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2 Bags and a Pack

Vagabonding author reports on how to live on a budget in different countries, how to deal with different cultures and languages

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82 Degree Quest

Chronicling our journey as we sell it all and move to Costa Rica!

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A Dull Roar

Learn about moving to, retiring in, and living with Costa Rica. Regular updates on ex-pat life, politics, and economics.

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Baby Boomer Going Like Sixty

Boomer geezer retired and moved to Costa Rica. He writes about his life in Atenas and other stuff of interest to boomers. Suitably old but mysteriously advanced.

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Beto Abroad

A blog about living, teaching, and learning in Costa Rica.

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Carole Jean's Capers

Busted flat in California, two Baby Boomer newly-weds strike out for California to start a new life together.

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Costa Rica Curious

The adventures of Greg and Jen Seymour; 40 something retirees who ditched the rat race and live in Grecia.

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Costa Rica Retirement

Information on retirement in Costa Rica. How to deal with the Spanish Culture, best places to retire for English speaking retirees, banking, food, lifestyle, sights, and other information needed to retire.

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Discovering Atenas

Expat Texas family, starting a JERKY business, growing, traveling, learning, blogging, building, teaching, loving and LIVING in Costa Rica with 2 small children and 1 on the way!

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Going Like Sixty

Baby boomer blog about retiring to Costa Rica and other boomer stuff. I'm suitably old but mysteriously advanced.

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Travel blog of a family of four who sold and stored their stuff for a 6 month adventure in Costa Rica & beyond.

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Written by a baby boomer guy that retired and moved to Costa Rica in July 2010 with his wife and four dogs. They live in the country near Atenas.

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Golf Costa Rica the time has come

This blog provides pics, course information on how golf in Costa Rica tries to consider environmental issues like water, wildlife refuges.

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Happier Than A Billionaire

A happy couple who left the rat race for a happier life in Costa Rica.

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Katie's Trails

Budget Travel Through Costa Rica & the World... One Step at a Time!

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Keeping You In Stitches

About daily life in Atenas Costa Rica and stitchery.

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La Terraza, Jeanetta's Blog

Jeanetta Owens of La Terraza Guest House writes about living in Costa Rica and more.

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Lo Que Hay - It's A Whole 'Nuther Country

We sold everything and moved to Costa Rica. Enjoy the humor of living on less than $2000 per month in a semi-luxurious lifestyle.

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Pacific Lots of Costa Rica Blog

Great Blog about Costa Rica, events, news, activities, national parks, sport fishing, politics, infrastructure and more

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Physicians Costa Rica

Directory of physician specialists in Costa Rica, specially designed to medical tourism.

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Playamart - Zebra Designs & Destinations

Life along the coastal area of Manabi Ecuador through the scribblings and photography of an artist!

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The Dream Pursuit

Dream Pursuit, Travel, Food, Reviews, TOP 5 lists, traveling stories and more!

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The Stingy Drifter

Travel stories and travelling on the cheap tips for Latin American countries written by a stingy drifter

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Three on the Vine

Follow the adventures of our little family of three as we share our mistakes and successes in Costa Rica!

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After twenty years of military service and three years of civilian life, we are headed to Costa Rica! We seek to expose our children to another culture and way of living. This website and blog were created to share our experiences as we downsize and adjust to a simpler way of living. We hope to inspire you to just go for it and live life by design, not default. 2 Expats with 1 dream, 2 teenagers and 3 fur babies.

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What Happened to the Subtitles?

I fled Seattle with nine suitcases and a dog. No rose-colored glasses, but plenty of sarcasm and boxed wine. Monkeys optional.

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Costa Rica Forum Costa Rica Forum
Join our Costa Rica forum to meet other expats and talk about living in Costa Rica.

Living in Costa Rica GuideLiving in Costa Rica Guide

Our Living in Costa Rica Guide is a primer on everything about living in Costa Rica: best places to live, cost of living, pros and cons, healthcare and insurance, and more.

Help other expats and newcomers by answering questions about the challenges and adventures of living in Costa Rica.

Moving to Costa RicaMoving to Costa Rica Guide

Moving to Costa Rica has become more popular among expats. Making this choice requires a lot of research to ensure the expat experience you hope for will be realized.

Best Places to Live in Costa Rica Best Places to Live in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a lot to offer expats with its tropical climate, eco-friendly culture, beautiful beaches, welcoming people, good healthcare system and relative safety.

Healthcare in Costa RicaHealthcare in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is has both public and private healthcare systems. When you become a resident, you must enroll in the public healthcare system (CAJA). Many expats use the public system for routine healthcare and have private expat health insurance for specialists, surgeries and emergencies.

Real Estate Costa RicaReal Estate in Costa Rica

Real estate listings in popular cities and towns in Costa Rica.

Cost of Living in Costa RicaCost of Living in Costa Rica

If you're moving to Costa Rica, you'll want to understand the cost of living in Costa Rica. Lifestyle, location and health insurance are part of the formula.

Pros Cons of Living in Costa RicaPros & Cons of Living in Costa Rica

Take off your rose-colored glasses and learn what expats have to say about the biggest challenges and the greatest rewards of living in Costa Rica.

Visa and Residency Costa RicaCosta Rica Visa & Residency Guide

Applying for residency in Costa Rica can be a daunting process. Which type of residency is right for me? Do I need an attorney? Do I have to leave the country every 90 days? What is a cedula? This article answers these and many other questions.

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