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Expat Health Insurance & Healthcare Guide to Cyprus

Expats share their experiences with healthcare and expat health insurance in Cyprus.

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Expat Health Insurance & Medical Care

Healthcare Tips for Expats in Parlimni, Cyprus


An expat in Paralimni, Cyprus discusses healthcare in the Paralimni area. There is a public hospital nearby, 5 clinics and numerous pharmacies with lower cost prescriptions. She recommends that expats shop around for health insurance.

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Having a Baby in Pafos, Cyprus

I have had previous pregnancies and births in the UK , which were definitely preferable to my experience here. I had difficulty accessing the local hospital due to the European minefield of rights or not enough rights as a non Cypriot European. After stressful months of no antenatal care, I was forced to go private to a small hospital and did not see a midwife once, only a gynecologist, my involvement was not required. Once a month I attended an appointment to check baby and me, no discussion on birth plans.. I tried to interact with my consultant and put across my wishes.. I asked to see the delivery room.. a dungeon of place in the basement, no windows, sterile, uninviting, full of unnecessary medical contraptions, not a nice place... I filled with dread at the thought of delivering my baby here... I looked at other clinics all pretty much the same and I searched for an independent midwife but no luck. There is no midwifery service here just specialists, there is no patients charter, no birthing plans, no say in how you want things, you do as you are told ...and the most scary part of the whole pregnancy and childbirth routine is 9 times out of ten your baby is delivered by caesarian.. as was mine .. 4 natural, drug free births in the UK and here a section. I have yet to meet a mum here who has had a vaginal birth..

I had a section and 3 days later i was home.. recovering slowly from my ordeal and sadly that's what is was... not a pleasant experience.. waking to no pain relief.. contracting a virus and vomiting and suffering with diarrhea baby being kept in the nursery not by my bed, my son was the only child in the nursery and I could hear him crying, I demanded him with me.. I successfully breast fed all previous children this time no.. perhaps the trauma of the birth and aftercare affected my milk supply but the obstetrican grabbing and pinching my nipple certainly didn't have a positive effect... a relief to get home, self medicate and be cared for by my husband and children .. the most horrendous birth experience and I would certainly advise any mum to be to carefully research all possibilities and options before committing and certainly find a consultant who will allow vaginal births.. my son is a blessing

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