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Expat banking has become much more complicated for US citizens living abroad as a result of the governments enactment of FATCA and FBAR reporting requirements. Below are some articles to help you better understand the situation.

Expat Banking -- Basic Tips for Expats

All expats need to manage their finances effectively in order to avoid unnecessary fees and achieve tax compliance. Here is a very basic overview of what is involved with expat banking.

Expat Banking -- Tips for Expats in Mexico

Expats in Mexico face the challenge of successfully managing their finances while living there, and that always starts with settling on the right expat financial services. Here are some tips from expats already living in Mexico based on their actual experiences with banks there.

Expat Banking -- Tips for Expats in Italy

All expats in Italy face managing their finances while living there, and that always starts with finding a bank. Here are some tips from expats already living in Italy based on their actual experiences with banks there.

Expats Banking -- Tips for Expats in Portugal

All expats in Portugal contend with managing their finances while living there, and that always starts with finding a bank. Here are some tips from expats already living in Portugal on how to navigate that process.

Expat Tax -- Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About FBAR!

With the FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report) deadline approaching and many expats unaware of whether or not they need to file, take a closer look at the filing requirements and how exactly it is done.

Expat Taxes -- The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Foreign Bank Account Reporting Requirements for Americans Living Abroad

Form 8938 and the FBAR are two different forms that many expats need to file to report foreign accounts. So, how do you know which one to file? This outline, prepared by Greenback Expat Tax Services, outlines the differences between the two.

Expat Tax -- FBAR and Jail. What do they have in common?

The history of the FBAR goes back to the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 and Title 31 of the US Tax Code. However, only recently the IRS has started to enforce the rules and even prosecute individuals.

US Expat Tax Issues -- The HIRE Act, FBAR and FATCA

The real result of Obama's 2009 HIRE Act has been the establishment of new tax reporting requirements that can leave those holding unreported foreign assets or bank accounts in big trouble with the IRS.

US Expats: Do you have foreign bank accounts that you haven't told the IRS about? -- Now Is a Good Time to Fess Up!

Expats have a second amnesty period for 2011 during which they can report foreign bank accounts to the IRS. David McKeegan explains this initiative.

Expat Finance -- Bank Identification, Selling Your Car and More

Manuel Perez covers more issues in his "My Money" series. This article covers identification needed to open bank accounts abroad, issue to avoid when selling a car, home or business and other topics.

Christmas Abroad -- How Expat Celebrate

How does the expat community spend Christmas away from home? What’s the best present to send if you’re living abroad and how can you keep in touch during the busy holiday season?

Moving to Germany -- Opening a Bank Account

Opening a bank account in Germany is not difficult as long as you have your passport and Andmeldedestätigung.

Offshore Banking -- What are the Benefits of Using an Offshore Bank in a Tax Haven

Crown discusses the benefits of banking offshore in a tax haven such as Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Channel Islands.

UK Housing Market -- On the Rise

UK housing market rises steeply, but expected to level off as utility and council tax bills hit, says Bank of Scotland International.

Living in France -- Guide to French Banking

When opening a bank account in France there are numerous variables to consider, and often the language barrier only serves to complicate matters.

Expat Banking -- A Guide to Financial Services for Expats

If possible, setup your financial services before you move overseas. Most international banks has a specialized expat banking service designed to meet the unique needs of expats. Mitchell's article includes answers to key questions about foreign exchange rates, ATM usage, opening an expat bank account and obtaining credit abroad.

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