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Expats in Costa Rica: Pros and Cons of Living in Costa Rica

Expats in Costa Rica offer some advice on the pros and cons of living in the Central American country. Topics covered include the health care system, where to live, and also some general information about the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

9 Healthcare & Health Insurance Tips for Expats in Jamaica

Expats in Jamaica share tips and advice about healthcare and health insurance in Jamaica. Advice about private hospitals, leaving the country for surgery, the Zika virus, the availability and cost of prescription medicines and more.

11 Expats Talk About What It's Really Like Living in Uruguay

Expats in Uruguay have often lived in other Central and South American countries before landing in Uruguay. They appreciate Uruguay's low-key lifestyle, beautiful beaches and family-focused Uruguayans. 11 expats talk about what it's really like living in Uruguay.

9 Expats Talk about Living in the Dominican Republic

Expats talk about what it's like living in the Dominican Republic - the culture, meeting people and the complex racial attitudes of locals.

9 Expats Talk About What It's Really Like Living in Portugal

With it's beautiful beaches, historic cities, lower cost of living and welcoming Portuguese people, Portugal continues to be a popular expat destination. 9 expats talk about what it's really like living in Portugal.

10 Expats Talk about What It's Like Moving to the UK

Expats talk about what it was like moving to the UK. Topics covered include meeting people, NHS, culture shock and more.

22 Things Expats Wish They Had Known Before Moving to Vietnam

Expats in Vietnam talk about what to bring when moving to Vietnam, learning Vietnamese, healthcare, culture shock and more.

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