied most recently with:
Sorry, Busman, but in Panama wearing a tie for a passport photo is a common instruction from immigration attorneys. As a whole, Panama seems much more common than many places I've been to, and I've been to about 18 Latin American counties and lived in four of them.
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ellenbuilder replied to the thread Newbie on the Guatemala forum:
pepperamipete initially posted:
Hi All, I have read a lot of the topics posted. I have to say it is very reassuring to find the vast majority saying go for it is a beautiful place .I am coming over in Sept. form the UK for 6months volunteer work on a construction programme with a view to retire here the following year. Cant wait.
ellenbuilder replied most recently with:
I agree 100%. Come with an open mind and common sense and ready to adapt to ways of living that may be contrary to what you are used to!
WMoore1131 replied most recently with:
Try -
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AlPavarotti replied to the thread Want to rent long term house or apt. near Antigua on the Guatemala forum:
docmike3 initially posted:
Want to rent a house or apartment near Antigua - 1 or 2 bedrooms would be perfect. Would be willing to rent for 1 to 2 years.
AlPavarotti replied most recently with:
I suggest you use this site to look for rentals in Antigua. To search for something in or near Antigua use the BUSCADOR and where it says DEPARTAMENTOS which means province or state click on SACATEPEQUEZ. And you should be able to stay away from being applied the gringo rates you'll get if you deal with real estate people in Antigua. Good luck to you.
WMoore1131 replied most recently with:
If you need a place to stay while you find an apartment or house, check-out -
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EcuadorDean commented on the Expat Report Living in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala
If a friend of yours was thinking of moving to this city or town from far away, what other advice would you give them.
Don't get to comfortable and go native on me (Continue)
EcuadorDean replied most recently with:
Check my presentation of San Pedro to see it for yourself... San Pedro de la laguna Guatemala
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ellenbuilder commented on the Expat Report Living in Panajachel, Guatemala
What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?
There are group of people biking, playing pokers, theatre. Saturday mid day at the center of town big bbq where lots of expats goes. Lots of NGO offering volunteering plans. (Continue)
ellenbuilder replied most recently with:
We moved to Panajachel 2 years ago and find it to be quite livable and enjoy very much the people we have met. Is sewage treatment a problem here? Well yeah, welcome to Guatemala. There is a growing concern about this problem and over time something may actually be done about it. Change in this area will occur, but slowly.
EcuadorDean replied recently with:
To see Panajachel for yourselve check my presentaton... Panajachel
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