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Expat Guide to Living in Italy

Whether you're already living in Italy or preparing to move to Italy, our Expat Guide to Living in Italy offers articles and reports submitted by expats about expat life in Italy. For answers to specific questions, visit our Italy Forum to talk with expats in Italy.

Expats in Italy: 8 Tips For Living in Milan

Expats in Milan live in a city that is the financial and economic hub of Italy. Find information about life in Milan, the Milanese people, whether or not you need to speak Italian and more.

Moving to Italy: 7 Things to Know Before You Move to Italy

Expats moving to Italy envision a romantic lifestyle in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. However, it is important to make sure that you do comprehensive research and fully understand what it will mean to move to the city, town or village you choose.

Expats in Italy: Pros and Cons of Living in Italy

Expats in Italy discuss the pros and cons of living in Italy. From bureaucracy to expensive cities, Italy can be a challenge. Most expats find that the amazing food, charming countryside, beautiful beaches and public healthcare make up for the cons.

Buying Property in Italy

Avvocato Carlo Bottino offers an overview of the Italian property buying process and related legal considerations. Expats interested in buying property in Italy should understand the steps - and hire an Italian lawyer!

Culture Shock in Florence, Italy

An experienced expat provides amazing insight into life in Florence, and how unpredictable the settling in process can be - even for someone who has lived all over the world! From the beautiful countryside to struggling with the health care system, read about the experience of moving to Florence, Italy.

Culture Shock in Vicenza, Italy

An expat in Vincenza, Italy offers a quick glimpse of his impression of life in Northern Italy.

Living in Minturno, Italy

An expat who retired in Minturno, Italy says the people there are the most welcoming, friendly and accepting group she has ever met. She appreciates the low cost of living, beautiful weather, history and culture of Minturno.

Living in Bologna, Italy

Many people come to study in Bologna, Italy and end up staying and living in Bologna. People in Bologna are typically well educated and career oriented. They are generally accepting of people from other cultures and religions, but may not interact with them.

Moving to Parma, Italy

One expat in Parma, Italy says that finding a good apartment takes connections. She also wishes she had left behind some of her extra furniture, because it doesn't fit in her apartment.

Retirement in Minturno, Italy

An expat who retired in Minturno, Italy talks about health insurance, cost of living in Italy, residence permits and much more.

More Living in Italy Reports

What are people's priorities in Italy - work? family? What are the best ways to meet other expats? Are people accepting of racial, cultural and religious differences? Below are some of the responses from expats in Italy:
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More Moving to Italy Reports

What should you take with you when you move to Italy? What should you leave behind? What type of housing and neighborhoods are typical for expats in Italy? Below are some of the responses from expats in Italy:
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Dream vs. Reality of Living in Italy Reports

Most expats have have "dreams" (and fears) about the expatriate experience before they moved to Italy. If you are already living in Italy, share how those "dreams" have been fulfilled, and how they have not. Below are some of the reports from expats in Italy:
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Retiring in Italy Reports

Retiring abroad can be a great option for retirees seeking their dream lifestyle at an affordable price. Help other retirees, who are thinking about retiring in Italy, by filling out our Overseas Retirement report. Below are some of the reports from expats in Italy:
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Having a Baby in Italy Reports

How did expats choose their doctors, midwives, hospitals? What is childbirth like in Italy? Below are some of the reports from expats in Italy:
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Working in Italy Reports

What's it like to find a job in Italy? How difficult was it to obtain a work permit? What types are jobs are typical for expats in Italy? Below are some of the reports from expats in Italy:
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Additional Articles
Retiring in Italy: 7 Important Tips for Retirees in Italy

Expats in Italy share 7 important tips for those preparing to retire in Italy - topics include healthcare and health insurance, the elective residency visa, taxes on pensions, inheritance and more.

9 Healthcare & Health Insurance Tips for Expats in Italy

Expats in Italy share tips and advice about healthcare and health insurance in Italy. Advice about finding an English-speaking doctor, using The Sistema Sanitario Nazionale (SSN) and more.

7 Tips for Obtaining Residency in Italy

Expats share their experiences obtaining residency in Italy. They discuss the ins and outs of the applying for the permesso di soggiorno, recent travel issues, permanent residency in Italy and more.

Expats Italy: 5 Tips for Living in Florence, Italy

A beloved tourist destination known for its art and architecture, expats in Florence have mixed reviews of living in Florence.

8 Tips for Living in Turin, Italy

Expats in Turin, Italy share advice for people moving to Turin. From the reality that life in Italy is challenging, to the fact that most apartments come without kitchens and should be negotiated for as part of your rent, expats constantly stress that you should be prepared what awaits you in this city in Northern Italy.

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