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tokebi posted Where are all the expats located? on the Guatemala forum on August 26, 2014:
Hi, I've been living in Korea since 5 years ago, and before in the states another 4. I am guatemalan but I have absorbed the expat culture that I feel naked returning back to my own country. I am returning in December for an unknown period of time and I will like to have expat friends so I don't feel the "Reverse Culture Shock" as hard as I know it will feel. Any ideas?
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driftersinc replied to the thread Casa PANAR15, Panajachel on the Guatemala forum on August 25, 2014:
armandatitlan initially posted:
Ubicada en un barrio residencial, este recién construida casa de un lugar le ofrece las mas excelentes comodidades. Este barrio se llama Jucanyá, o Calle del Lago, esta propiedad totalmente equipada cuenta con 24 horas de seguridad, un hermoso jardín y un pasillo para que pueda ver los atardeceres. Esta casa está localizada a pocos metros del Lago de Atitlán, ideal para familias que tienen niños. La sala es bastante amplia con grandes ventanas para poder apreciar la belleza del Lago de Atitlán y sus volcanes. La cocina que esta muy bien equipada, cuenta con un desayunador. El área de lavandería tiene una pila y una lavadora. Esta casa cuenta con 3 cuartos, para familias grandes que buscan privacidad. Dos de los cuartos tienen closet y comparten el baño. El cuarto principal cuenta con baño privado y acceso directo al jardín, además de su propio baño privado. Renta: $850 (USD) para long term (6 meses mínimo). La renta le incluye: Cable TV, guardianía. Los demás servicios como gas, energía eléctrica, y demás deberán ser pagados por el inquilino. Se requiere un deposito reembolsable de $700 a $850, dependiendo de la cantidad de meses que se quede.
driftersinc replied on August 25, 2014 with:
Well that's only twice the price it should be, smokin deal!
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kamarsha replied to the thread Regulations for restaurants on the Guatemala forum on August 23, 2014:
kamarsha initially posted:
Does anyone know how I can find info on regulations, permits, etc for opening a restaurant in Guatemala? In English? Or know of an ex-pat who has done so?
kamarsha replied on August 23, 2014 with:
Thanks everyone for the advice and information. It will save me a great deal of time and probably prevent me from making some serious mistakes! Still working on my travel dates for an exploratory trip in Sept/Oct. Will most definitely swing by the Red Star Bar!
armandatitlan replied on August 23, 2014 with:
contact miss Ada Redondo at she speaks English and very professional Good luck Armand
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jrsmith posted Best Internet Service in Antigua on the Guatemala forum on August 22, 2014:
Moving to Antigua and will need the best and fastest internet connection possible there. Can anyone share their experience please. Also, how about satellite TV service with some US Channels? Is there a combo internet/TV solution? Thanks!
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kamarsha replied to the thread Transportation from airport on the Guatemala forum on August 22, 2014:
kamarsha initially posted:
Any advice on best way to get from airport in Guatemala City to Antigua area?
kamarsha replied on August 22, 2014 with:
Thanks everyone for the info; very helpful!
bajasur replied on August 22, 2014 with:
Shuttles are there as mentioned or Taxi for Q250. Also if you're going directly to a hotel, ask the hotel if they provide airport pickup. Some do and charge about the same as a taxi or a bit more.
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ddeubel replied to the thread Jobs on the Guatemala forum on August 21, 2014:
tigerfan initially posted:
Looking at job possibilities in Antigua. We may be relocating, and my son has certification in Computer Aided Drafting/Design. Didn't know if an expat would have much of a chance in getting a job in this field in Antigua since I don't know what type of companies operate in Antigua. Thanks in advance for any help.
ddeubel replied on August 21, 2014 with:
He should be able to do well here if he knows how to get clients online and builds his reputation as a freelancer. Lots of demand in that field for those that do great work, in a timely fashion. Working remotely from Antigua is his best bet of earning a good wage and living well. All he needs is a good internet connection and experience working in this type of environment using tools to communicate with clients. There is a new co-working space just getting started in Antigua and he'd be best to get involved there, make connection and start building a network.
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Moon1823 posted Housesitters available on the Guatemala forum on August 19, 2014:
Hello, We're a Dutch couple in our fifties, looking for a housesit position in this beautiful country. Built up excellent references in the last 3 years in Central and South America. Currently staying in Antigua till half of september. Kind Regards Andre y Marie-Anne
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Murdena replied to the thread Advice for solo expat on the Guatemala forum on August 18, 2014:
Murdena initially posted:
Hi, I live alone in Canada, and cannot stay another winter. I am 57, and am on a fixed income. I really want to explore and live,learn cultures and perhaps never see snow again!! lol So this is a new adventure for me, I have not really traveled that much before and never for about 5 months which is what I plan. Dec./Jan to mid/end of April. I was told a bit by email of a friend who spent time in Guatamala in the 90's. Sounds very interesting, so I did a bunch of research on the area. Thought I may be interested in places around the lake as opposed to Panajachel?! Santa Cruz, San Pedro, j...can't think of the name right now. Anyway, it all sounds very interesting and intriguing, however I really am a beach, salt water person but not fond of humidity. My top priorities are safety, affordable, coastal..ish, and culture.That being said, I have been looking @ Panama, Belize, Nicaragua(?), and Guatamala, Atitalan area, which is not I'm just researching these and am not sure of affordability at this time. Sooo I am opened to advice, suggestions, and any information I can gather. Peru has also been suggested and also is very appealing. I have not researched it as of yet, been busy with the other possibilities. And to be very honest, I am a tad overwhelmed, to say the least!! I would be very interested to hear about anyones experiences, locations, thoughts, interpretations, and advice. I will leave this with you, and hope to hear from you at your convenience. Thanks, Murdena
Murdena replied on August 18, 2014 with:
Awesome advice, thank you for your time!!! Cheers, Murdena
kgriff replied on August 16, 2014 with:
Yes it does, Busman7. One morning this past January, we awoke to a temperature of 6 celsius here on Volcan Agua. I didn't want to get out from underneath my electric blanket!
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wirehaireddachshund replied to the thread Moving to San Felipe, need info on the Guatemala forum:
wirehaireddachshund initially posted:
Just north of Antigua. Calle la Pila Colorada. Close to hospital, Very little about it, English speaking landlandy just moved back so can't help a lot. Where to buy some used furniture, good, reasonable places to eat, any coffee shops with wi-fi to go to until my Claro is moved, reliable tuk-tuk to call, am told only 10Q to Antigua. Nice, big house in big compound, land landy lives there, another American nearby, one not as nice, but cheaper than $525 I will be paying for 2 BR 2 bath, 2 rooms could be BR if bought a wardrobe, living room, dining room, kitchen with lots of cabinets, off kitchen is hookup for washing machine, clotheslines outside, large paved, gated area for my dogs, they allow dogs, outside is huge green area with flowers and trees, no need to pay for gardner.
wirehaireddachshund replied on August 17, 2014 with:
I called Hector but no answer. However, I was lucky enough to take his tuk-tuk outside La Bodegona. He has a new phone number 4325-8733
wirehaireddachshund replied on July 13, 2014 with:
Thanks so much, hope to be moving end of this week.
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busman7 replied to the thread Quetzales or U.S. $? on the Guatemala forum:
goingtoguate initially posted:
Planning a move to Guate soon and I am wondering if it is better to bring U.S. dollars or Quetzales in order to open a bank account down there. I lived in Guate before and have a NIT, but is it better to buy Quetzales here from my bank in U.S. or exchange U.S. $ when I am in Guate. Also, which U.S. bank and which Guate bank are best to work with in order to facilitate transfers from U.S. bank to Guate bank? Thank you for any info you might have on this.
busman7 replied on August 16, 2014 with:
SIN# or ITIN# same difference, a normal non-US resident can NOT get a Schwab account even though they have an account at another US bank!
zaqwsx replied on August 15, 2014 with:
As I already said I prefer the international internet banking route which has only been in existence for 2 or 3 years it allows direct transfers between the accounts in banks in different countries or you can send the money to the foreign bank as a will call pickup in which case you have to stand in line with the ID number given to you on the internet and your passport or DPI card. Credit cards are another way to go but with banks there usually are no free lunches. The best seems to be schuib, but their is really a debit card not a credit card (there is no need for a SSI number to get one a ITIN number will do just fine. Its a fake social security number issued by the IRS to foreigners just to collect taxes on all the money your going to make with schaub.) The other problem is that schuib is going to want a credit score of at least 750, 800 if your not fronting with a sizable deposit. They let you take your own money out without fees and give a reasonable exchange rate. All credit cards are different even if issued by the same bank. most unless your credit score is above 800 have ATM fees on both sides of the transaction, an international transaction fee, an international exchange fee (other charge if the transaction was in other than dollars) and a really bad exchange rate. You will also be limited to as little as $200.00 a day and on a credit card will be charged interest from day one. But yes you can pull money out in this country at any ATM machine using a US credit card. But I would watch the ATM machine a lot of them in this country including the big ones that start with a B are owned through a bank by the Colombian mafia.The safest machines seem to be the 5B machines which are owned by 6 (it was at one time 5) of the local banks. If you get a debit card from one of those 6 banks there is no charge for taking your own money out of your own account as long as you are not holding it here in dollars.
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