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Drivers License

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10/31/2013 11:17 EST

Ok a couple of days ago, i read, on some Nic. Forum,not this one, that getting a driver's liciense is a breeze, no driving test or written test. I did see where you had to get 3 different stamp's, and answer a few questions.Now is that all true? Thanks. Mark

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11/1/2013 08:01 EST

The law says that you need to be a resident to obtain a drivers license in Nicaragua. Your Us drivers license is good to go with in Nicaragua as long as it is kept current. The first part, I know many people here that do not have residency here and have a Nicaragua license. Get a lawyer and for about $ 50 to $100 you can get one. They are good for 5 years and once you have one just renew it. You will have to go to the red cross for blood typing and eye test. Once you cut a deal with the lawyer, give him no more than half up front and the rest when you have your license in your hand. Stick to the original price. They will try to get as much out of you as they can

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11/1/2013 10:29 EST

Hey Contra, th nks for the info.5 year's that's great.I'll remember your wise word's and about the lawyer, lol you can never trust them either.I have to say that things are a little easier getting somethings then other countries.I still have my old international drivers lic.
I used in the D.R.Sounds like i don't even need one there in Nic.
Becare with the dengue fever outbreak ok.They say its the worst in year's.But, you know the press. Thanks agin. mark

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11/1/2013 17:25 EST

If they catch you without a license, you will get a ticket. If you are light skinned and driving here you will be pulled over at police check points.
We had a little Dengue where we live but not much.

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