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Malaysia: Expat Blogs & Websites

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2 Bags and a Pack

Vagabonding author reports on how to live on a budget in different countries, how to deal with different cultures and languages

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Ahi te va esa!

Spanish blog about the trips in whole SouthEast Asia region by Jago MF.

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Bob and Soo

Retired in Penang. Moving considerations and experiences of expat life in Penang.

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Happy Go KL

Happy Go KL will bring you tips what to do in KL with your kids - or without them. We will also talk about parenting, traveling and all other things happy.

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Kansan in KL

An off-the-cuff look at the life and travels of a young American expat in Kuala Lumpur.

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Malaysia Auswandern

Guide around emigration, retirement, life and traveling in Malaysia in german and english language.

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Malaysia Found

An American Expat's chronicle of retiring to Malaysia.

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Mum On The Move

Diplomatic spouse on posting to Kuala Lumpur - making it work with our toddler and new baby.

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New Nations: The Expat Experience

One Man's Journey To See What Lies Just Beyond the Horizon.

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Traveling Asia

Adventure blog of my two years in Korea and surrounding countries. Very informative.

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Traveling Asia

Stories and Photography of the Wilder side of Asia.

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While In KL

While In KL will share to the world, the very own experience and fact based informations about Malaysia with a personal touch. It is us, siblings, staying for a while in KL and spreading the word of our thoughts.

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William Russell Health InsuranceExpat Health Insurance

Get a quote for international health insurance from our partner, William Russell.

William Russell Health InsuranceExpat Health Insurance

Get a quote for international health insurance from our partner, William Russell.

Malaysia GuideMalaysia Guide
Learn what members have to say about living in Malaysia.

Malaysia Forum Malaysia Forum
Talk with other digital nomads and expats in Malaysia on our Malaysia forum - meet people, get advice and help others.

Malaysia Index Malaysia Index
An index of all of our site's Malaysia information.

Contribute to Malaysia Network Contribute
Help others in Malaysia by answering questions about the challenges and adventures of living in Malaysia.

Expat Healthcare Advice in MalaysiaHealthcare & Health Insurance in Malaysia

Expats in Malaysia offer advice about healthcare, hospital visits, emergency rooms visits, finding a doctor and buying health insurance in Malaysia.

Expat Talk about Healthcare Advice in MalaysiaMembers Talk about Healthcare & Health Insurance in Malaysia

Expats in Malaysia offer advice about healthcare in Malaysia.

Real Estate in MalaysiaReal Estate in Malaysia

Real estate listings in popular cities and towns in Malaysia.

Guide to Real Estate in MalaysiaGuide to Real Estate in Malaysia

Advice for people renting and buying real estate in Malaysia.

Pros Cons of Living in MalaysiaPros & Cons of Living in Malaysia

Take off your rose-colored glasses and learn what digital nomads & expats have to say about the biggest challenges and the greatest rewards of living in Malaysia.

Cost of Living in MalaysiaCost of Living in Malaysia

Digital Nomads & Expats offer insight into the cost of living in Malaysia.

10-Things-to-Know-Before-Moving-to-Malaysia10 Things to Know Before Moving to Malaysia

Expats are attracted to Malaysia's lower cost of living, bustling cities, multicultural vibe, climate and proximity to Singapore. Many expat retirees take advantage of the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program. For others who don't qualify, visa runs become a inconvenient part of expat life that often dissuade them from staying in Malaysia long-term.

Healthcare-in-MalaysiaHealthcare in Malaysia

Expats in Malaysia recommend that newcomers talk to friends and learn about the best hospitals, clinics and doctors in their area before a medical emergency arises. Plus, obtaining expat health insurance is recommended.

10-Tips-for-Living-in-Malaysia10 Tips for Living in Malaysia

Expats in Malaysia agree that living in Malaysia has its pros and cons. Expats love the welcoming Malay people, cultural diversity, lower cost of living and amazing food. Many find that the noisiness, dirty city streets and dangerous driving conditions can be a challenge. Where you choose to live makes a big difference in lifestyle as well.

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