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5 Expats Talk About What It's Really Like Living in New Zealand

Expats in New Zealand talk about deciding where to live, the family-oriented culture, enrolling in the public school system, meeting people and more.

7 Expats Talk About What It's Really Like Living in India

Expats in India talk about what it's really like living in India - the amazing food, friendly people, traffic, local markets, beggars, touts and more.

Expat Banking: Basic Tips for Expats

All expats need to manage their finances effectively in order to avoid unnecessary fees and achieve tax compliance. Here is a very basic overview of what is involved with expat banking.

Expat Banking: Tips for Expats in Mexico

Expats in Mexico face the challenge of successfully managing their finances while living there, and that always starts with settling on the right expat financial services. Here are some tips from expats already living in Mexico based on their actual experiences with banks there.

5 Things to Know Before Moving to the UAE

Expats in the UAE talk about what they wish they had known before they moved to the UAE - from bringing gardening tools to making friends, healthcare to culture shock.

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